Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Eye Liner

Since I read in the newspaper that women who makeup supposedly get 30% higher paid, I took the liberty of making extra effort to learn and practice it. I will blog a little about my progress later.

However, I felt I need to share this information I just discovered on eyeliner! :)

My friend made the same comment as I did.... we both don't use eye liner because we both cannot figure out where to draw on and even keep a continuous line. I was reading through a forum on makeup and came upon a recommendation of good makeup tutorial videos on youtube by MichellePhan.

Take a look on this video. She took the trouble to illustrate it on paper too before doing a demonstration. Like her tips on not stressing your skin but use a cotton bud instead to pull your eyelid before you draw on it (and you can use it to clear your mistake). Perhaps I'll try it.. one day and see how it goes. :)

Somehow, it still doesn't really answers wear exactly you draw especially for single-eyelid women like me... right next to the lashes? On it? How? :P


Miu said...

actually very scary... to draw eye liner for us single eye lid T_T

stila beautician teach me.. but i not "brave" enough to do it. Apparently u need to draw it at your lash line and UNDER it.. so means close to your eye skin. This to prevent a white line across your liner at your eyes.

In Short, it means you need to blacken your eye line to avoid looking like you're just coloring your upper lid above lash line only.

I cannot do it.. I dun believe in coloring near to my eyeball skin with chemical. Even if the beautician tell me its safe etc kenot poke my eyeball, but I guess i will live with my small sepet single eye lid for now.

PiggiYing said...

True also.. I feel like as if I'll poke my eyes or do horrible squiggly lines so I have never really done it. Left it to the makeup artist to do for me! ;) (lazy way out)