Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Bad" habit

Yes, I have this “bad” habit which is embarrassing.

What is it?

I love buying books. The first year I started working, my book shopping expenses reached more than 1k!! (Thankfully, they have increased the tax exemption for books!!)

What’s bad about it?

I don’t really read all of them. They are neatly stacked in my overflowing little bookshelf (I have double stack them already) while some are stacked from the floor up. Isn’t that bad? To buy and not read them? It is so unfair to those good books and my gradually-shallower-pocket…

Anyway, once a while I will pull out a book and try to read it. Then, I will realised, “Oh, my! This is really good. Why didn’t I read it earlier? Silly girl…”

This happens especially to those self-help goods which makes the idea bulb light up suddenly above your head (like in the comics and cartoons); inspiring you to do good things and manage yourself well, etc.

A resolution: to read more than 50% of my books or not give away as gifts (But… “sayang”) or try to resell them online (...“sayang”)

See my dilemma? See how I put myself in a fix?

So watch out for some book reviews in the future. If there are, it means I am trying to keep my resolutions. :D

"Wicked Witch" strikes again

I know I shouldn’t be sensitive and get annoyed, or offended so easily. But it hurts a little and it helps if I vent it out here.

I was asking the admin girl beside Wicked Witch about some housing loan issues.(I didn’t wait for timing because they are always next to each other and I wanted to give them CNY greeting cards. I also thought Wicked Witch was decent recently since she gave me a box of Famous Amos Chocolates for Christmas.)

Anyway, obviously, "Wicked Witch" wanted to know about whatever I was telling the other girl.

Anyway, at the end of the conversation, she strikes a goal with this parting statement in a sneering tone: “Rich-lah. Go and buy property and get problem.”

Sigh. Breathe in, breathe out….. God give me strength and patience…

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

I had these little "babies" many years back. A relative, visiting from overseas bought us a pack of Miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I really enjoyed and savoured the feeling of the melted peanut butter enveloped by chocolate - my favourite dessert. Mmmm... but then, they weren't sold here; so I sort of forgot about them.

Few months back, I saw the pack being sold in the airport in Bangkok. Somehow, I was tight on cash and a little stingy, so I put the RM50++ packet of chocolates back onto the shelf. I was so torn between buying that and eating them plus gaining some weight, or not...

Again, I managed to forgot about it till I saw them being sold in Giant, Shah Alam. I was like, "Wait a minute, are those what I think they are?"

They were the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The cups were about 4 cm, diameter and 1cm+ depth sized. They were shallower and bigger than the miniature butter cup I ate last time.

Mmm.. I savoured the peanut butter as it melt in my mouth with the chocolate. Wished I bought more! I wasn't too sure if it was the right one. There are even variation of these chocolates as reviewed here.

Anyway, since now I know where to find them, I'd better make a point to go there to stock on them!! Yipee!!

If you love melted peanut butter and chocolate, go try these babies.. you'll sure to enjoy them! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Perplexed? Annoyed?

Something my colleague said today is worth a mention here.

I bought some cookies for Chinese New Year. I left the two containers of the cookies in a plastic bag on my desk. My colleague dropped by my place to have a peek at it.

She said, "Wah, Orang Cina pun ada kuih."
(Translation: Wow, Chinese people have cookies too.)

I was either stunned or annoyed.
Somehow, I quickly replied, "Wah, lebih baik you cakap 'Orang Cina ada makan, ke?'"
(Translation: Wow, Chinese people have to eat.)

That brought the some of the other colleagues over to my place to ask what happened.

Sigh, it's either wrong usage of words or wrong arrangement or just plain rude.

What say you?

Anyway, I bought those cookies to have a little more Chinese New Year feel... One and a half weeks more to go! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Song of the Shepherd

I attended a one-man musical drama entitled "Song of the Shepherd" on King David a few years’ back in a church. It was a musical acted by one man, David M. Sanborn.

He would act out a few characters with voice impersonation and different acting. I can still recalled how he impersonated Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice when he acted as Goliath. It was really entertaining and meaningful. He brought out the story from the scripture on David.

His voice is so soothing that I bought his CD entitled "Song of the Shepherd", after the play. If you are interested, you can hear the clips from the website and even order the CDs.

The songs are, I quote from the website, "inspired entirely by King David's own psalms, the music has a "Les Miserables" feel with a distinctly Jewish flavor. The songs are composed by Ellen and David M. Sanborn, orchestrated by Don Stephens, and sung by David M. Sanborn."

