Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shopping Arcade

Shopping malls are sprouting out like mushrooms after rain.

There are plentiful of shopping malls; yet it is crowded and filled with shoppers who seem to have an unlimited resource of funds. I remember reading the papers with more than 5 new shopping malls scheduled to be constructed in Singapore not long after visiting the newly-opened VivoCity.

However, there is not many shopping arcade around. Off-hand, I am only reminded of Bugis Junction, Singapore.
It is a successful shopping arcade whereby in between rows of colonial shophouses, the architect has delicately designed a transparent enclosure in between them to create a sheltered, air-conditioned shopping arcade.

Unfortunately, the popular shopping arcade known in Malaysia is the Petaling Street. The have constructed an enclosure over the stalls in hope of making the open market widely popular in Asian countries. You can get pirated branded handbags to the almost-extinct delicacy of duck liver wrapped with intestines (I always forget to take picture of this as I would have happily ate it… haha)

The nearest it would seemed is the NXZ (NiuXeZui) opened in Ara Damansara. I have only known it existed after more than a year of it being opened.

The website is beautifully done to entice you into the place. The concept of a fully air-conditioned arcade is foreign here; hence my interest to take a look at the place.

Alas, the downside and losing factor of this development is the obscure location. One had to go round and round (my friend took 45 mins) to find the place deep within the housing area of Ara Damansara. Fortunately, I noticed some banners along the way to the place and could reach within minutes from the main road.

The shops are spaced out further from each other to luxuriously allow small stalls/ kiosks in this air-conditioned thoroughfare. Unfortunately, with the lacking number of visitors, most shops facing this arcade are closed (almost most of the 1st floor above). The ground floor retail tries to survive with food eateries to cater to the local people staying in the surrounding housing estate.

The stalls/ kiosks in the middle have a large array of interesting affordable knick-knacks. Unfortunately, since not much visitors, we the limited visitors cannot find the seller anywhere nearby to purchase some of the items.
Large air-conditioning ducting protrudes out into this thoroughfare to air-condition the area. As I was visiting in the evening, I have no idea if it successfully cools the open-aired space. I was also pondering on the dwindling number of customers. I wonder how the management can afford to full-blast the air-conditioning when rental seems low.

Alas, an interesting concept for a commercial property on the losing ends because of its obscure location.

I guess this strongly illustrate the mantra of all property: “location, location & location” is what makes the property.

No upgrade M&E package

I am a little disappointed. My condo unit is not offered an upgrade M&E package because the structural walls have been constructed. Why didn’t the marketing team propose this option earlier?

What are the implications? The structure of the condominium is shear wall meaning: the openings for any wiring and ducting has to be predetermined earlier before they cast the wall.

Hence, any future additional electrical power points or air-conditioning piping has to be done externally on the walls.

Oh well, on the bright side, I do not have to think of forking out another 2k for a few additional power points and 2 air-con point for now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Face Cleansing Timeline

I feel this warrants an entry because EVERYONE endures this torturous process to obtain the flawless porcelain skin.

In my childhood - I use water and soap to wash my face. Youth does miracle when your skin is still baby smooth and blemish/pimple-free.

In my teens - pimple popped out; I pressed and popped it. Used a cleanser to wash my face. Pimple control with Clearasil, Oxy, etc. Got self-conscious - scars form and face become like a moon.

In my 20's - I still used cleanser only and pimple control. Laughed at my senior for going through 3-5 steps of facial products just for her face.

In my mid 20's - I introduced to myself the 3 steps of cleansing: Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser. I even tried facial sessions with the beautician pressing out all the blackheads, whiteheads, pimples from my face till I become red like a lobster.
The beautician will tell me, "It's a normal reaction; your face will cool off and become less red later."

Products range from Pharmaceutical products (T3, etc) to Beauty products (Biotherm, Dermalogica, etc). One tube of cleanser cost me from RM15- RM100 plus!

In my late 20's - I even tried laser treatment to "cure" my crater-face. (Painful to both my skin and pocket!) But couldn't afford to finish the whole treatment for half a year.

My cleansing products typically MUST include cleanser, toner, moisturiser, pimple medication/ scar ointment/ sunblock.

Learnt about Asian double-cleansing (2 kinds of cleansers)
Learnt about make-up - need special make-up remover.
Learnt about make-up vs pimple!

Learnt everything cost money and wished I never tried so many products.... and I was in primary school again, just using water and soap!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Restaurant City

Looks like another game in Facebook has caught my fancy and my friend's...

