Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Book Review: The Body Shape Bible

I stumbled upon this book by Trinny and Susannah while browsing in BookXcess in Amcorp Mall and just thought I’d get it. Why?

Well, we all know the 4 basic body shapes of apple, pear, hourglass and banana (rectangular). But somehow, it’s not exactly like how they describe per se. Your body do not conform to the typical specification of the basic body shapes.

Hence, the Body Shape Bible elaborates further with 12 types of body shapes: hourglass, cello, vase, bell, skittle, goblet, pear, lollipop, cornet, apple, column and brick (literally taking the object’s outline to describe your body)
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In each body type, Trinny and Susannah got models in undies to show their body type . It is defined as follows: (a summary of this can be found here with images)
1. HOURGLASS – big tits, small waist, short waist, big hips, generous thighs
2. CELLO – big boobs, short waist, big hips, big bottom, big thighs, slim lower legs
3. VASE - big tits, gently curving longer waist, hips equal tits, slim thighs and legs
4. BELL – small shoulders, small tits, small waist, big thighs, big bottom
5. SKITTLE – average tits, slim waist, ok tummy, big thighs, chunky calves
6. PEAR – small tits, long waist, flat tummy, saddlebags, heavy legs
7. LOLLIPOP – big tits, slight waist, slim hips, long legs
8. CORNET – broad shoulders, small boobs, no waist, slim hips, long slim legs
9. GOBLET – broad shoulders, big boobs, no waist, narrow hips, long legs
10. APPLE – average tits, tummy bigger than tips, quiet flat bottom, OK legs
11. COLUMN – shoulder width the same as hips, slight waist, longer legs
12. BRICK – Broad shoulders, no waist, average tummy, flat bum, chunky thighs, chunky calves

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In each type, they show how the model is dressed to illustrate the do’s and don’ts in dressing their body type; from the right top to pants and even shoes. It’s a little disappointing that the additional dressing advice is not standardized with some body types having more tips. (Coincidentally which is not mine! ☹ )

However, a word of caution, sometimes God just made us different and despite all these types and descriptions created to describe a body shape – I still can’t find the right one to describe myself. I’ve looked in the mirror and find myself under a combination of 2 types here.

Hence, I’ll try out the advice on what to wear and not’s… instead. As that was initially the intend of me getting this book! ;)

Another review of this book is worth checking out to see other readers' comments.


Sherry said...

nice detail post :D

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Anonymous said...

I don't fit in any group either. Wouldn't it be better to advice on what and what-not to wear according to each individual feature? There are many possible combinations and these "labels" are quite confussing.
Nice post by the way! :)

PiggiYing said...

Yes, that's true.. I bought another 2 of their books with different perspectives on other things. I think the "what-not-to-wear" real life pictures are more relevant that we can learn to judge ourselves.