Wednesday, October 05, 2005

To work or not to work...

Some people believe women should not work.
Seriously! My friend mentioned this to me the other day; referring to the olden days where women don't work but stay at home.
So I jokingly said, 'I know... I came into this world too late!!'
Okay, some of you women will get offended but I strongly believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. For me, on one hand, I would love to be independant on my own with an excellent career to die for... But then, when I look at kids these days; being brought up by Indonesian maids (as an example), I wonder, what will my children turn up to be if I hand them over to strangers?

I remember reading a letter from a reader in the newspaper some time back. The reader wrote that she is a stay-home mother with a Masters. Many people tell her she wasted her education. But she feels different, she thinks her education is not wasted but it gives her insight and wisdom to teach her children from young to think. She believes she can pass on her knowledge to her children.

And again, it depends on individual. Ideally, I would love to have a successful career and able to stop working to take care of the kids with a supporting half. But who knows what the future will bring me. :)

Finally blogging

I am done with studies.
I have started working.
Yet I am not satisfied.
Why am I here?
To work my life away?
To continue the circle of life?
To serve our Lord?
To be someone great?
Who knows what we're fated to do.
It's all in His plans for us.
So here I am pondering and wondering...
Searching for the perfect solution
When there never is one...
Still, there's hope, faith.
Somehow, I'll know eventually,
But in the meantime, I must search on...