Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No One Thinks Big of You

Someone posted this video in facebook. It's very emotional. Watch it... especially to those who are always in "need of speed".

Scene 5: the car crushed into a couple in embrace; killing the boyfriend immediately and crushing him into the girlfriend who was still alive; in pain. Tragic.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Clinic tales

God is good all the time.
You know why? Well, it was not entirely my fault. Anyway, here goes the story.

I was feeling slightly flu-ish with a runny nose, that I decided to drop by the clinic.

Side track, my office provided us with a health card whereby we, the employees just have to co-pay a small amount when we visited selected clinics, hospitals and medical centers (those in the insurance company's panel) . For example, we only pay RM5 per visit to the clinic and RM15 to specialist centre (with recommendation from the panel clinic).

Today I was paying some bills due after a week of holidays. I never check how much money I had in my purse. Since it only required RM5 as a co-payee payment, I thought I had enough money to drop by the clinic then.

Suddenly, the nurse told me they couldn't accept the new card which requires a new system they don't have and suggested I find one which has the system. Since, I've been going to that clinic since I was young, I shrugged and said, "It's okay, I'll pay myself."
I sat and waited for my turn. Suddenly, I decided to check how much money I had left in my purse. (I didn't know how much I had left till that moment). I even counted the coins to see how much extra I could get from it. I had only RM17. I wondered if that was enough.

I decided to sms to my mum to ask her to bring some cash.(which she didn't even see the sms till I call her later). I even smsed my bf to tell him my concerns. I didn't want to lose my turn by going to the bank at that moment. I wondered if I should ask the doctor how much the pills would cost first before letting him prescribe it to me.

The doctor checked me and only prescribed some flu medicine. No antibiotic was needed since my nose stopped "running" (lol) and I didn't sneeze as often as the last 2 days. I casually asked him how much the medicine would cost and he realised I wasn't using the medical card (which normally requires him to fill a form).

Then, he complained about the insurance company suddenly changing the whole system which require a new device or computer to check the card without informing the clinics. Even worse, the insurance company ask the clinic individually to reapply back (with some meddlesome procedures) to be allowed to use the system for their patients.

But the most important words were, "Oh you're paying yourself? Don't worry, I will only charge you for the medicine." I was so happy when I heard that and I thank God! :) Then I wondered how much did the medicine cost...

The nurse gave me 3 packets of medicine and explained to me when to eat it. Then she told me, "Ten ringgit." I was ecstatic inside. Thank God! I don't have to dig out my coins to pay her! Thank you, Doctor! :) Thank You, God! :)

And that my friend, tells me to check how much money I have left in my purse before I do anything! Imagine the horror of eating a luxurious meal then they say, "No credit card. Only cash." Then you open your wallet and see 2 ringgit. :p

I don't think the system of "washing the plates" to pay for your meal in Malaysia applies.... What happens then?

But remember, a little prayer to God wouldn't do you any harm when you're panicking! ;)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Triple parking?

Look at this? Instead of just the typical double parking, Malaysians are getting more creative by making 2 layers of side parking right in the middle of the road! The blue-yellow van is parking!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad visibility

During the last few days before Raya, every evening, the weather was horrible. From my office, I can see a dark cloud engulfing the entire sky above my office area; almost turning the area into darkness. Suddenly torrential rain will pour non-stop; as if trying to wash away the filth of mankind.

These are pictures I took on the 16th September along the NKVE highway. Visibility was poor and your eyes had to be extra wide to be careful in such conditions.

17th September was equally bad but I wasn't traveling back. So not too bad. Thank goodness, with Hari Raya here, the weather seems brighter and back to "normal".

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends and Happy Holidays to those who are on leave too! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another year... pressies! :)

Another year is added to my age and I'm nearing the big "3-0". Sigh. Where has my youth gone to?

I had a lovely time yesterday with my dear friends; A,B,C,F,H+M, K. Thank you for the fun and laughter. I couldn't blog about this earlier because I was waiting for the pictures my friends took (as I didn't bother to bring a camera as someone else normally would... )

Anyway, decided to just upload the goodies I got this year ; courtesty of my loved ones! :)

Roses for the girlfriend. :)
A bouquet of red and white roses delivered to my office.. Guess from who? :)

Bags bags galore
Somehow, this year was a year of bags for me. I got 3 bags this year.

