Monday, September 14, 2009


I enjoy staying over at friends’ place or away from home. You literally “rest” and don’t have to worry about the little things you have to do in the house. You don’t have to think of housework like collecting the clothes in case it rain, securing the house before you sleep, clearing up your pile of unnecessary stuff in your room, feed the pets, kill the pest, etc.

It’s because you become the “guest” whereby you can literally frolic around with no worries. You sit down and chit chat with your friends and company. In fact, with the stark reality of financial constraint, it does wonders to your soul for a weekend over someone else’s place. Lol. You don’t need to plan a weekend overseas (with all the crowd and H1N1 worries).

However, since not every friend can be your host/hostess all the time, just take a short trip like to Genting Highlands (if you’re in Klang Valley) for a night. Don’t go up to the casino – just go there and relax at the hotel without doing anything.

In the meantime, I wish upon a star so bright that I will get to swim in a swimming pool now to float away the body aches and drumming headache. To hear the swish-swashing of the water as I float on the water and try not to worry about hitting the edge of the swimming pool…

Arghh.. back to work.

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