Friday, December 26, 2008

Sitting view during the PC Fair

While waiting for my bf to get some attention from the salesperson during the PC fair recently...
This is in the 1st hall.. if it was in the other halls, I wouldn't even have a place to sit and snap a picture like this.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am a disgruntled consumer

Yes, I am a consumer. I am a disgruntled consumer when annoyed or provoked. Think this will be my 3rd entry on making a complaint.

Take for example, today, after receiving the umpteenth time of SMSes from my phone provider on so-called promotion with other businesses e.g. gym, retails and restaurant, I decided to give the hotline a call. The call went something like this. I cannot remember the exact words.

*Mxis operator: Hello, this is *******, may I help you?
Me : Yes, you may. Can Mxis please stop sending me annoying sms on promotion and freebies?
Mxis operator : When did you receive the sms?
Me : I have just received one just before I called you.
Mxis operator : What is the sms about?
Me : It is about a free trial usage with *Tru fitnes. I have already deleted that sms. Can you please stop sending the smses?

Mxis operator : Yes, you have to go to the Mxis Customer Centre to do that.
Me : You mean I can’t do it through the phone? I can’t do it through Mxis hotline?
Mxis operator : I’m sorry, ma’am. You can’t.
Me : You mean I have to wait someday when I am free and go all the way to Mxis Customer Centre to ask them to stop sending SMSes to me?
Mxis operator : Well, ma’am, we can put a request for you.
Me : How long would that take?
Mxis operator : 3 working days.
Me : Please go ahead and do so.
Mxis operator : Ok.
There was a silent pause.

Me : Please do it now.
Mxis operator : Ok ma’am. Please hold on. After a few minutes and confirmation of my personal details…

Mxis operator : All right ma’am, you should not be getting those SMSes within 2 working days.
If you still do, you can contact us.
Me : Does this mean if I still get any SMSes from Mxis, I should call you on the 19th Dec, this Friday?
Mxis operator : Yes.
Me : Ok.
Mxis operator : Is there anything else I can do for you?
Me : No, that’s all.
Mxis operator : Thank you for calling Mxis hotline….

Hence, the lesson I learnt, I have to be assertive and a tinge of upset/angry to get something done.

If I were not so, I would have stupidly find a time to go to Mxis Customer Centre in person and queue up to meet a Customer Service person to get some service which will not be guaranteed; based on my last experience with them.

In fact, sometimes, the server is down, or the person will direct you to the main Customer Service Centre all the way to the centre of Kuala Lumpur. Sometimes, they don’t understand you, or sometimes they don’t want to help you.

Sometimes, life just isn’t fair especially if you don’t have deep wallets and huge vaults in the bank. If you were one of these people, customer service would give you a nice comfy chair and smile sweetly at you while ignoring the “poor” customers just to give you VIP service too. Not being prejudice to the rich but just stating the blunt fact of human kind.

Meanwhile, lets see if I still receive any of those SMSes…

p.s. I have 2 strikes against this service provider. This will be the 3rd strike but I am too lazy to change provider… yet.

*Real names are modified for obvious reasons

Personality does matter

The screen of Amazing Race Asia Season 3 ended sometime back with the Hong Kong guys winning the race, followed by the Philippines couple and then the Malaysian mums.

Every season, there will be a favourite team and also a detestable team. Afterall, it is a race for 100,000 US Dollars. Some teams will show their fangs at each other or have internal battle. Some will be luck enough to go on smoothly with a little bicker.

The Philippines couple was the non-popular team this time by being the only team who used the “Yield” option to cause another team (Malaysian team) to wait 15 minutes before proceeding with the race and the “U-turn” option to cause another team (Singapore team) to redo another challenge of 2 options. Boooo!

In fact, personally, I also got annoyed with Geoff when in one leg of the race; Geoff used a whistle to call a taxi directly to the person’s face. Helo? Can’t you just call him with your voice instead of whistling away as if the driver is an animal? That is just plain rude.

In fact, he also annoyed the rest of the team when they showed the girls pitying Tisha for such a rude boyfriend. However, it was wasted on Tisha as she didn’t appreciate their complaints and told them off. She declared she has no problem with Geoff and is used to him.

