Thursday, September 04, 2008


Remember seeing somewhere an elegant simple chain with little charms hanging on it?
Or those little silver charms for handphone strap or key chains?

Well, I am one of those people who fall for that small cutesy stuff.
I will buy a small shoe charm for the handphone chain. (bought one in Korea but it came off… where did I put that charm).
I even bought one cute elephant handphone chain but the charm fall off into the lift shaft. So coincident that it fell in between gap of the lift car and the door!!
I will also buy small cute butterfly dangling earrings.

Not really a weakness or an addiction but if I happen to like it, I’ll just buy it. (take note my mind perceives small = small items and less than RM20)

Therefore, by some coincident, I manage to surf till I found this Snowlights blog. She is a Singaporean who hand makes necklaces, bracelets, key chains and earrings. She twirls the wire to create the framing for the pendant and add a few charms, crystals and beads to spice it up. Lovely creations.

I am in the midst of ordering a few myself especially I want to have the locket which I can put pictures in it. (Like in the movies!) Sigh.. I am, after all, a girl and romantic at heart.
Dainty Dreams

Then, I was browsing my friend's Female magazine for this month. They featured Dainty Dreams as an affordable site to get custom designed charm bracelets in Malaysia. I was not disappointed.
The charm bracelets were exactly what I was looking for. I am currently waiting for the charms I have ordered to arrive. In fact, I found a cute naughty little handcuff bracelet featured there. It was the perfect gift I was looking for as an engagement gift!

I've decided on a hand-cuff charm-bracelet for the gal and a hand-cuff keychain/handphone strap with a little plaque saying "Cuff for life" for the guy. ;) I will upload the pictures of these items once I get them.
In the meantime, I am satisfied to find one of the items in my wishlist! :)

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