Monday, September 14, 2009

Food Review: Bak Kut Teh cravings

Despite being a Klangnite, I seldom eat bak kut teh (bkt). Seriously, as more than 75% of my time is spent working outside of Klang, I don’t have the chance to go roaming around Klang that much. It’s not that I don’t like bkt – I love it! :P But, I refrain from eating it because of its “unhealthy” feature. Ha! However, suddenly, yesterday I had a craving for bak kut teh.

The darkish, herbalish-soup with internal organs (intestines and occasionally stomach slices), pork ribs, fatty pork for those who like it, chicken leg and others (e.g. button mushroom if you opt for the claypot serving). Mmmm… Okay.. what’s the big deal? I missed eating it. That’s all.

Hence, I recalled seeing bak kut teh being sold in Heavenly Chicken Rice House, Damansara Uptown. It was a new stall besides selling the Hainanese Chicken Rice. Despite having a short lunch break (half hour only), I sprint about 5 minutes away from my office to fulfill my craving. Ha!

The claypot of bak kut teh arrived boiling hot looks quite generous with soup (wondered how much it cost) with a bowl of rice. The soup was the typical non-Klang-style and not very herbally-taste. There were the following ingredients: a few slices of button mushroom, chinese cabbage, pork rib (3 pieces), lean pork meat (3 pieces), 3 pieces of stomach and 2 pieces of intestines (if my memory served me right). It cost me RM9 for the whole meal excluding the Chinese tea I ordered.

Ratings? Fulfilled its function to end my craving as I normally don’t eat so heavy for lunch during work! Preference? Well, I do miss the thick dark soup from some shops in Klang. Must arrange for a BKT makan session soon. Anyone wants to join me? The more the merrier. :D

Somehow, I also would like to eat JB bak kut teh again as they serve with yam rice and its soup is lighter – more like herbal soup with less fatty meat. Unless anyone can direct me to a similar one in Klang Valley?

No, I’m not a traitor to Klang BKT – it’s just that I have a soft spot for herbal soup (even herbal bak kut teh soup from JB). Oh yeah, if you’re ever in Klang town, do try their “dry bak kut teh” too for a different taste. Oh no, I think I might need another round of bak kut teh. ;)

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