Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Thank God... I hope I will not reach to that stage but it's just one month away to my wedding dinner and I still have items on the "to-do-list" due to the Mr not confirming some stuff.. Sigh

Hence, yes, we argued and stressed each other out. We shout, we cried, we even hated each other to one extend.

Why does wedding do these to happy couples?

In fact, I have several infuriating scenarios to share with about my experience with wedding vendors. But I'll keep the venting session until after my wedding. Don't want to spoil the mood.

Anyhow, as the days approach, I'm not that apprehensive because we have done our ROM. I just hope food will be served on time and I can fit my gowns nicely! Lol

In the meantime, I pray to God for more patience and endurance during this trials of a one day event which sometimes spoil the beginning of a new life if not handle delicately...