I only discovered them playing a wee late so it's kind of far to play catch up with them. I'm only at 8000 plus points but CP is already 188,820 points!! (sigh how to beat that.. look a the picture below.. see how beautifully-landscaped his restaurant is...) But that doesn't stop me from trying! ;)
It's a game whereby you open a restaurant with staff : cook, waiter & the newly-added-cleaner. (normally you hire yourself and your friends)

The goal of the game is to earn the highest points. To do so, you can decorate your restaurant anyway you like, increase your menu selection through collection of ingredient (given once a day plus a bonus if you answer the daily quiz correctly) and management of the staff. Mind you, your employee needs rest/food to replenish their energy.

Here are some snapshots from my restaurant. I was aiming for the cozy little restaurant but with my expansion (after you reach certain points- you get an upgrade: bigger restaurant or extra staff), it looks more like a 'rojak' of sorts. lol.

Join me? ;)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Two days of non-stop lessons.. sigh.. I could hardly kept my eyes open today. I have eaten the most number of sweets within these 2 days compared to the whole year just to keep myself awake during class. I gobbled down a tube of polo and FisherMan's friend's sweet (to soothe my cough and keep myself awake).

The weather is not helping these days. Noticed how stuffy, hot and uncomfortable it is getting these days. The air-con in my office literally doesn't work on days like this. I am so tempted to show up work one day in shorts... ahhaha

Hence, how do you keep yourself sane in this hot scorching days? Here are some off-hand ideas for you. :P

1. Hide yourself in a full-blast air-con room? (don't even think of your electricity bill)

2. Walk aimlessly around the shopping mall to enjoy the over supply of centralised air-conditioning? (the temptation of shopping might overwhelm you)

3. Jump into the swimming pool (in the evening) to cool yourself. (I was so tempted to do that yesterday when I spotted a pool at the end of the corridor in the college I was having classes in....!!!)

4. Pour down your throat a Big Gulp or a Slurpee (brain freeze!)

5. Make ice-cream part of your body by consuming it all the time

6. Walk around naked (not recommended as your body is not that pretty to be watched or you might get thrown in prison for causing accidents around.. lol)

7. Have a fan blown directly at you all the time

8. Order an ice-blended Starbucks with a good book and spend your whole day in that sanctuary

9. Pack your bags, hop on the next flight to Alaska

10. Stand underneath a cold shower - in your bathroom or find the nearest waterfall and stay there.
Well, take your pick! :P

Meanwhile, I'll pick number 1 and hide there for now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tinkerbell – the movie (spoiler alert)

I managed to watch this animation of how Tinkerbell became Tinkerbell. ;)

She was named Tinker based on the group she was assigned to (based on her gift/ability). She is placed in the group of fairies in the background who tinkers and invents gadgets to aid her other fairies in preparing the change of seasons (spring, autumn, winter, summer)

Somehow, the lifestyle of a Tinker didn’t suit with her desire to go to the city as Tinkers were supposed to stay back and tinker on gadgets.

Obviously, somehow, her ambition to be part of the group who goes to the city nearly ruined spring for everyone but because of her creative ability to invent and fixed gadgets, Tinkerbell saved the day. :)

The kind queen allowed Tinkerbell to go to the city to return a musical ballerina box which she fixed when no one else could. Ironically, she returned it to Wendy…. and I guess the story continues with Peter Pan.

I shall always have a soft spot for Disney’s animation. :)

Book Review 3: The Bible

Lol… this would get everyone’s attention.

Seriously, I am not going to review the bible but I wanted to quote back some interesting descriptions of the bible from a few conferences and sermons I have heard. Sorry I cannot remember off-hand who these precious words are from. I will check them out later. They are paraphrase based on my understanding.

The Bible is NOT an object for us to study. We are not the subject studying/reading the bible.

The Bible is the SUBJECT and we are the object. The Bible will teach us through mentors (characters in the scriptures) to guide us.

Don’t search high and low for mentors when the bible has plentiful of them waiting to mentor you if you only sat down and “listen” to them.

I remember these few pearl of wisdom because I always thought I cannot improve myself since I cannot find a willing mentor to guide me in my life – spiritually, career, etc. I get so frustrated because I know I am a willing and obedient student. I AM!! Ok-lah… depends.

Hence, when I heard this words, God convicted in me that it is not other people’s fault for not mentoring me but it is MY own fault for not seeking the mentors He has provided in the scripture (in the Bible).

In short, the Bible is a compilation of countless experiences from various people in the past.