As I was listening to his songs again, I felt a need to type out the lyrics. Here is one of the song (wish you can hear the song though):

I come to you
A broken child
My eyes are wet
My soul is dry

I have no strength
Of my own
I cry to you
My only hope

And now I am alone with my God
The heavens all quiet their voices
You silence my maddening pride
And all the worldly noises

The earth is still
My soul’s at peace

Holy, holy, whole to you
The glory
And honour
And power
And righteousness

I’ll sing to you all of my days
I’ll sing to you while I am able
The words can’t express all my praise
Let the world know I am grateful

For my life
I give it back, to you

Torn between two situations

My bf and I were enjoying our “huge” burgers from Carl's Junior for dinner (“huge” sized comparatively to the regular burgers sold here) The burger size topic will be an interesting topic in another entry.

Anyway, I noticed this little dark boy around 10 years old or below in his cobalt blue Baju Melayu. He was going around tables with Malay patrons, asking for a donation. He was holding a clear plastic cup and a piece of paper. Since he didn’t dropped by my table, I had no idea what was on the paper; thus assuming it was a donation. Most of the patrons donated a little to the boy.

In fact, about roughly 30 minutes later, the boy reappeared to get more donations from the new set of Malay patrons.

After our meal, we wandered off separately to the nearby retails and later met back with my bf near the arcade (games) area. He motioned me to take a look at the 3rd “player” from the left of the rows of car racing game (like Daytona, etc type). I noticed it was a little boy in his Baju Melayu and walked away puzzled; wondering why did my bf asked to me to look at him.

Sigh.. my brain is slow to process these information, but a minute later, I realized it was the same boy I saw in Carl’s Junior. Guess he has been getting free games? We just walked away amazed.

Maybe we should give him a chance and assumed in between collecting donations, he was getting a rest. But then, nowadays, society scares us with heinous crimes based on pity, sympathy, caring and vulnerability tactics.

Other scenarios

There are many forwarded e-mails that illustrate conman tactics in fleecing your money from you. One writes about a women going around with a baby asking for help and later on a few guys will jump at you and rob you. A little “lost” boy will be asking you to help him go home and upon reaching his “house”, you get robbed.

A lady with a little girl will be asking you some questions in your shop in a pretense to divert your attention as the little girl go through your stuff and steal right under your nose. A couple poses as a potential customer as you are about to close your bridal boutique and then rob you. These last two examples are from the newspaper. And there may be countless more which have happened and not reported.

Hence, how can we be a caring and compassionate society when these few opportunists spoil the environment we live in by taking advantage of us?

We are torn between two situations: take a risk to care or ignore and don’t care. Should we choose either one, someone will lose out in the end... either the real victim or the gullible "hero".

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Language of Love

Have you heard this phrase: Language of love? I heard of it in one of a course I attended.

They mentioned people have certain language of love which does not apply to everyone. Some people think receiving gifts is showing their love while other thinks a peck on a cheek is love.

Ironically, I also received a belated-birthday gift in a form of the book: The Five Language of Love (which I hope to read when I am into the reading mood... :P ).

Anyway, I guess this will be a pre-valentine entry.

What is love to me?

Based on the 5 language of love, this is how I feel loved. *hint hint*

Physical Touch: Feelings of affection – a slight caress of my arm to warm me up, a little touch on my nose or a big bear hug.

Acts of Service : Doing little chores for me like:changing the light bulb in my car, obediently washing the plates without me nagging (nag – new bad habit)

Words of Affirmation : 3 little words (I love you), words of affirmation e.g. You did well, You look nice today, words of gratitude (Thank you).

Receiving Gifts : A surprised delivery of roses, a sincere gift from the heart, ideally being a slave (tied in a big ribbon) for a day is good too (but then, I think that is a life-time gift already.. lol)

Quality time: Sitting down together; enjoying each other’s company without the distraction of Facebook, Iphone, TV, handphones…

On the EXTREME side, I assume the demands may turn out like this.

Physical : Devoted attention at all times and daily love (up to your interpretation. ;)

Service : Treated like a queen e.g. breakfast-in-bed, carry the remote, flip the newspaper, hand feed all meals (imagine a harem of women in skimpy clothing feeding grapes and massaging the guy but if its reversed to the opposite sex)

Words : Daily flattery like a smooth-talker (Remember the episode where Timmy of Fairly Odd Parents wished he and the girl he admired, is the only two people left in the universe. Trixie goes nuts and demands Timmy to worship her, as much as she usually gets from much more boys.)