ABC got me this "transformer bag" (as quoted directly from B) ;) Thanks girls. It can be interchangeable into a sling bag or a hand carry bag.

Mummy got me this evening bag... among other stuff.

Younger bro and gf got me this white bag from MNG. Thanks.

Sweet tooth!
A box of Belgian chocolate from my dear friend Serene.. sighh you know my weakness for chocolate.. yummy.. half a box left. :D

F got me a nice chocolate cake from his bakery (pending pictures from the photographers) :) and a lovely treat in Delicious despite all our errors in bookings. Ha! Not going to write about it here. Ahem.

Wishlist fulfilled

My darling got me the headphones as I wanted.. and also cute little speakers for my pc. Yippee! :) Thank you.. But I actually prefer a netbook! (ahahha I know.. ingrate! :p)

Got to enjoy a lovely meal with my dear friends and hope to have more memorable time in future! :) Thank you all!

Are you a Cat person or a Dog person?

I asked someone this and the reply was the latter. Then I asked myself.
Answer? I think I'm more of a cat-person.

I think having a cat for a pet in my secondary school makes me love cats. My cat was quite adorable whenever I came home from school. My cat then would come to me and "manja" by rubbing and curling itself in my lap for a nice rub as a greeting to me. Then after a minute or so, she walks off haughtily and don't bother about you. Ha!

I know dogs would be more fun as the "loyal" pet who sticks to your side. But I didn't own a dog before - so I wouldn't really know.

Hence, look at this video and can you tell me you still hate cats? Look at its white socks and mischievous antics! ;)

To know if you're a cat or dog person, try this quiz.

To know what kind of cat person you are. try this simple quiz.

On a side note, I don't appreciate stepping on cat's urine when I put my foot in my sandals. Ewww! Happen twice! My neighbourhood is overwhelmed with cats. My neighbour's cats like to sit on my car like a regal queen on her throne. If you look at her and try to ask her to leave, she'll look down and you and slowly, reluctantly move away.

Many of them are very artistic too. My car is maroon in colour with dusty grey paw prints all over it - courtesty of the neighbourhood's cats. Will capture a picture of the effect one of these days.

In the meantime,I shall sign off this entry with a loud MeeeoooWWww! ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kitty Kat

There is a Chinese restaurant near my office. On my way to work yesterday, I saw a large clay jar about 1 meter high, filled with water and some guppies. There were a few water plants (kiambang) floating on the surface.

I presumed they put this on the left side of the entrance (if I’m facing the shop) for feng shui or better luck. I forgot what exactly was written by feng shui “masters” on this.

Anyway, what caught my attention? Well, it was this little tabby cat walking on the edge of the opening of the pot. Circling the opening and eyeing the guppies in the water. It looked so focus at what it was doing that it didn’t notice me observing it. It was about to put its little paw into the water in an attempt to catch some fishes when naughty me decided to say, “Shussshh”.
I didn't take any picture but the little kitty looked curious like this cat.

The cat got startled and jumped a little; almost falling into the water (but cats rarely fall) and scampered away.

Was that mean of me? I just had to shush to save the poor little fishes. :P

Monday, September 14, 2009


I enjoy staying over at friends’ place or away from home. You literally “rest” and don’t have to worry about the little things you have to do in the house. You don’t have to think of housework like collecting the clothes in case it rain, securing the house before you sleep, clearing up your pile of unnecessary stuff in your room, feed the pets, kill the pest, etc.

It’s because you become the “guest” whereby you can literally frolic around with no worries. You sit down and chit chat with your friends and company. In fact, with the stark reality of financial constraint, it does wonders to your soul for a weekend over someone else’s place. Lol. You don’t need to plan a weekend overseas (with all the crowd and H1N1 worries).

However, since not every friend can be your host/hostess all the time, just take a short trip like to Genting Highlands (if you’re in Klang Valley) for a night. Don’t go up to the casino – just go there and relax at the hotel without doing anything.

In the meantime, I wish upon a star so bright that I will get to swim in a swimming pool now to float away the body aches and drumming headache. To hear the swish-swashing of the water as I float on the water and try not to worry about hitting the edge of the swimming pool…

Arghh.. back to work.