Anyway, recently, my friend sighted the Philippines team in Chatuchak Market. She quickly asked me to take a look to see if they were really who there were. I glimpsed Geoff and Tisha from behind and their side profile as they disappeared into the crowd in the market. Looks like them to me (after watching the Amazing Race Asia)

“Why didn’t you stop them or get their autograph or photograph or something?” I asked.

My friend looked at me oddly and said, “For what? I don’t like them.”

Well, I don’t really like them but they were on television for weeks and they nearly win… She just looked at me with eyes, which says: “You crazy ar? For what?”

I related that incident to my bf and he scolded me.
“Why would you want to take picture with them?”

Again, he gave me a look which read, “Crazy ar? Why would you want to do that for?”

In other words, personality does matter. If you are a celebrity or if you somehow won the money prize, people won’t like you if you acted horribly and treated people around you disrespectfully.

Hence, if it was the Survivors reality program, they would have been voted off the race! ;)

Tribal council

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chestnut roasting on the open fire...

Tis the season to be jolly... sha la la la la, la la la la...

Yes, it's Christmas time again.

Wow... time sure flies. I thought I celebrated Christmas recently. Another year passed by ever so quickly.

I start to ask myself...
What have I accomplished? *peeking at my 2008 new year's resolution* Err..
Have I even accomplished anything?
What was the most significant and memorable moment that has happened to me?
Then I think about Christmas and shove all these aside.
As the Christmas trees and decoration go up, merry people get busy shopping for Christmas presents. Shopping malls perk up with festive events to boost sales. Everyone seems happy and jolly with the numerous holidays creeping up. It's like magic! A bubble temporarily covers everyone in a joyous mood just for this festive season.

A note to myself, this will last for a few weeks and when 2009 comes about, everyone will sober up and dread another year of uncertainty and the unpaid credit card bills from overshopping at the end of the year.

However, good to know, January brings Chinese New Year and the happy bubble will last another month before February kicks in with reality.

In the mean time, do you really know what Christmas really mean? No, it's not about Santa Claus giving present to good little boys and girls. No, it's not about Christmas trees or reindeer.

It's suppose to remind us of the time Jesus Christ our saviour was born.
Who is He? Go and google yourself or just drop me a message! :p

Sunday, December 07, 2008

My love rival

My bf has a new love. How can I compete with her?

She is slim, sleek and young.
She brings the entire world to him.
She gives him access to places I can never do.
She is sought after by most men and some women too!

Her name? She is known as Apple's new 3G Iphone.

What were you thinking? :p

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Shopping collection

Latest trip...

New recruit

Take a look at the newest members of Piggylot army! Specially flown in from Chatuchak Market...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nick of time

It was Tuesday (25 Nov 2008) in the afternoon, my friends and I were delayed from arriving the airport. The traffic was congested despite using the toll highway. The worse was the road right before the airport. More than 5 lanes squeezing into one lane. Why?

"Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport, located 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from central Bangkok, was closed Tuesday after members of the People's Alliance for Democracy sealed off roads and stormed the main facility. The airport, a major hub for connecting flights throughout the region, is one of the busiest in Southeast Asia."

Our flight was at 6pm. We left our hotel around 2.15 pm and finally reached around almost 4pm. Thankfully, we left the hotel earlier and reached in time to the airport despite the delay.

My friends and I saw the crowd in yellow t-shirts crowding at the road. The rows of police in armour were blocking partial of the road in preparation for the protest. We never expected it to become so serious with the closure of the airport.
In fact, on Monday morning, I saw the headlines on a protest in Bangkok and quickly asked the hotel people where it was. The bellboy reassured me we weren't near that area. So we happily left for the floating market that day.

On Tuesday morning, we went to the tourist areas to visit the famous temples in Bangkok. In fact, we took a "tuk-tuk" ride from the Golden Mount to the Royal Grand Palace. The "tuk-tuk" driver happily / intentionally brought us to the wrong destination i.e. to Anantasamakhom Throne Hall instead. The road towards there was blocked with about 1-metre-high of tyres
We should have known something was up...

Anyhow, I thank God for arranging everything somehow for my friends and I to leave Bangkok in the nick of time. If not just a few more hours difference, we would still be stranded there and all our family members will be worried sick. Not to mentioned, Miss C says that we might get banned from travelling onwards.

