Saturday, June 12, 2010

A hectic week

It's kind of ironic. I've told myself many times now to work so much but enjoy life. Somehow, I made up my mind end of last year to work for the dough and I'm officially a workaholic. Lol

It does keep your mind and body busy working through the night, day in and day out. It makes the days go by even faster. You tell yourself you are working for the dough but then... when there is a short break in between, you realised... "How long can my body and mind do this?"

Hence, I need a retirement plan!! I need a backup plan. Is there a way to balance both work and relaxation? Is there a way we can grow maturely and healthily in this crazy field we are in?

Oh well, as I am "babysitting" the plotter and feeding paper to eat... I stare out the window and enjoy my packed "tau fu far" with worship music playing at the background... ignoring the fact that I still have minutes to type, correspondance to reply and drawings to check. *groan*

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