Food Review: Wantan Mee (Restaurant Koon Kee, Damansara Uptown)

I work in Damansara Uptown. Hence, after some time, I get sick of the food around there despite having a lot of variety around. How often can you eat something that you fancy?

Occasionally, I would eat wantan mee at Restaurant Koon Kee (same row as Perodua shop or Restaurant Damansara Hokkien Mee). It's because it'll take me more than 5 minutes walk to get there. Or not, I wouldn't mind eating wantan mee rather often! :)

Usually, the place is quite full with patrons eating either chicken rice or wantan mee. However, that day, it was the first time I saw such a long queue to pack (ta pao) wantan mee as take-away. This made me think that perhaps this is a famous stall. Is it?

I was trying to take picture with my camera phone without being noticed - hence, the off-angles.

This is a sneak picture of the wantan mee I ordered for RM4.50. The difference of this wantan mee from the others I've eaten is that they serve cabbage instead of kailan. Other than that, I don't see any speciality except that the portion is sufficient for me and the 3 pieces of wantan in the small soup is kind of small for someone who loves wantan soup.

Overall, I would say that for RM4.50 - do visit this restaurant. :) However, I would like to try the night wantan mee noodles in Seapark again. I like the way the "chef" toss the noodles.

Anway, there is a new restaurant on another row of shop which charges every single ingredient of wantan mee. For example, the basic plain noodles with char siu is sold for RM4.50. Plus wantan- another 50 cents and so forth. This makes me feel weird because what is wantan mee without wantan or char siu/chicken slices? To me - it's overpriced and even smaller portion than most stalls. However, many people frequent that place.

Till then, if I remember the name of the latter restaurant, I'll update it here. :)

Food Review: Bak Kut Teh cravings

Despite being a Klangnite, I seldom eat bak kut teh (bkt). Seriously, as more than 75% of my time is spent working outside of Klang, I don’t have the chance to go roaming around Klang that much. It’s not that I don’t like bkt – I love it! :P But, I refrain from eating it because of its “unhealthy” feature. Ha! However, suddenly, yesterday I had a craving for bak kut teh.

The darkish, herbalish-soup with internal organs (intestines and occasionally stomach slices), pork ribs, fatty pork for those who like it, chicken leg and others (e.g. button mushroom if you opt for the claypot serving). Mmmm… Okay.. what’s the big deal? I missed eating it. That’s all.

Hence, I recalled seeing bak kut teh being sold in Heavenly Chicken Rice House, Damansara Uptown. It was a new stall besides selling the Hainanese Chicken Rice. Despite having a short lunch break (half hour only), I sprint about 5 minutes away from my office to fulfill my craving. Ha!

The claypot of bak kut teh arrived boiling hot looks quite generous with soup (wondered how much it cost) with a bowl of rice. The soup was the typical non-Klang-style and not very herbally-taste. There were the following ingredients: a few slices of button mushroom, chinese cabbage, pork rib (3 pieces), lean pork meat (3 pieces), 3 pieces of stomach and 2 pieces of intestines (if my memory served me right). It cost me RM9 for the whole meal excluding the Chinese tea I ordered.

Ratings? Fulfilled its function to end my craving as I normally don’t eat so heavy for lunch during work! Preference? Well, I do miss the thick dark soup from some shops in Klang. Must arrange for a BKT makan session soon. Anyone wants to join me? The more the merrier. :D

Somehow, I also would like to eat JB bak kut teh again as they serve with yam rice and its soup is lighter – more like herbal soup with less fatty meat. Unless anyone can direct me to a similar one in Klang Valley?

No, I’m not a traitor to Klang BKT – it’s just that I have a soft spot for herbal soup (even herbal bak kut teh soup from JB). Oh yeah, if you’re ever in Klang town, do try their “dry bak kut teh” too for a different taste. Oh no, I think I might need another round of bak kut teh. ;)

Riding the train... these days: like sardine

These days...

Back to KTM Komuter stories. I was attending a training in Boulevard Midvalley these past few days and the experience is worth sharing with you. I decided to take the public transportation instead of driving through Federal Highway. (both have their pros and cons but I thought I'll try something different for a change)

Obviously, during office rush hour (after work), the crowd is extra horrendous and with the fasting (puasa) month for the Muslims, everyone is rushing back to prepare for their meals.