In the mean time, Thank You God for Your divine protection. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I didn't really grow up as child, fancying some famous singer or Brat Pitt or Tom Cruise. Somehow, I grew up not worshiping any idol figure with a very practical look at life. I asked myself if I got a chance to change anything about myself then, there is nothing I would wish for. (Now I might wish for less fat and less laziness.. haha)

However, I am always amazed with real-life stories of how much a person can accomplished when the whole world looks down at him/her.

Here I take Ms. Beatrice Potter as an example. (I just watch the movie Miss Potter... and didn't read her biography - Yes, I am child of the TV generation)
At an era where women are frowned upon to be independent and unmarried, she proved to herself and everyone that life is not always conforming to the norm. In her world of sketches of the little friends she has around her, her dreams have breathed live to the Tales of Peter Rabbit which is still well-loved by children today after more than 100 over years later.
Take a look of this beloved tale and book in this website.

Wow... Never knew behind this lovely drawings lies a women with big dreams.

In fact, they credited her to be "A woman ahead of her time, she saw the potential in her most famous character creating the first patented soft toy in 1903, making Peter Rabbit the oldest licensed character. Not only that, she left an astounding legacy of stories, characters, art and unspoiled landscape to the world."

Hence, how often does a movie glorify and celebrate the quieter characters in real life? We get super-size poster and mega advertising for fictionalised heroes like Lara Croft or James Bond.

Why can't the hoo-haa for them be equivalent to everyday heroes?

One, the everyday heroes are not as pretty, sexy or good-looking.
Two, it might not sell as good as fictionalised superheroes who always steal the limelight.

In the end, somehow, our lives are impacted by the many quiet people at the background but still, the loud-mouthed (most likely, empty can) person in fronts is remembered by all.


Still, I applaud that finally some producers and script writers are taking up the step to push for the lives of everyday heroes like Erin Brockovinch to be known and inspired. :)

(At least, these movies compel me to google and find out more of what they actually did and if the storyline that the movies portray is true or false)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Homeless Creatures...

My dad only allowed me to get a mermaid. *rolling my eyes* My mum only allowed adopted pets – hence I couldn’t buy.

OK-lah.. I have resorted to a pillow or a cuddly plush toy. Or not, I could always bully my bf for hugs. Nahhh… he’s too skinny. Although, I noticed he is gaining more fat… hmmm…got potential.

Anyway, I found some interesting pet adoption links which I check on and off. There are many unwanted pets around; even pedigree. Sad to think that people like me who want a pet can’t have one, but those with pets, just abandon them.

I noticed that there are more people taking effort in rescuing the pets and rehoming them. Although, if you’re not their friend, I noticed it’s hard for you to get a chance to adopt the pet.

This site has a good range of information on dog. Their adoption posting is worth taking a look if you prefer to adopt a dog for RM500 and below. However, you need to register to be a member to take a look at the adoption thread.

The cats equivalent can be found at


This site is more popular as it is open to public. I noticed pets get adopted really quickly. If you need to part with some over-multiplied hamsters, you can post them for adoption here. There are always people who are eyeing for pets although, I cannot guarantee if they will be well treated. :P It’s a risk everyone takes.


This website is also open to public. Some adoption is valid but some is a trick. Caution especially should be taken when there are free teacup terrier yorkie or bulldogs. They are overseas and make you pay some amount of money for the shipping of the dogs. Then later I read somewhere, they’ll disappear with your money and obviously no dogs.

I tried emailing a few and got immediate response. They normally send emails like this:

hello, thanks very much for the mail.
the puppies including shipments will cost just $385 but for those who can not come and pick up the puppies from our home here in Nevada,Love Lock,would have to pay for the shipments of the babies.
We would also need your full contact such as

full names
nearest airport
phone numbers
home address if you will prefer the puppies to be delivered at your home.

We would have to get the dogs registered for shipments and the airlines will contact you for the delivery,but you are the one to pay for the shipments of the puppies.
for the shipping fee now we do not yet know but i have to inquire about that for you did not need to worry since you are going to get the babies soon.

This site does not only advertise for pets but for other items as well.
I am quite confused about this site. I am not sure of the authenticity of the sellers sometimes. Adoption is also like I mentioned above; from overseas. In fact, the samples of email I have shown above is to the “adopters” in this website.


This site shows pets for adoption. The owner of the site itself house these homeless pets and delicately brings some of them to Hartamas Shopping Centre, Plaza Damas every Saturday from 12 noon to 5 pm. Do drop by if you ever feel the urge to share a home and love to all these homeless pets. :) She does feature some of her pets under my too.