Gifts : Shower with diamond, huge mansion with maids, luxury cars, luxury clothing, etc. (Sing the song… Diamonds are a girl’s best friend)

Quality time : Always by your side all the time no matter what. (Shout “Superman” and he will be there.)

When you look at it that way, doesn’t my ideal love expression seem reasonable to you? ;)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The effect of Rotten Apples

My curious fingers googled some words for background information and here is what I found out through Wikipedia.
When some Christians quote the scripture Isaiah 53:5 and Matthew 8:17, we believe we are spiritually healed as promised in the scripture. Sources in Wikipedia coins a term for such believe as Word of Faith. (Not too sure if the same meaning is implied in some of the articles or sermon I have came across).

My CG members believe in spiritual healing through prayer and try not to rely on traditional medication. (Take note, I wrote “try not to rely” which doesn’t mean they don’t use it). They often talked about certain anointed healers amongst us and their miraculous healing through their strong faith.

Healing come to those who truly believe and have a great faith. The healing sometimes disappears and the sickness comes back when one’s faith wavers. Sometimes, healing does not happen because it is not meant to.

That is what I learned from hearing their discussion and sharing session.

However, when I googled some of the persons they mentioned, I realized no matter how “anointed” these people are, they are still human and succumbed to their flesh. One such person was a controversial figure visually and audibly through his casual dressing and rough speech. Yet, it seemed he was anointed with the power of healing. In the end, he no longer stands in the limelight as he separated from his wife and had a relationship with a follower.

There are a few other Christian leaders who are succumbed to financial controversial with their material wealth through believers’ contribution or donation.

If we started looking at these human vessels that God used, we will surely doubt our faith. A non-believer will wonder that if that person is such an anointed and “good” Christian, why he/she succumbs to temptation and fall.

On another hand, why should we look at their personal problems and not what God uses him to do only? Isn’t the end result more important than the vessel?

I believe that is the problem people have. We tend to look at other fellow believers who are humans and not the faith itself. We judge an entire religion based on a single bad apple Christian who has offended us and stepped on our toes.

How can lost souls be willing to believe in Jesus Christ salvation when they see so many rotten apple Christians who do not walk the right way all the time?

Ironically, you can’t blame the rotten apple as I am one too at a certain time in my life. I cannot say honestly that I am sinless and have been a perfect goody-goody-two-shoe-Christian. Someone might have seen me in my “rotten apple” condition and feel offended by the entire faith.

My humble opinion is this, dear friends, ask God quietly in your heart to reveal to you and somehow, despite whatever discouraging event that is going on around you, a “light” will shine out and show you that He is a true living God. The “light” could be anyone, anything, any event or any word. Somehow, when you see it, you will truly believe.

A little reminder to all believers and myself, breathe in and breathe out. Control your temper and tongue; remember not to let your anger go down on the sun as other people are watching how you react closely. Don’t let yourself be that rotten apple!

Christmas Goodies

How could I forget??

How was my Christmas? Well, it was a nice family-time with the Christmas dinner. My brother cooked turkey again with my parents' help. (Somehow, my brothers tend to cook more often than me.) *whisper* I am the guinea pig... lol

There was a nice Christmas celebration in church with a special performance again by Juwita Suwito. This time, our Sr. Pastor managed to bring her brother, Aubrey Suwito to accompany Juwito to sing two Christmas carole. He played the keyboard while she sang with a very good control of her voice from the loud tones to the soft sweet tones. (I mean not like some singers who just sing in one tone.... la la la la...)

Anyway, just a little peek at a few of the goodies I got this year.

My dearest brother gave me food! Luxurious food... (sing to the tune of Oliver!) He bought me Haagen Daaz ice-cream and Belgian chocolate. Of course, they are long gone now. I only remembered to take the picture of the box of chocolates. Burp!

The chocolate literally melts in your mouth. I should have taken a picture of it after a bite. I savoured the soft liquid of hazelnut truffle, almond praline, caramel, etc as it slowly melts into my mouth. Mmmmm...

Another brother - the practical one, gave me gift vouchers again! Just nice for my CNY clothes shopping or next Christmas shopping! :)

A Mousehunt fanatic like me, gave me a Christmas Mousey!! :) Thank you, Ms Alina! Would have prefered the Ambush Trap, though.

