Thursday, September 18, 2008

MH Cheese Party 2008

(The fruits of brain-storming with Ms. A…)
Dearest Ms A spent almost the whole afternoon with me yesterday. Thank you so much.

Hence, on our rounds around Cold Storage, Ms A loudly proclaimed we should have a cheese party. (haha, that’s still shopping you know.. Have you really checked out all the new products that other hypermarket do not stock except in Cold Storage?)

It was more of a cheese-snack-tea-break at first while we wait for the arrival of Ms B & C for dinner. But since, we fear we couldn’t finish the whole chunk of cheese, a party of cheese was decided on.

We imagined an assorted of cheese with water-thin crackers. Blue cheese was banned because of its strong taste. It took us some time just to choose on the right crackers!! Then there should be wine – red and white. (But we couldn’t decide on which one…) Ms A also insisted on a cheese knife too but alas, Cold Storage didn’t stock on one. I was tempted to include ice-cream with all sorts of topping: chocolates, strawberry, etc but since the venue we decided was a picnic by Lake Gardens, I didn’t add this in the menu. I was beginning to think of drinking the wine in plastic cups, etc…

Then suddenly, Ms. A started discussing dates with me to hold this event and even imagining the guests to invite. But of course, before anything can proceed, we needed to check with the VIPS like: Ms C!

Unfortunately, Ms. C is lactose intolerant. I suggested soy-cheese (I just saw one in Cold Storage and I didn’t know they have or could make that). You should have seen Ms. B’s expression!! “Ugghh”

In the end, I’m not sure if we are proceeding with it. But it would have been fun.
After all, Ms. A and I are MH-fans(Mousehunt) who would love to create a cheese party for MH-fans with brie but no special radioactive super brie cheese! That – I need the MH-holic in Singapore to miraculously obtain the potion to convert brie cheese to that magical cheese.

Therefore, cheese anyone?

(Okay, Wallace and Gromit fans are invited too!)

P.S. We do have a life outside of Facebook but sometimes, the line of RL (real life) and VL (virtual life) gets blur and create interesting ideas and events like the premier of MH Cheese Party 2008! :p


Legendary Hunter of MH said...

Haha...No worry!!...I'll have the Mr. Delivery to deliver the potion from the Lion-City for you to have a sniff at the Radioactive Super Brie in your wonderful party!!
...But no guarantee whether it will reach your venue, Coz Mr.Delivery is a bit fed up as he didn't get any bonus this year...Emm, I think I should let you know that everyone calls him "Mr.Mousey" over you shall know what I gonna say!!! Hahaha...
So...Enjoy the party yahhh!!

P/s: Don't set up your trap during your party okay! ...Coz you might trap Mr.Delivery!!! :D

Joyce C. said...

Legendary hunter eh? CP!! :P
Got any Greater Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion yet?