Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I didn't really grow up as child, fancying some famous singer or Brat Pitt or Tom Cruise. Somehow, I grew up not worshiping any idol figure with a very practical look at life. I asked myself if I got a chance to change anything about myself then, there is nothing I would wish for. (Now I might wish for less fat and less laziness.. haha)

However, I am always amazed with real-life stories of how much a person can accomplished when the whole world looks down at him/her.

Here I take Ms. Beatrice Potter as an example. (I just watch the movie Miss Potter... and didn't read her biography - Yes, I am child of the TV generation)
At an era where women are frowned upon to be independent and unmarried, she proved to herself and everyone that life is not always conforming to the norm. In her world of sketches of the little friends she has around her, her dreams have breathed live to the Tales of Peter Rabbit which is still well-loved by children today after more than 100 over years later.
Take a look of this beloved tale and book in this website.

Wow... Never knew behind this lovely drawings lies a women with big dreams.

In fact, they credited her to be "A woman ahead of her time, she saw the potential in her most famous character creating the first patented soft toy in 1903, making Peter Rabbit the oldest licensed character. Not only that, she left an astounding legacy of stories, characters, art and unspoiled landscape to the world."

Hence, how often does a movie glorify and celebrate the quieter characters in real life? We get super-size poster and mega advertising for fictionalised heroes like Lara Croft or James Bond.

Why can't the hoo-haa for them be equivalent to everyday heroes?

One, the everyday heroes are not as pretty, sexy or good-looking.
Two, it might not sell as good as fictionalised superheroes who always steal the limelight.

In the end, somehow, our lives are impacted by the many quiet people at the background but still, the loud-mouthed (most likely, empty can) person in fronts is remembered by all.


Still, I applaud that finally some producers and script writers are taking up the step to push for the lives of everyday heroes like Erin Brockovinch to be known and inspired. :)

(At least, these movies compel me to google and find out more of what they actually did and if the storyline that the movies portray is true or false)

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