Monday, April 20, 2009

Book review 2: P.S. I love You

I just grabbed this book one day (2 years back) as the synopsis on the back cover sounded interesting enough for a read. I really enjoyed reading this book so much that I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out. I was really touched at the idea of the husband taking so much effort to prepare for his wife to readjust her life after he was gone.

It is amazing that the writer could think of such an idea of a man’s love for his wife that he was being so thoughtful enough to imagine the loss his wife will feel when he died.

Take a moment to imagine this; when you lose someone you love and expect to live with forever and ever, you never expected to be “single” and “alone” again. You never expected your other half to die before you. You never expect death. When it does happen, you never planned how to live on. Most people only think about how to prevent the death of their loved one.

They are willing to deplete their life savings and even quit job to take care of their loved one. They never think about how they are going to live on when the person dies. It is an unbearable thought.

Hence, this book touched my heart in imagining that someone (the dying person) would be the one who think how you would live on when he/she dies to the extend of encouraging the living one to move on.

Somehow, after reading the book, the actors/actresses chosen to portray the characters differ from what I have in mind. Despite getting the dvd of the movie, I have yet to watch it. No offense to Hillary Swank, I don’t think she suits the character but I can’t think of a suitable alternate either. Gerard Butler? Not sure.. I only watch him as act as the Phantom (don't like his singing - prefer the original- Michael Crawford's voice... Mmmmmm) and Beowulf Hmmm he is well-built though... ;)

Hence, I have to agree, reading the book is more meaningful than the shortcut-edited movie. If not, you’ll miss the little details that Cecilia Ahern wrote to show how careful and meaningful the things her dying husband planned for his wife. *sniff* (be sure to prepare a packet of tissue)

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