Monday, April 27, 2009

Restaurant City

Looks like another game in Facebook has caught my fancy and my friend's...

I only discovered them playing a wee late so it's kind of far to play catch up with them. I'm only at 8000 plus points but CP is already 188,820 points!! (sigh how to beat that.. look a the picture below.. see how beautifully-landscaped his restaurant is...) But that doesn't stop me from trying! ;)
It's a game whereby you open a restaurant with staff : cook, waiter & the newly-added-cleaner. (normally you hire yourself and your friends)

The goal of the game is to earn the highest points. To do so, you can decorate your restaurant anyway you like, increase your menu selection through collection of ingredient (given once a day plus a bonus if you answer the daily quiz correctly) and management of the staff. Mind you, your employee needs rest/food to replenish their energy.

Here are some snapshots from my restaurant. I was aiming for the cozy little restaurant but with my expansion (after you reach certain points- you get an upgrade: bigger restaurant or extra staff), it looks more like a 'rojak' of sorts. lol.

Join me? ;)


CP said...

Ooiiiii!! Dun anyhow kutuk me cheating hoh!!!
Those points were earned by hard time wan okay!!! ...Lots of rest and gold spent to make them work and expand the restaurant you know!! :D

You better work & serve harder la!! Dun 'kutuk' harder!! Haha...

PiggiYing said...

hhaha kacau you only.. see la, I edit and puji you already. Put your beautifully-landscaped restaurant too!! ;)