Friday, June 14, 2013

Disciplining a baby

I always told myself I will not spoil my child. In fact, I remember telling my colleague last time not to spoil his baby because they learn from young.

Last night, I discipline my 3 month old baby for the first time.

Mind you, not physical discipline but by saying "No".

It has been a week since my son goes to the nanny as I have started work. Last weekend, he started being cranky and fussy. He wanted to direct latch with me walking at the same time. When I sat down, he would turn his head to me and cry loudly. I was shocked.. 3 month old baby bullying me! Initially, I relented and he would stop crying.

But somehow, yesterday I felt that he was actually throwing a tantrum and I needed to stop him from doing this.

So when he started getting cranky because he was hungry, I saw and tried to nurse him. He started nursing for a few seconds and then cried... he repeated this a few times and the cries became louder. I persevere and said no... He cried even louder till grandma came to check.

Slowly, I tried to understand and just tried my best to soothe him without standing. Thank God, either it worked or he was too tired and hungry to fought on... he calmed down and nurse quietly.

I thank God that it reminded me to spend more time with my son. I suspected he needed more attention which I wasn't giving him due to getting absorbed back into work and stress. I started making an effort to talk to him longer and play too...

Babies are God's precious present for us to nurture and love. We must never forget time passes by in a blink of an eye ....  then that precious moment when he first smiled at you, gurgled, rolled over or talked will be gone. I sorely miss the time I have with with by staying at home but life goes on as we need money to buy babies stuff.........