Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Watson Goodies

Watson's promotional booklet is giving out free Garnier samples. Alas, only in the copies attached with the Sun newspaper on last Friday. I went to Watsons to take one booklet and later realised these samples are only given in the ones with the Sun. Not too sure if it's still giving free samples in other outlets.

However, that's not the main thing I wanted to highlighted. I managed to buy Watsons Mline boxers for RM3 each! Serious! Call me cheapskate if you want but for simple boxers or shorts, I personally find this a steal. I got the pink one (drawstring version) in other colours last time for around RM15 for 2 pairs during promotion. The other 2 pairs are with elastic waist. The drawstring version is smaller and fitted cutting compared to the elastic one. I wonder if this clearance is for all outlets or only this one. Hmm...

Sigh.. how can I go on my shopping diet? This kind of bargains is really worth while. Tsk tsk..

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