Monday, July 11, 2016

The Stork will soon appears... :)

Long delayed post....
God is good; all the time.
I am expecting baby no. 2.
Lift is not easy and pregnancy is different.
During the first trimester, I was always tired, had vomiting at nights, food aversion to anything too oily or salty, bleeding gums and vomiting due to fluoride toothpaste. I didn’t gain much weight; in fact I lost weight.
I was worried if I had enough nutrients for the little one.
Now, I’m in my 5th month (2nd trimester) and am looking forward to the arrival of another newborn child.
I push aside all the fears: monetary, energy, babysitter, logistics, breastfeeding again, health, delivery cost, emotional impact to first child and the list goes on.
I threw myself to work and getting ready for my baby.
Shopping list this round is pretty short.
1. Girly dresses (I already bought a few from few months to 2 year old : a sweet white romper with tutu, a green animal print sleeveless sundress and also dig out the newborn white dress I bought in 2012 in Paris).
2. Baby blanky – I wanted to get one like the bunny I bought from Primark in London for baby M but couldn’t find here. Checked! Luckily mum found a mousy blanky in Pumpkin Patch Australia which fits the bill. J
3.  Pre-loved baby capsule (2nd car seat) – Checked.  I “accidentally” bought 2 because the first one felt too heavy to me.
4. Baby high chair – still pending... not too urgent yet. Old hand-me-down high chair was broken by toddler M. Oh well – after all, it was old and plastic cannot last forever.
5. Milk bottles – I couldn’t find the Avent PES  golden classic bottles in retail anymore and when I saw the older PS bottles (4 oz) at 50% off – I just grabbed 3 boxes. I still need to hunt for the 9oz bottled though. The MAM bottle teat – leaving that to hubby to get when the times come.
6. Bengkung – tummy binder for post pregnancy. Checked! My friend loaned me hers and already promised another friend to lend hers. So I found a new one at the local medicinal booth in Aeon.
6. Herbal bath (for myself during confinement) – checked – Got 2 boxes. Hope enough.
7. Dry shampoo (for myself during confinement) – checked – my colleague gave her extra box.
8.  Newborn diapers – Hubby’s job. I still have leftover wet wipes from M.
9. Bottle liquid detergent and baby clothes detergent – Hubby’s job to hunt for cheap bargains.
And I think I am done except the confinement herbs and food I need to buy before the time comes.
More to share and gush about again... :)