Why try going through each experience again by yourself when in a book, you learn several lifetime’s experience within a sitting of reading? Don’t think it is not related to today’s age – everything is a cycle and unbelievably, it relates to us very much.

Book review 2: P.S. I love You

I just grabbed this book one day (2 years back) as the synopsis on the back cover sounded interesting enough for a read. I really enjoyed reading this book so much that I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out. I was really touched at the idea of the husband taking so much effort to prepare for his wife to readjust her life after he was gone.

It is amazing that the writer could think of such an idea of a man’s love for his wife that he was being so thoughtful enough to imagine the loss his wife will feel when he died.

Take a moment to imagine this; when you lose someone you love and expect to live with forever and ever, you never expected to be “single” and “alone” again. You never expected your other half to die before you. You never expect death. When it does happen, you never planned how to live on. Most people only think about how to prevent the death of their loved one.

They are willing to deplete their life savings and even quit job to take care of their loved one. They never think about how they are going to live on when the person dies. It is an unbearable thought.

Hence, this book touched my heart in imagining that someone (the dying person) would be the one who think how you would live on when he/she dies to the extend of encouraging the living one to move on.

Somehow, after reading the book, the actors/actresses chosen to portray the characters differ from what I have in mind. Despite getting the dvd of the movie, I have yet to watch it. No offense to Hillary Swank, I don’t think she suits the character but I can’t think of a suitable alternate either. Gerard Butler? Not sure.. I only watch him as act as the Phantom (don't like his singing - prefer the original- Michael Crawford's voice... Mmmmmm) and Beowulf Hmmm he is well-built though... ;)

Hence, I have to agree, reading the book is more meaningful than the shortcut-edited movie. If not, you’ll miss the little details that Cecilia Ahern wrote to show how careful and meaningful the things her dying husband planned for his wife. *sniff* (be sure to prepare a packet of tissue)

Cycle of Life

We are borne into this world as a helpless baby; naked, crying and useless. Honestly speaking, what more can a baby do but cry, eat, sleep, poop and of course, look cute? If we are thrown by the road side, as babies, we will die. Unlike animals who immediately are engineered to fend for themselves at the moment of birth.

Then we grow up to a toddler and child; learning skills from adults and surrounding. We grow to a rebellious, identity-seeking teenager and slowly mature into adults worthy of respect. We work ourselves hard; chasing an insatiable ambition. With medicine and healthier prescription to a longer life, we even work at living longer.

However, have you ever think that when you stop working, what happens to you? When retirement arrives at your door step, the workaholic you stops and is lost. Being so used to work, when your mind doesn’t work and your body slows down with just relaxation and no physical exertion; we turn sluggish and prone to sickness.

In the end, we are back to square one like a hapless baby when our mind loses its function. Our physical body ages to a state whereby sometimes we cannot control our bladder anymore. We cannot even remember the last thing we were doing. We cannot even do the daily routine of life without needing aid from someone else. We start becoming a burden to our family members.

No matter how rich, extinguished and respected you can be, if you managed to live to such a state, all those “awards” you have so painfully earned will be stripped bare and forgotten.

Your grandchild will laugh at you; the silly grandfather who doesn’t know where he is. Your daughter might get angry with you for wetting your bed again. Your husband will be upset that you don’t even remember him anymore.

The vicious circle of life; everything goes back to what it was.

Hence, I ask you, what is the point of life? Why trouble ourselves when we will turn back to ashes?

Look deep in your heart and ask God. There your answers will be and you will find a purpose in this crazy place called “Life”.

Spooked out

I am not weak-hearted by nature but after several rounds of ghost-story telling in secluded areas by my university friends; I think I got spooked out. Need to pray about this…

Anyway, I find it annoying that there was this one session done in our last night in Kuala Kubu Bharu. My friends and I decided to explore a bit of the river area at night (what were thinking) and were sort of “chased off” when there were some prayers going on…

I don’t know why after that, the guys decided on a session of ghost-story telling session back in our hostel (a single 3/4 storey block next to a field away from residential). We had the whole hostel to us… a few group of students.

Anyway, I bet most of you had spookier encounter and ambiance in your ghost-story-telling sessions with friends. In fact, there are many cases whereby some unintentionally invite additional “guests” to their sessions either through ‘games’ like: Ouija board or some cards game.

Whether we personally believe of the other realm or not, we are always fed with movies, stories to creep and give ourselves a fright. Hence, the invention of “Rumah Hantu” (Ghost house) whereby you walk in dimly lit corridors with people or stuff popping out suddenly to make you scream or ‘wet your pants’!

