Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Face Cleansing Timeline

I feel this warrants an entry because EVERYONE endures this torturous process to obtain the flawless porcelain skin.

In my childhood - I use water and soap to wash my face. Youth does miracle when your skin is still baby smooth and blemish/pimple-free.

In my teens - pimple popped out; I pressed and popped it. Used a cleanser to wash my face. Pimple control with Clearasil, Oxy, etc. Got self-conscious - scars form and face become like a moon.

In my 20's - I still used cleanser only and pimple control. Laughed at my senior for going through 3-5 steps of facial products just for her face.

In my mid 20's - I introduced to myself the 3 steps of cleansing: Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser. I even tried facial sessions with the beautician pressing out all the blackheads, whiteheads, pimples from my face till I become red like a lobster.
The beautician will tell me, "It's a normal reaction; your face will cool off and become less red later."

Products range from Pharmaceutical products (T3, etc) to Beauty products (Biotherm, Dermalogica, etc). One tube of cleanser cost me from RM15- RM100 plus!

In my late 20's - I even tried laser treatment to "cure" my crater-face. (Painful to both my skin and pocket!) But couldn't afford to finish the whole treatment for half a year.

My cleansing products typically MUST include cleanser, toner, moisturiser, pimple medication/ scar ointment/ sunblock.

Learnt about Asian double-cleansing (2 kinds of cleansers)
Learnt about make-up - need special make-up remover.
Learnt about make-up vs pimple!

Learnt everything cost money and wished I never tried so many products.... and I was in primary school again, just using water and soap!


SL said...

What is 'Asian double cleansing'? BTW, I still use cleanser only. :-)

Miu said...

aww :(

when i lazy i just water only..

PiggiYing said...

I have combination oily skin.. so I have to cleanse it. But I learn somewhere just to use mild cleanser.. so not to remove the "healthy" oil. :)