Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Doubletree by Hilton-The Bride Race

I was not intentionally wanting to take part in this race. I heard the advertisement from Mix.fm every morning for several days that I thought, "Why not call in just to win the one night stay in Doubletree Hilton?"

I reluctantly waited 10 seconds after the cue to call and tried. Wow.. I got in and there you have it. I won a one free night stay in Doubletree Hilton. :D It was not guaranteed to join the bride race so I didn't really bothered.

Till.. I received a call to join it and was flabbergasted. Errr... do I want to be a bunch of brides rushing for the prize... Oh well, throwing caution to win, I thought I'll try.. lol

First of, I thought what to wear?
I tried looking for a t-shirt with the fake tuxedo on it.. but I couldn't find it sold in Malaysia.

2nd round: I looked for cute captions t-shirt and only found separately these t-shirts which could match. (Weird that they don't have any matching t-shirts!!)
Mine wrote: "My boyfriend is a vampire"
The other wrote: "That's what she said"   (Not cute mehh??  lol )

3rd round: I called to confirm on the event and found out I should wear a bridal theme. So I went to buy a white frilly skirt. Then I let my other half dress whatever he liked.


1st try: I thought of the classic 50's hair birdcage veil that is in fashion now and bought some lace with a fancy flower hairclip. After trying to bunch it up and clip up the hair, I found it a bit messy and not easy to clip on.

2nd try: I found a nice white hat hair clip and tried finding the bigger netting to create the little chic 50's wedding veil. After walking around with my friend, we found a nice wired lace ribbon at the stationery section for the birdcage.

Shoes:Sports shoes.. .checked. Just hope the laces don't come out as it usually does.

The Run
I woke up very reluctantly. I was afraid of embarrassment and I'm not naturally that sporting. Lol. So facing my fear and being rather grumpy I went for the race.

Goodies bag was as expected a few RM100 cash voucher with the purchase of few thousand plus wedding gowns, promotional pamphlet, a wedding guide/adverts booklet and some little trinkets.

It dragged on in the morning with lots of mini interviews and photography sessions with contestants. We shied away as we were not that flamboyantly dressed and I think my other half would have killed me if he had to do a cheer (he is a grumpy bear who is so-not sporting at all)

A few couples came in their wedding gowns/tuxedo. Some couples took effort in wearing matching clothing with couple shirts or creatively decorated attire.
There was a walk-through of the route of the race and 2 challenges. Then the race begin half an hour late with their mascot Cookie hopping in the front.
Everybody ran as fast as they could. At the side of my eyes, I saw a contestant fell but I couldn't stop. The abrupt drop of the slope was dangerous to anyone walking; let along to run down hill to the side of the road. (Danger hazard) There's a video of this in youtube where you can catch a glimpse of her fall.

Challenge 1: To find a piece of heart-shaped paper with my contestant number with the doubletree logo in it. At first glance, my eyes blurred and I couldn't see the number. Found it at last, peeked for the logo, grabbed it and ran.

I ran pass the person (who won 2nd) and down to challenge 2. I was loosing my breathe. Shows how lack of exercise really kills the stamina.

Challenge 2: To find a card with your couple picture. I was looking with another contestant when a card fell. The contestant stepped on the card and I had a hard time picking it up back to put on the table because she was stepping on it. Perhaps the few seconds wasted there could have been saved if I ignored and looked for my card.. but I thought it wouldn't be fair..

Alas when I found it.. I ran as fast as I could and found myself no. 4.. Oh well..
Simple refreshment were served: fried meehoon, fried drummets, sandwiches, cupcakes, tarts and their signature cookies. Not forgetting, coffee and tea.

The prizes
First prize: Free 20 wedding banquet tables, valued at RM38,000 (Wow.. who wouldn't want to save on the wedding preparation $$)
Second prize: 4 days/3 nights stay in Conrad Centennial Singapore and off-the-rack wedding gown
Third prize: A night stay in the Terrace Suite
Best dressed couple: pre-wedding photography

Best cheerling partner: Massage

Most creative veil: Dining voucher

Best cheerleading partner (her mum) Didn't know could bring non-partner.

The three winners.
In short, I think I enjoyed the process of getting ready of it. The race itself was fun but tiring (as my thighs now sore.. ouch)... but it was good way of spending a date with your other half. ;) Then, we had to rush off for an open house cum baby shower/full moon gathering.

p.s. No... I'm not getting married yet. I can't pressure *whisper* you-know-who.. In fact, I jokingly asked if I won the first prize, he would have to marry me... and he replied, "If you don't, I don't have to.."  sniff... sniff..  :p

Monday, November 29, 2010

Running for what?

My thighs are aching for sudden assertion to carry my body weight at the maximum speed... What prompted me to torture my legs?? Stay tuned.. lol

Monday, November 22, 2010

A jumble of everything

It's a whirlpool of work, work, events and emotional roller coaster.

Wanted to blog out so many things but couldn't stand facing the laptop after a whole day of work.

Wanted to run far far away for a nice long holidays... but boy boy said, " You go-lah and leave me here alone". (hint hint.. Airasia first flight to Paris is only about RM1.5k+++)

How now?

Working like a mindless zombie...
Eating food... which feels like paper...
Satisfaction drops below zero...

What should I do to zest up my life?


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Freebie: God is Good!! :)

It's always good to proclaim God's grace. I've managed to win a night stay at Doubletree, Hilton, KL!

I wonder which room I'll get to experience. I've stumbled upon some blogs which review the hotel upon the opening. It sounded interesting that you'll be greeted with the smell of baking cookies upon checking-in to the hotel.

In fact, the new trend in hotels is to have salt-water swimming pool. Hmm..

Watch out for my hotel review next when I've tried staying over! :)