Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nick of time

It was Tuesday (25 Nov 2008) in the afternoon, my friends and I were delayed from arriving the airport. The traffic was congested despite using the toll highway. The worse was the road right before the airport. More than 5 lanes squeezing into one lane. Why?

"Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport, located 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from central Bangkok, was closed Tuesday after members of the People's Alliance for Democracy sealed off roads and stormed the main facility. The airport, a major hub for connecting flights throughout the region, is one of the busiest in Southeast Asia."

Our flight was at 6pm. We left our hotel around 2.15 pm and finally reached around almost 4pm. Thankfully, we left the hotel earlier and reached in time to the airport despite the delay.

My friends and I saw the crowd in yellow t-shirts crowding at the road. The rows of police in armour were blocking partial of the road in preparation for the protest. We never expected it to become so serious with the closure of the airport.
In fact, on Monday morning, I saw the headlines on a protest in Bangkok and quickly asked the hotel people where it was. The bellboy reassured me we weren't near that area. So we happily left for the floating market that day.

On Tuesday morning, we went to the tourist areas to visit the famous temples in Bangkok. In fact, we took a "tuk-tuk" ride from the Golden Mount to the Royal Grand Palace. The "tuk-tuk" driver happily / intentionally brought us to the wrong destination i.e. to Anantasamakhom Throne Hall instead. The road towards there was blocked with about 1-metre-high of tyres
We should have known something was up...

Anyhow, I thank God for arranging everything somehow for my friends and I to leave Bangkok in the nick of time. If not just a few more hours difference, we would still be stranded there and all our family members will be worried sick. Not to mentioned, Miss C says that we might get banned from travelling onwards.

In the mean time, Thank You God for Your divine protection. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I didn't really grow up as child, fancying some famous singer or Brat Pitt or Tom Cruise. Somehow, I grew up not worshiping any idol figure with a very practical look at life. I asked myself if I got a chance to change anything about myself then, there is nothing I would wish for. (Now I might wish for less fat and less laziness.. haha)

However, I am always amazed with real-life stories of how much a person can accomplished when the whole world looks down at him/her.

Here I take Ms. Beatrice Potter as an example. (I just watch the movie Miss Potter... and didn't read her biography - Yes, I am child of the TV generation)
At an era where women are frowned upon to be independent and unmarried, she proved to herself and everyone that life is not always conforming to the norm. In her world of sketches of the little friends she has around her, her dreams have breathed live to the Tales of Peter Rabbit which is still well-loved by children today after more than 100 over years later.
Take a look of this beloved tale and book in this website.

Wow... Never knew behind this lovely drawings lies a women with big dreams.

In fact, they credited her to be "A woman ahead of her time, she saw the potential in her most famous character creating the first patented soft toy in 1903, making Peter Rabbit the oldest licensed character. Not only that, she left an astounding legacy of stories, characters, art and unspoiled landscape to the world."

Hence, how often does a movie glorify and celebrate the quieter characters in real life? We get super-size poster and mega advertising for fictionalised heroes like Lara Croft or James Bond.

Why can't the hoo-haa for them be equivalent to everyday heroes?

One, the everyday heroes are not as pretty, sexy or good-looking.
Two, it might not sell as good as fictionalised superheroes who always steal the limelight.

In the end, somehow, our lives are impacted by the many quiet people at the background but still, the loud-mouthed (most likely, empty can) person in fronts is remembered by all.


Still, I applaud that finally some producers and script writers are taking up the step to push for the lives of everyday heroes like Erin Brockovinch to be known and inspired. :)

(At least, these movies compel me to google and find out more of what they actually did and if the storyline that the movies portray is true or false)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Homeless Creatures...

My dad only allowed me to get a mermaid. *rolling my eyes* My mum only allowed adopted pets – hence I couldn’t buy.

OK-lah.. I have resorted to a pillow or a cuddly plush toy. Or not, I could always bully my bf for hugs. Nahhh… he’s too skinny. Although, I noticed he is gaining more fat… hmmm…got potential.

Anyway, I found some interesting pet adoption links which I check on and off. There are many unwanted pets around; even pedigree. Sad to think that people like me who want a pet can’t have one, but those with pets, just abandon them.

I noticed that there are more people taking effort in rescuing the pets and rehoming them. Although, if you’re not their friend, I noticed it’s hard for you to get a chance to adopt the pet.

This site has a good range of information on dog. Their adoption posting is worth taking a look if you prefer to adopt a dog for RM500 and below. However, you need to register to be a member to take a look at the adoption thread.