All pictures are googled as I was too shy to take pictures. Didn't want people bashing me. Tsk.

I noticed something new with all the KTM Komuter stations (besides steel shelter for most of the KTM Komuter station after KL Sentral to Klang Station - except the one near my place!!), they have stationed uniformed policemen around the major stations to control the crowd and for safety.

Unfortunately, a tanned-looking man was brave enough to snatch a handphone from a young chinese girl (in her teens) and ran on the railway track to make his escape. Hello? Isn't there like more than 4 uniformed policemen around Midvalley KTM Komuter station? Anyway, he was apprehended and handcuffed. He even kicked the trashcan to show his anger in front of the crowd.

I came about 15 mins after the drama (I found out about this by asking the other passengers). I only saw the policemen photographing the victim. My imagination ran wild and wondered what crime had she committed. This happened yesterday.

Today, I decided to leave the place about 15 minutes to half an hour later to avoid the Fasting Month crowd. Indeed, there were less people and more of the non-Muslims around compared to yesterday. However, this proved to be a mistake.

I arrived in KL Sentral about 6.20pm and noticed a train arriving at 6.43pm. Shortly after, they announced the train was canceled and the next available one was at 7.03pm. The mistake was this: imagine the typical normal crowd as shown in the picture above. Times that crowd by 2 (as they squeezed into 1 train)

It would look something like this picture here:
However, a number of people couldn't even enter the already filled carriage. I managed to squeeze in right near the door. (First time in my life!) The other guy beside me also got a shock when the door slide so loudly near us! I pity the few other ladies who couldn't squeeze in.

I guess you can say it felt like this: packed like sardines!
This blogger wrote a poem on her frustration with KTM Komuter (I got my pictures from her). But this picture is consider not as 40% packed of what I experienced just now.

However, one thing interesting to note. When it was time for break fast (buka puasa-Iftar), the Muslims will take out their sweets and drinks to break fast even in the Komuter. The guy who was squashed beside me offered me a date (kurma) which I politely turned down. Another elderly Malay man offered his kuih which I politely turned down too.

It was nice to be among Malaysians. I missed breaking fast with my Muslim coursemates back in UTM. That really made me feel that we really and truly can be one Malaysia. *pops* Bubble burst..

Reality sinks in. Sigh. Another day to ride the train. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Riding the train... those days

Those days...
After Form 5, I used to take KTM Komuter to go to Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) for PC Fairs, Education Fairs, etc. I don't know why, but my friends and I used to attend these fairs and blindly carry back all those promotional brochure. In fact, I never learn much from all those visit! :p

Since we were staying in different areas (about one or two KTM stations away, we used to time our entry just right so that we got onto the same train from our own separate stations.) This was fun! :D It felt as if, we were picking up our friends, one by one with the train.

I can remember once, we were heading to PC Fair and coincidentally, there were 2 batches of us who were going there. Group A (including me) was in the 1st train which left first and Group B was in the next train. Somehow, Group B arrived first.

Our train (Group A's) stopped for more than an hour (I can't recall exactly) right before the Kuala Lumpur station. There was no air-condition that they even open the doors for natural ventilation. About half-hour of waiting, a number of the passengers jump out and walked along the tracks to the nearest station. We didn't realised the next station was nearby - so we patiently waited.

Hence, I cannot help but agree when I saw this description in Wikipedia:
"The KTM Komuter service is notorious for keeping irregular schedules. Trains frequently develop "technical problems" and cancellations occur on a daily basis, resulting in enormous crowds at peak hours."

Anyway, later on with Light Rail Transit (LRT), I would take the KTM Komuter to Kuala Lumpur station and walk to Pasar Seni LRT before heading to the KLCC LRT stop. Have any of you managed to experience this?

Since KL Sentral was built and completed, people just need to go to KL Sentral as the interchange to the other intercity transportation conveniently.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Royal Mail

My dear friend Alina went to UK for holidays in June this year. She happily asked me for my address to send me a postcard from there. I sort of forgot about that postcard till today...

I received the postcard today on 9th September 2009 (auspicious day!)

