Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The effect of Rotten Apples

My curious fingers googled some words for background information and here is what I found out through Wikipedia.
When some Christians quote the scripture Isaiah 53:5 and Matthew 8:17, we believe we are spiritually healed as promised in the scripture. Sources in Wikipedia coins a term for such believe as Word of Faith. (Not too sure if the same meaning is implied in some of the articles or sermon I have came across).

My CG members believe in spiritual healing through prayer and try not to rely on traditional medication. (Take note, I wrote “try not to rely” which doesn’t mean they don’t use it). They often talked about certain anointed healers amongst us and their miraculous healing through their strong faith.

Healing come to those who truly believe and have a great faith. The healing sometimes disappears and the sickness comes back when one’s faith wavers. Sometimes, healing does not happen because it is not meant to.

That is what I learned from hearing their discussion and sharing session.

However, when I googled some of the persons they mentioned, I realized no matter how “anointed” these people are, they are still human and succumbed to their flesh. One such person was a controversial figure visually and audibly through his casual dressing and rough speech. Yet, it seemed he was anointed with the power of healing. In the end, he no longer stands in the limelight as he separated from his wife and had a relationship with a follower.

There are a few other Christian leaders who are succumbed to financial controversial with their material wealth through believers’ contribution or donation.

If we started looking at these human vessels that God used, we will surely doubt our faith. A non-believer will wonder that if that person is such an anointed and “good” Christian, why he/she succumbs to temptation and fall.

On another hand, why should we look at their personal problems and not what God uses him to do only? Isn’t the end result more important than the vessel?

I believe that is the problem people have. We tend to look at other fellow believers who are humans and not the faith itself. We judge an entire religion based on a single bad apple Christian who has offended us and stepped on our toes.

How can lost souls be willing to believe in Jesus Christ salvation when they see so many rotten apple Christians who do not walk the right way all the time?

Ironically, you can’t blame the rotten apple as I am one too at a certain time in my life. I cannot say honestly that I am sinless and have been a perfect goody-goody-two-shoe-Christian. Someone might have seen me in my “rotten apple” condition and feel offended by the entire faith.

My humble opinion is this, dear friends, ask God quietly in your heart to reveal to you and somehow, despite whatever discouraging event that is going on around you, a “light” will shine out and show you that He is a true living God. The “light” could be anyone, anything, any event or any word. Somehow, when you see it, you will truly believe.

A little reminder to all believers and myself, breathe in and breathe out. Control your temper and tongue; remember not to let your anger go down on the sun as other people are watching how you react closely. Don’t let yourself be that rotten apple!

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