Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Playing tourist" in KL

With the long weekend, I was suddenly free to play "tourist" in KL. Hence, I wanted to visit the KL Tower (as I missed the school excursion ages ago).

However, my purse protested when I found out how much it cost to go up to KL Tower. For adult, it cost RM38!! None of my fellow friends wanted to fork out that much so alas, I missed the chance to go up for the sake of going up. If we were real tourist overseas, we wouldn't have mind paying that much, but as locals, no way. The ticket includes a cultural show, F1 simulation and some other stuff. Didn't bother to check in detail because I was put off by the pricing.

I also wanted to try the double-decker bus (hop-on and hop-off bus) for RM19 (Malaysian price) but no one wanted to accompany me. Hmph!

Hence, the next destination was KLCC Aquaria. I visited it way earlier when it just opened. One of my friends have never been before so we decided to pay a visit to it again. It cost RM28 for adults (when you show your MyKad). However, if you pay with your Maybank credit card, you get a further RM4 discount, making it RM24. (cheaper than KL tower!)
It was a nice visit especially we were there in time to watch the feeding sessions. We watched the monitor lizard swallowed 3 white mice and 1 black mice. Not a sight to be watched by those who are squeamish. The other time I saw this was in Langkawi for the feeding of a python.

Another interesting part was the feeding of the piranhas. They tried to make it interesting with a competition to guess how long would the piranhas finish a squid. 3 guests were selected with answers of : 13 seconds, 14 seconds and 16 seconds. The 14 seconds guess won when actually it was around 13 seconds. The attendant pressed the stop watch a second late. My friend won an activity book and some souvenirs too as the 13 seconds-guess participant. (I noticed they chose young kids to participate - ahem)

One of the attendant there was very informative when we were at the touch-pool: 3 pool with fishes for the public to touch and not squeeze - mind you! The attendant took the time to explain each fish there and answered some questions. Was more enjoyable this way.

There was an injured reddish starfish from a kid's squeeze. Can't blame them but pity the helpless fishes! There were butterfly fish (very colourful), bamboo shark and a few other fishes I have forgotten. It was interesting to see the growth transition of bamboo shark from the egg to embryo and then a baby bamboo shark. The egg is semi-translucent; hence you can see the baby shark wiggling inside.

Other things to note are some pictures I captured to put some comments. Do visit when you have a time to support our country too! :)

Can you see its eyes?

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