Take note of the dark blue note from Royal Mail. It's not part of the postcard.
Take note of the pink box showing the date the postcard was written. Sorry for unclear picture.
I simply took a pic of it with handphone under bad lighting.

As seen in the picture above, Royal Mail wrote: "The sender of this item applied insufficient Airmail postage, so we diverted it to an alternative service. This may have caused delay."

Wow.... at least, it arrived. But this made me wonder what alternative service would take 3 months - send by train? Ship? Pigeon? :D But thank you, Royal Mail - at least it arrive! :) Tempted to write "no thanks to the insufficient postage" but the sender might slaughter me. Ha!

Anyway, to sum my thoughts, I've actually wrote this in my status in Facebook. Here are the responses I got from my friends:

"Not bad still boleh sampai..."

"Bah! Everyone else I sent it too got it ages ago! Don't blame the sender... standard postage wan! Bah." (It's obvious who wrote this comment. :P)

"haha yup... i wonder what kind of alternative service is that? cheaper but so many many days difference... by ship?"

"Probably surface mail, or by sea.."

"ha..mine is from italy...nearer from uk...that's why arrive much earlier!"

"yes...favouritism against D only! we all so normal...only you are so special! ha...actually....u r the 1st person who have that stamp on the postcard that i know of..."

Any of you experienced this before?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Movie Review: The Ugly Truth

Phew.. after so long, I managed to win 4 movie preview tickets again. Yippee! Spoiler alert!

I didn't google about this movie, The Ugly Truth and only heard what the radio deejay mentioned on-air. Basically, I expected a love story /chick-flick whereby the guy (Gerard Butler) helps out the girl (Katherine Heigl) to get a guy and in the end falls for the girl.

Well, it turned out entertaining and enjoyable too. Laughter right at the very beginning with the obviously predictable ending (of course, all love story has to end well). However, I did enjoy laughing through the movie with the naughty Mike Chadway's(Gerard Butler) antics and play of words with sexual innuendos.

This is the scene where Abby (Katherine Heigl) was expected to present her ideas to the "big bosses" but she was wearing a "vibrating panty" whereby the remote control was accidentally lost and simply used by a little boy in the restaurant. Take note of her facial expression!

So watch this if you're in need of some cheeky laughter. If not, just get the DVD when it's out. It was good watching in the cinema with the others roaring with laughter though. :)

"Playing tourist" in KL

With the long weekend, I was suddenly free to play "tourist" in KL. Hence, I wanted to visit the KL Tower (as I missed the school excursion ages ago).

However, my purse protested when I found out how much it cost to go up to KL Tower. For adult, it cost RM38!! None of my fellow friends wanted to fork out that much so alas, I missed the chance to go up for the sake of going up. If we were real tourist overseas, we wouldn't have mind paying that much, but as locals, no way. The ticket includes a cultural show, F1 simulation and some other stuff. Didn't bother to check in detail because I was put off by the pricing.

I also wanted to try the double-decker bus (hop-on and hop-off bus) for RM19 (Malaysian price) but no one wanted to accompany me. Hmph!

Hence, the next destination was KLCC Aquaria. I visited it way earlier when it just opened. One of my friends have never been before so we decided to pay a visit to it again. It cost RM28 for adults (when you show your MyKad). However, if you pay with your Maybank credit card, you get a further RM4 discount, making it RM24. (cheaper than KL tower!)
It was a nice visit especially we were there in time to watch the feeding sessions. We watched the monitor lizard swallowed 3 white mice and 1 black mice. Not a sight to be watched by those who are squeamish. The other time I saw this was in Langkawi for the feeding of a python.

Another interesting part was the feeding of the piranhas. They tried to make it interesting with a competition to guess how long would the piranhas finish a squid. 3 guests were selected with answers of : 13 seconds, 14 seconds and 16 seconds. The 14 seconds guess won when actually it was around 13 seconds. The attendant pressed the stop watch a second late. My friend won an activity book and some souvenirs too as the 13 seconds-guess participant. (I noticed they chose young kids to participate - ahem)

One of the attendant there was very informative when we were at the touch-pool: 3 pool with fishes for the public to touch and not squeeze - mind you! The attendant took the time to explain each fish there and answered some questions. Was more enjoyable this way.

