Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

After hearing my colleagues rave about this place, I finally dropped by to test their food today.

Honestly speaking, I find the food there mediocre. The overall concept is definitely interesting as I love the movie Forest Gump! I even have the theme song as my ringing tone. It is so cute...

Anyway, the concept is having most of the meals mainly from shrimp. In the movie, Bubba Gump Company catches shrimp. Bubba is named after Forest's friend, Bubba who died in the war. (Please watch the movie for background information!)

The overall decor is interesting (as most restaurants and cafe are too). They made it a rustic feel with huge rough pipe for the tap and a rustic bucket as the sink. Timber flooring lined the floor and walls to create the shrimp boat environment.

They even create this cute little blue car number plate that writes "Run, Forest, Run" and a red one which writes "Stop, Forest, Stop". The red plate is to tell the waiter/ waitress that you need service. The blue plate means you don't need any attention from them.

They have a silver big bucket with napkins, sauces and a stack of coloured plastic plates on the table. As my bf and I took a 2-seater table, basically all these "accessories" took up almost 1/3 of the table. So it was cute but impractical. Couldn't they make the plates small and attached to the wall or the table?

Luckily, since it was around 3pm, we decided on one appetiser and one main dish. We tried this dish which I have forgotten its name by now. The fried fish ,shrimp, sweet corn "nugget" goes well with its thousand-island-type dip. Although, the presentation of the meal is a little bit elaborate an impracticle. The dish is put onto special printed paper on top of a silver bucket.

The main dish was shrimp with shreded crab meat in some-sort of cheese, and Jasmine rice cooked with butter. Overall I was not used to the combination of that meal. For that portion, I would have prefered Fish & Co.

I got myself their lemonade drink while my bf got a smoothie. He did raved about the smoothie as the only item he was willing to go back for.

Just a meal like that (1 appetiser, 1 main dish, 2 drinks) cost us almost RM100! I was shocked. I didn't really do my mathematics when I ordered. Ha!

Hence, based on my affordability capacity, I would not visit there again unless it is a special occasion to pay overprice food for a different environment.

For more detailed and better food reviews, google the name or try any of these: Review 1 or Review 2

Overall, it is all right. Just not my cup of tea.

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