And last, but not the least, my darling bought me a travelling facial set! Dermalogica, mind you! (Ok-lah.. I bought it myself and then push the bill to him). Still counts, right?
Belated Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Set Lunch Diarrhea

This is the Japanese set lunch I tried at a restaurant near my office. I purposely chose the set with Soba and Sushi. I should have known better that a RM12.90++ lunch would not be that fresh. Why did I chose a raw meal? Perhaps the grilled or fried meal would have been kinder to my stomach.

I had to visit the loo twice that evening after lunch. Though it could be a good way to clean your stomach. Thankfully it wasn't accompanied by an orchestra of stomach pains. :P

And they gave me a member discount card. Ermm, anyone wants it?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

After hearing my colleagues rave about this place, I finally dropped by to test their food today.

Honestly speaking, I find the food there mediocre. The overall concept is definitely interesting as I love the movie Forest Gump! I even have the theme song as my ringing tone. It is so cute...

Anyway, the concept is having most of the meals mainly from shrimp. In the movie, Bubba Gump Company catches shrimp. Bubba is named after Forest's friend, Bubba who died in the war. (Please watch the movie for background information!)

The overall decor is interesting (as most restaurants and cafe are too). They made it a rustic feel with huge rough pipe for the tap and a rustic bucket as the sink. Timber flooring lined the floor and walls to create the shrimp boat environment.

They even create this cute little blue car number plate that writes "Run, Forest, Run" and a red one which writes "Stop, Forest, Stop". The red plate is to tell the waiter/ waitress that you need service. The blue plate means you don't need any attention from them.

They have a silver big bucket with napkins, sauces and a stack of coloured plastic plates on the table. As my bf and I took a 2-seater table, basically all these "accessories" took up almost 1/3 of the table. So it was cute but impractical. Couldn't they make the plates small and attached to the wall or the table?

Luckily, since it was around 3pm, we decided on one appetiser and one main dish. We tried this dish which I have forgotten its name by now. The fried fish ,shrimp, sweet corn "nugget" goes well with its thousand-island-type dip. Although, the presentation of the meal is a little bit elaborate an impracticle. The dish is put onto special printed paper on top of a silver bucket.

The main dish was shrimp with shreded crab meat in some-sort of cheese, and Jasmine rice cooked with butter. Overall I was not used to the combination of that meal. For that portion, I would have prefered Fish & Co.

I got myself their lemonade drink while my bf got a smoothie. He did raved about the smoothie as the only item he was willing to go back for.

Just a meal like that (1 appetiser, 1 main dish, 2 drinks) cost us almost RM100! I was shocked. I didn't really do my mathematics when I ordered. Ha!

Hence, based on my affordability capacity, I would not visit there again unless it is a special occasion to pay overprice food for a different environment.

For more detailed and better food reviews, google the name or try any of these: Review 1 or Review 2

Overall, it is all right. Just not my cup of tea.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Why should we only review on items?

I feel that I have to share how I have grown and learned from attending Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I have not been brought up as a Christian who attends Sunday school and attends churches. In fact, I had very little exposure to the words of the Bible till one day, the spirit prompted me to buy a Bible by myself.

I have been attending BSF irregularly for a year and a half. I was kind of reluctant at first to make such a huge commitment of attending classes every Tuesday and doing the 3 questions homework daily. It was after a few years from the first time I heard of it that I finally decided to attend it. (Of course, it helped that my friend was attending already. So we could push each other to attend and do our homework) *grin*

How have I changed?

Somehow, it helped me understand better the scripture in the Bible. Before this, sometimes I just read the Bible blindly without really understanding how it can be applied to my life. I always feel uncomfortable answering the "application questions" in my cell group's discussion as I did not know how to relate to it.

I only realised I grew spiritually when I reflected on my 2008 resolutions. I wrote resolutions which my worldly mind would not have thought of. I can't believe how I have slowly backslide away from myself a year before.

In short, the resolutions were the focus I was missing these past few months. I didn't open my diary to take a look at it. However, it is never too late; as 2009 begins, I pray that this year I will keep focus on God and slowly, everything will fall in place. :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Stila Makeup Workshop

This is a long overdue review on the workshop I attended with ABC last month.