There was an injured reddish starfish from a kid's squeeze. Can't blame them but pity the helpless fishes! There were butterfly fish (very colourful), bamboo shark and a few other fishes I have forgotten. It was interesting to see the growth transition of bamboo shark from the egg to embryo and then a baby bamboo shark. The egg is semi-translucent; hence you can see the baby shark wiggling inside.

Other things to note are some pictures I captured to put some comments. Do visit when you have a time to support our country too! :)

Can you see its eyes?

Watson Goodies

Watson's promotional booklet is giving out free Garnier samples. Alas, only in the copies attached with the Sun newspaper on last Friday. I went to Watsons to take one booklet and later realised these samples are only given in the ones with the Sun. Not too sure if it's still giving free samples in other outlets.

However, that's not the main thing I wanted to highlighted. I managed to buy Watsons Mline boxers for RM3 each! Serious! Call me cheapskate if you want but for simple boxers or shorts, I personally find this a steal. I got the pink one (drawstring version) in other colours last time for around RM15 for 2 pairs during promotion. The other 2 pairs are with elastic waist. The drawstring version is smaller and fitted cutting compared to the elastic one. I wonder if this clearance is for all outlets or only this one. Hmm...

Sigh.. how can I go on my shopping diet? This kind of bargains is really worth while. Tsk tsk..

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

When patriotism dies

I don’t know, but National Day is merely another public holiday to me.

When you hear people answering that to the question of “What does our country’s National Day mean to you”, dear leaders of the country, don’t you feel sad? Hello?

What has a country turn into when patriotism dies? Seriously, pause for a moment and think: if patriotism only means a soldier dying for their country during a war, what about us, “normal citizen” living in the “peaceful” country? What do we do to show our loyalty and patriotism to the country?

An advertisement filmed on TV in conjunction of our National Day shows a rainy day with people waiting and getting shelter from a bus stop. Suddenly the wind blows, and the country’s flag by the road side falls onto the road in the puddle. An old man looks at the flag and turn around to check if anyone noticed it.

An approaching vehicle was coming up the road and would run over the flag. The old man couldn’t bear the thought of that; that at the last minute, he ran out in the heavy rain to grab the country’s flag from being run over. The other people just looked on.

I don’t know about you but these days, how important is that flag to you? Is it just a flag that silly motorist decorate more than a dozen on their vehicles or some overzealous person in hopes of being patriotic- making the flag into an attire (and get charged for “defaming” it)? Or perhaps just creatively singing a song about your country and become the headlines in the country?

In fact, in those days when man fought hand-in-hand for their country, victory would be attained if one could bring down the enemy’s flag. The conqueror would proudly stick the pole with his homeland’s flag on the newly conquered land. In fact, in the PSP game Patapon, if your flag-carrier,Hatapon gets killed when you army is still alive, you still lose.
Hatapon - This Patapon is the first one available to the game, and functions to rally the army together. Holds high the Patapon banner and does not participate in combat. His death, or the death of every Patapon except him, results in mission failure. Hata (旗) means "flag" in Japanese

Pray tell, where has the patriotism gone to? Is it shown in the fact that when you die tragically in a suspicious way? Is it shown through the building of “white elephant” projects which is never completed? Or is it shown through depriving the people of badly needed facilities to fill your already-flowing pockets?

Pray tell, where is patriotism when justice no longer prevails? When people do not even feel save going to a petrol station next to a police station for fear of being robbed or worse, killed? Where then, shall patriotism be when people don’t care anymore? Where?

(All situations are vaguely pointed to some cases I read in the newspaper some time back.)

Finger pointing, cover-ups, denials, scapegoats, injustice, everything! *throws hands up in frustration*

What does patriotism means to me?

It means that I am proud to be the citizen of the country. It means I can feel safe in my homeland. It means I can proudly invite other people from elsewhere to my save “haven”. It means “home”. Alas, that’s only a silly naïve girls dream as the haze comes over to choke our dying and blinded society in this haven for thieves, robbers and murderers.

Gosh, how I miss Yasmin Ahmad's Petronas advertisement....

In the meantime, I forgot the 3 days special for 31% discount off for Baskin Robbin ice-cream!! Okay.. I still have half a pint in the freezer. hehe
Happy Merdeka Day!