Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hazards of Speed Bumps

Have you ever wondered why they bother making speed bumps?

Firstly, it's mainly to slow down the drivers on the road or reduce traffic. Especially, if the area is accident-prone, dangerous slope, high pedestrian crossing or in the housing estate.

Secondly, it's to annoy the hell out of drivers. For example, there's a rather long road behind my house which is in the housing estate. Over night, suddenly there were about a dozen road bumps along the road. It IS so annoying to accelerate and decelerate for such a short distance. To be exact, it has 8 speed bumps from one end of the road to my house. Luckily I missed the other few more. It is not even a main road! Sigghhh!! Tempted to just drive through all the bumps but that will spoil my car.

In fact, do you know that there are illegal speed bumps? Those which appeared suddenly at my place are illegal in the sense that there is no road sign to warn you about it. Initially, it was not even painted with the typical yellow stripes! How dangerous it is! *shakes head*

Anyway, why am I painsakingly writing about speed bumps all of the sudden?

My friend shared an interesting story today. It seemed someone had tripped over a speed bump (I wondered how.. if it's a small road kerb - I get it.. but a speed bump on a road? Hmm...)

And... after he fell down, he lay there for a few seconds on his face...

Hence, that concludes the rough summary of speed bumps. How hazardous it is even to pedestrian!! Ahem.. lol

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Alina said...

Bah! Maybe they were walking too fast? :P