The cats equivalent can be found at


This site is more popular as it is open to public. I noticed pets get adopted really quickly. If you need to part with some over-multiplied hamsters, you can post them for adoption here. There are always people who are eyeing for pets although, I cannot guarantee if they will be well treated. :P It’s a risk everyone takes.


This website is also open to public. Some adoption is valid but some is a trick. Caution especially should be taken when there are free teacup terrier yorkie or bulldogs. They are overseas and make you pay some amount of money for the shipping of the dogs. Then later I read somewhere, they’ll disappear with your money and obviously no dogs.

I tried emailing a few and got immediate response. They normally send emails like this:

hello, thanks very much for the mail.
the puppies including shipments will cost just $385 but for those who can not come and pick up the puppies from our home here in Nevada,Love Lock,would have to pay for the shipments of the babies.
We would also need your full contact such as

full names
nearest airport
phone numbers
home address if you will prefer the puppies to be delivered at your home.

We would have to get the dogs registered for shipments and the airlines will contact you for the delivery,but you are the one to pay for the shipments of the puppies.
for the shipping fee now we do not yet know but i have to inquire about that for you did not need to worry since you are going to get the babies soon.

This site does not only advertise for pets but for other items as well.
I am quite confused about this site. I am not sure of the authenticity of the sellers sometimes. Adoption is also like I mentioned above; from overseas. In fact, the samples of email I have shown above is to the “adopters” in this website.


This site shows pets for adoption. The owner of the site itself house these homeless pets and delicately brings some of them to Hartamas Shopping Centre, Plaza Damas every Saturday from 12 noon to 5 pm. Do drop by if you ever feel the urge to share a home and love to all these homeless pets. :) She does feature some of her pets under my too.


If all fails, try your luck at SPCA and hope one of those homeless pets will steal your heart and charm you to bring it home! :)

Yes, I want a puppy or a dog. A kitten will do too. Since I can’t, I continue to visit pet shops and websites like this. After all, the worse I could do is play with my virtual pets in Facebook. Ha! Unless, by some miracle, I can catch a mermaid!! :p

Monday, November 03, 2008


I booked a flight to Krabi, Thailand with my friend in September this year. We booked it on the day there were unrest in Thailand (we were not aware of it as we didn't bother to read newspaper that day - serves us right!! :p).

Later on, I decided not to go and tried to cancel the booking with the airlines, AA to get back some refund.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get through to the airline either through the call centre, e-mail or even going to their sales agent. They can't possibly expect me to drive all the way to LCCT (where their headoffice was) to enquire on this?? (The toll, petrol and time spent to go all the way there with no guarantee of any service? Nahhh)

Therefore, today I wrote this letter based on the e-mail addresses given from the website (this is the second e-mail I have written to them on this issue).

Dear Mr. *** and ***,

Non-responsive Call Centre

I have tried numerously to contact AA from any time of the day, before my flight to cancel and make changes a few weeks before my flight. However no one from the call centre answered any of my calls.

Non-responsive E-mail and non-committed Staff
In fact, I even tried emailing AA. My email as shown below was replied with an auto reply to try calling the call centre instead. (Details of my flight can be found at the end of this email)

My friend was not properly informed the procedure when she went to AA KL Sentral to cancel the flight. (I have explained it in my email as shown below)

Please clarify on the procedure my friend and I should take in canceling a flight which has passed since we could not contact any AA representative during the few weeks prior to the flight based on the non-responsive call centre, e-mail and non-commited staff.

Procedures for Cancelling Flight
Please clarify on these two procedures I am told about.

1. I read in the newspaper last year, if we did not take the flight, we will be refunded the airport tax since we did not use the airport.

2. I am told that if I cannot utilise the flight, the money will be converted to credit with AA which I could be used to book other flights in future.

Please clear our confusions and disappointment with AA's service as we do not want to be forced to put your carrier in our black list.


(I love my last sentence on putting the airline carrier in my black list... hahaha)

I sent that e-mail at 11.30 a.m.

At 4p.m., I received a call from the carrier AA. They called to inform they have received my e-mail and will process the refund of the airport tax which was RM25 for departure flight and RM43 for the return flight. Then they will minus RM10 for administrative fees and refund me a total of RM58 each passenger.

Sigh, better than nothing I guess. The lady who called me was not very polite. She did not actually introduce herself but just mentioned she was from AA. I had to query her a lot to get all my explanation. Apparently item 2 in my letter of converting the money paid to this airline to credit only applies to flights canceled by them.

Hence, I guess persistence shows results. After all those effort in October, I finally got a result in a little refund. Hope the money will reach me within 30 working days through a rebate to my credit card as promised by the lady on the phone.

Another period of waiting and pondering if that will happen. Well, let's leave it to Him to take care of it as He always has. :)