Saturday, January 10, 2009

Language of Love

Have you heard this phrase: Language of love? I heard of it in one of a course I attended.

They mentioned people have certain language of love which does not apply to everyone. Some people think receiving gifts is showing their love while other thinks a peck on a cheek is love.

Ironically, I also received a belated-birthday gift in a form of the book: The Five Language of Love (which I hope to read when I am into the reading mood... :P ).

Anyway, I guess this will be a pre-valentine entry.

What is love to me?

Based on the 5 language of love, this is how I feel loved. *hint hint*

Physical Touch: Feelings of affection – a slight caress of my arm to warm me up, a little touch on my nose or a big bear hug.

Acts of Service : Doing little chores for me like:changing the light bulb in my car, obediently washing the plates without me nagging (nag – new bad habit)

Words of Affirmation : 3 little words (I love you), words of affirmation e.g. You did well, You look nice today, words of gratitude (Thank you).

Receiving Gifts : A surprised delivery of roses, a sincere gift from the heart, ideally being a slave (tied in a big ribbon) for a day is good too (but then, I think that is a life-time gift already.. lol)

Quality time: Sitting down together; enjoying each other’s company without the distraction of Facebook, Iphone, TV, handphones…

On the EXTREME side, I assume the demands may turn out like this.

Physical : Devoted attention at all times and daily love (up to your interpretation. ;)

Service : Treated like a queen e.g. breakfast-in-bed, carry the remote, flip the newspaper, hand feed all meals (imagine a harem of women in skimpy clothing feeding grapes and massaging the guy but if its reversed to the opposite sex)

Words : Daily flattery like a smooth-talker (Remember the episode where Timmy of Fairly Odd Parents wished he and the girl he admired, is the only two people left in the universe. Trixie goes nuts and demands Timmy to worship her, as much as she usually gets from much more boys.)

Gifts : Shower with diamond, huge mansion with maids, luxury cars, luxury clothing, etc. (Sing the song… Diamonds are a girl’s best friend)

Quality time : Always by your side all the time no matter what. (Shout “Superman” and he will be there.)

When you look at it that way, doesn’t my ideal love expression seem reasonable to you? ;)

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