Worse still, have you noticed that almost ALL asian horror movies (from Thailand, Korea, etc) are previewed during the Ghost month in the Chinese calendar?

So, tell me, if you get frightened, isn’t it your own doing? After all, we humans have a funny sense of humour to scare the pants out of ourselves and laugh it off the next minute. But then, where does the fiction and reality divides?

Will fiction turn to reality when these ideas from the fictional movies give life to reality as copycats recreate these events? Hmmm… oh yeah, that’s a plot from another movie – Urban Legend.

Well, then, get ready to be spooked in a few months time as crazy creative filmmakers embarked in a more real-liked scenarios to keep you awake for nights or make you avoid seeing the television when the Ju-On can creep out from the well in the television….
The hairs on your arms and neck standing yet? :p

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


How do you normally greet someone? How do you address the person? If you know their name, you would call the person by his/her name?

Perhaps I was a little cranky being down in the weather, I got very annoyed when my Malay colleague (who knew my name) disrespectfully called me "ah moi". I retorted back, "Do you want me to call you 'shortie' or someother name? It is very rude of you to NOT call me by my name."

He continued in his annoying voice by saying it is not rude, etc. but I just ignored and didn't bother.

What do you think? Was I overreacting? But I really don't think it's right addressing someone by terms like, 'Ah pek', 'ah moi', etc.

First of, it purposely labels you according to your race. If they were to use terms for their own race, he might have called them respectfully, "Abang ----" or "kakak -----".

Isn't this discrimination? I know, I shouldn't let little things like this get to me; I blame it on my flu. :P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Construction Update

Dropped by and decided to take pictures of the progress but not very clear. Posted here for my own record purposes. Need to find alternative angle to take photograph or hope they'll chop off that tree!! :p

Pigs Fly?

Some days you wish pigs can fly...
Some days you don't.

But then, I remember why I am here and I thanked God for all that He has done. :)

I pray He'll continue to lavish His love and favour upon us.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Magazine Freebies

In case you're thinking I've fallen into the shopaholic syndrome, the purchases I made on Stila products were my first time buying cosmetics.

This is because I don't really makeup (except dinners and wedding dinners I have been attending recently) and thankfully, I have been winning freebies.

The picture here shows some remaining freebies I've won from Women's Weekly, Female and Cleo magazine during these 2/3 years. Some I've given away or finished using. I've won some Revlon foundation & eyeshadow, Shiseido compact & eyeshadow and the best item I have won is Anna Sui Secret Wish Magic Romance set (perfume, body wash & body lotion). :) God is good. I wished for perfume and I won a set about 2 years back. I am too stingy to pay few hundred for perfume... :P

Hence, I think it was time I get some makeup stuff on my own. Plus my winning streak has lessen and I am too lazy to spend half and hour filling all the forms & pasting on postcards to send anymore. In fact, now since they introduced sms-ing to win prices; it is really not worth it at RM1 (plus 25cents) per sms for every entry versus 20 cents stamp on postcards.

The pimples I've been getting has forced me to use foundation and concealer. Sighh... hope I don't clog up my open pores!!

I suspect the pimple outbreaks I have been getting were also due to not cleansing my face properly from makeup (the foundation). Hence, I learn about the existence of cleansing oil or cleansing lotion to remove makeup from your face. I felt compeled to invest in a pricey cleansing oil which was highly recommended online too - Kanebo Blanchir Make Off Conditioner at RM125. I bought it since there was a promo at RM160 for 2 items: the make off conditioner and clay wash conditioner (which normally retail at RM125 each).

Women and "sales"! Go figure..

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Online Retail

I tried my hands at selling some of my stuff online and ended up being more of an online buyer than a seller... *groan*

It is time to say good-bye to my online selling of my 2nd-hand goods. Sigh..

Meanwhile as I wait for one more item to be ready (I ordered handmade knitted booties for my pregnant colleague), I hope to take leave from my online "store" and shopping to concentrate on the next few months of torture coming. Oppps I also pre-order a nice wristlet for a friend's birthday gift... arghh see??

On a side note, I didn't know selling online is such a hassle! Despite putting a very low price, people still haggle with pathetic few Ringgit with me e.g RM15 for a RM35 novel is not good enough. She wants RM12 with postage!