I received an email from Little Black Book boutique saying "lucky replies will get a chance to attend Stila Makeup Workshop for free." I normally receive emails updates with new clothings from them. Hence, it was safe for me to assume it is genuine.

However, I did google and found this review on Plus Size Kitten's blog.

It was conducted exactly the way she described in her blog except that I did not purchase any Stila voucher to get to attend it. In fact, all I did was email to them. I was even "smart" enough to send in my names and another 3 of my friends to attend this workshop together.

I was really surprised the "lucky replies" were all four of us. Yippee!! Girl's night out and doing girly-stuff: Make-up!

My friends and I are not really the glam type who make-up to the nines; so it was an interesting experience. I have read up some stuff on make-up before and was a little disappointed that they showed the basic makeup with their 2-in-1 products.

I was disappointed because I wanted to learn how to use an eyeliner. I have single-eye lid and have no idea how women draw lines close to their eyelid and eyeballs!! How to draw the straight line and not poke your eyeball??

Anyway, they showed us how to use convertible eye liner which doubles as eye liner and eye shadow. I didn't know it was 2-in-1 and ended up making myself looking like a panda. (If I knew it was eye shadow too, I would not choose something brownish..)

Ha! You should have seen the expression of the sales guy's face in the handphone shop where I bought something after the workshop. Sigh...

Their convertible cheek & lip color was interesting but more suitable for the cheeks than the lips. It became kind of patchy on the lips. Perhaps we need to glide over vaseline on our lips first - ha ha..

Oh yeah, I find their base tinted moisturiser and sheer foundation light and more breathable to my skin. I am currently using liquid foundation (which I won from a magazine) and it really cakes up my face. (I only use for dinners)

Another thing to note, the goody bag was different too. In fact, we didn't get any at all since they said they have closed their account and promised to give us this month. It is supposed to be a brush holder. Anyway, we did get the makeover voucher and simple refreshments.

However, since budget do not permit me to spend on makeup, I shall look at it longingly like the first time Estee Lauder launched their blockbuster collection with the basic makeup, brushes and nice bags/cosmetic case for the young lady who just started working. Sigh.

I found a good review on buying makeup on a budget. In fact, the blogger teaches us how to tightline your eyes!

Hence, I shall continue to google and learn about makeup discreetly before painting myself as a panda again or I quote my bf "like a clown" (from too thick blusher!).

Four Christmases

I managed to win 4 free passes to watch Four Christmases last Wednesday. Sorry to the birthday girl; I decided not to invite you along as I assumed you would have special birthday plans! ;)

*Warning, spoiler alert!*

It sure was funny; being a romantic comedy with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. The opening was a beautiful and little shocking twist.(Good idea to spice up relationships...hint.. hint.. with all the made-up personalities) :p

There were all the funny scenes with Vince character, Brad's overbearing rowdy brothers and his silliness in creating havoc in his father's house. However, I was a little disappointed with Reese. Perhaps her role offers her less space to act out and this time, she gets bullied by Brad and somehow it does minimise her role.

I guess maybe she shines better as the single starring role like Legally Blonde. Towards the end of the show, I found Vince's rambling irritating as if a little too elaborate for my liking.

To find out the storyline and plot, just click on the link above.

In all, it was a good laugh and it did highlight certain little things in relationships which people do take for granted. Obviously, there is a lesson to learn too; the Christmas spirit should be shared with family members and not faraway trips based on lies just to be away from the family.

If not, somehow, the newscaster will come and interview you in the midst of your little lies or secret (as it happens in this movie) to broadcast to everyone to view.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year to everyone; old, young, new, aged, mature, immature and crazy! :p

Another year passes by in a flash. What was I doing exactly a year before? Hmm..

Anyway, I had an enjoyable time with some friends during the countdown. We were playing games in a friend's place during the last hours of 2008 which were filled with hilarious laughter. Then, I started 2009 with quality time with my loved one. ;)

About to look through 2008 resolutions to see how far I have achieved any of them... ha ha... and time to think of hopeful dreams and new resolutions (or prolonged old resolutions as usual).

I wonder what 2009 brings this time. Definitely involves $$$ cuts. This will definitely depress a lot of people but with faith, everything will come through as usual. I see 2009 as a year of faith as people are put to the test between material needs/wealth and their principles.

Meanwhile, trying to still hide in the safety of the celebration bubble till Chinese New Year!

p.s. No more shopping!!! Save save save... :P (Aha! Resolution!)