I am not willing to agree on that price as I have to purposely go to the post office to send the items. (lazy, no time and troublesome)

Perhaps, I'm just not cut out for this kind of "job" while others prosper with this. Oh well, one day I will with a way, I shall continue to dream! :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Shopping Spree

Didn't know when I became soo.... "girly" as my friend might say
This is what I bought today. Individually it is worth it but the whole price which I will see in the credit card bill later on, might make me regret and grumble for a little while. :p

Stila Cosmetic is closing in Malaysia and they are having a clearance sale from 70% below until their stock finishes or end of May (according to the sales lady). All the makeup brushes were sold from RM30-40. The powder brush (RM40) is no longer available. :(

Saw one of the customer being given the free gift (makeup brushes container) and also asked for one. I got one as a door gift during the Stila Makeup Workshop last time but my brother wanted it as a pencil container so I gave him. Now, I finally got my own.. :P

Tried ordering some stuff.. not sure will get them according to the saleslady - long list and limited stock. In the meantime, I have to tighten my expenses.. :P

First time spending so much on makeup! My friend reminded, "Make sure you use them!" Will do! :p

Just to highlight another positive side of makeup, an article in wrote this:

Putting on make-up 'could help prevent accidents'

The morning ritual of applying make-up could help elderly women avoid accidents, it has been claimed.

Researchers believe that the act of applying make-up could serve as a form of stretching exercise, improving people's balance and co-ordination Photo: GETTY

Researchers believe that the time consuming act of slapping on lipstick or applying blusher could serve as a form of stretching exercise, improving people's balance and co-ordination. A study led by the research communications director from the cosmetics giant L'Oreal found that older women who applied make-up in the morning stood straighter and had fewer falls than those who did not.

Dr Patricia Pineau, of the University of St Etienne in France, claimed that the findings could help prevent many debilitating accidents. Her team studied 100 women aged between 65 and 85 as part of a study originally intended to measure the effect of wearing make-up on self esteem. They were fitted with belts to measure their posture and given special insoles to test their centre of gravity.

The team concluded that those who wore even a small amount of make-up appeared to be more stable on their feet. "They held themselves differently to those who did not wear make-up," Dr Pineau was quoted as saying.

But the act of applying make-up can be dangerous in some circumstances.

A study carried out in 2006 found that the practice of applying make-up while driving is widespread. Observers carrying out spot checks on behalf of Direct Line, the insurer, recorded as many as five per cent of drivers drinking, reading a map or putting on make-up at the wheel.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Earring Organiser

Someone commented that my blog is getting more ‘girly’ and makeup-orientated. Sorry-loh… that’s the “in” thing I am into for now. I am quite seasonal so watch out for my other crazy infatuation in the coming months.

Anyway, there was one season (few years back) when I was crazy about accessories – custom earrings. I have a boxful of them which I carelessly throw them in a jumbled mess in this red jewellery box I got from Watsons. Some I would carefully keep them into little zipper transparent bags. I usually have to literally dig out my earrings and untangle some pairs!!

I always wondered how I am going to organise them. I found some nice stands for earrings display (like in the shops) being sold in but the seller never replied. There were also the typical black velvet laid box with a plastic cover but more of display than practical. From googling, I found this blog: Tranquility Spot showing interesting earrings frame and stands.

Anyway, I was estatic when I saw these little cuties!! Plastic compartmentalized boxes (pill boxes actually) which easily can arrange my little earrings also larger ones. :) I found them in the 100yen shop. Wohoo!

Here is how I can placed all my little earrings into their own boxes according to colours!! So cutee!! Aren't they adorable? :)
I'm going to get another few to arrange my other accesories - perhaps the bigger compartment ones like this.

If only I have the sliding wardrobe with drawers to place all of them neatly inside instead of a shelf. :P I can always wish....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Eye Liner

Since I read in the newspaper that women who makeup supposedly get 30% higher paid, I took the liberty of making extra effort to learn and practice it. I will blog a little about my progress later.

However, I felt I need to share this information I just discovered on eyeliner! :)

My friend made the same comment as I did.... we both don't use eye liner because we both cannot figure out where to draw on and even keep a continuous line. I was reading through a forum on makeup and came upon a recommendation of good makeup tutorial videos on youtube by MichellePhan.

Take a look on this video. She took the trouble to illustrate it on paper too before doing a demonstration. Like her tips on not stressing your skin but use a cotton bud instead to pull your eyelid before you draw on it (and you can use it to clear your mistake). Perhaps I'll try it.. one day and see how it goes. :)

Somehow, it still doesn't really answers wear exactly you draw especially for single-eyelid women like me... right next to the lashes? On it? How? :P