If all fails, try your luck at SPCA and hope one of those homeless pets will steal your heart and charm you to bring it home! :)

Yes, I want a puppy or a dog. A kitten will do too. Since I can’t, I continue to visit pet shops and websites like this. After all, the worse I could do is play with my virtual pets in Facebook. Ha! Unless, by some miracle, I can catch a mermaid!! :p

Monday, November 03, 2008


I booked a flight to Krabi, Thailand with my friend in September this year. We booked it on the day there were unrest in Thailand (we were not aware of it as we didn't bother to read newspaper that day - serves us right!! :p).

Later on, I decided not to go and tried to cancel the booking with the airlines, AA to get back some refund.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get through to the airline either through the call centre, e-mail or even going to their sales agent. They can't possibly expect me to drive all the way to LCCT (where their headoffice was) to enquire on this?? (The toll, petrol and time spent to go all the way there with no guarantee of any service? Nahhh)

Therefore, today I wrote this letter based on the e-mail addresses given from the website (this is the second e-mail I have written to them on this issue).

Dear Mr. *** and ***,

Non-responsive Call Centre

I have tried numerously to contact AA from any time of the day, before my flight to cancel and make changes a few weeks before my flight. However no one from the call centre answered any of my calls.

Non-responsive E-mail and non-committed Staff
In fact, I even tried emailing AA. My email as shown below was replied with an auto reply to try calling the call centre instead. (Details of my flight can be found at the end of this email)

My friend was not properly informed the procedure when she went to AA KL Sentral to cancel the flight. (I have explained it in my email as shown below)

Please clarify on the procedure my friend and I should take in canceling a flight which has passed since we could not contact any AA representative during the few weeks prior to the flight based on the non-responsive call centre, e-mail and non-commited staff.

Procedures for Cancelling Flight
Please clarify on these two procedures I am told about.

1. I read in the newspaper last year, if we did not take the flight, we will be refunded the airport tax since we did not use the airport.

2. I am told that if I cannot utilise the flight, the money will be converted to credit with AA which I could be used to book other flights in future.

Please clear our confusions and disappointment with AA's service as we do not want to be forced to put your carrier in our black list.


(I love my last sentence on putting the airline carrier in my black list... hahaha)

I sent that e-mail at 11.30 a.m.

At 4p.m., I received a call from the carrier AA. They called to inform they have received my e-mail and will process the refund of the airport tax which was RM25 for departure flight and RM43 for the return flight. Then they will minus RM10 for administrative fees and refund me a total of RM58 each passenger.

Sigh, better than nothing I guess. The lady who called me was not very polite. She did not actually introduce herself but just mentioned she was from AA. I had to query her a lot to get all my explanation. Apparently item 2 in my letter of converting the money paid to this airline to credit only applies to flights canceled by them.

Hence, I guess persistence shows results. After all those effort in October, I finally got a result in a little refund. Hope the money will reach me within 30 working days through a rebate to my credit card as promised by the lady on the phone.

Another period of waiting and pondering if that will happen. Well, let's leave it to Him to take care of it as He always has. :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Falling down

The dreaded sharp declining line is here.
The drop of share markets and currency worldwide has created panic and tumbling effects in every country. Construction has slowed down or stopped for some. People are losing money in paper. Billionaires become millionaires over night.

That’s the global condition. Let’s now zoom into condition of this individual known as the blogger -me!

On Tuesday, I happily arrived work early because there was less traffic congestion. Since it was a long weekend, some people were still on holidays, I thought. I happily decided to withdraw some money from the bank to deposit into my other savings account, lest I decided to spend unnecessarily. After all, it was the end of the month; this month’s paycheck should have been banked in.

The Malay lady selling "nasi lemak" was around. A few early office workers were getting some breakfast and some were going to the bank to do some banking or withdrawing too.

There was gravel in front of the bank with 150mm high curb. I stepped over in and stepped onto my pants. I nearly fall flat on my face.

Thankfully I braced myself with one knee and two palms. (no.. not kungfu stunt)

I got up and pretended nothing happened. I continued walking to the bank to withdraw some money. I coolly walked back to my car and drove off.

That’s my “falling down” incident. Not on my shares’ value dropping down; although my unit trust I bought at 25 cents is now worth 14 cents and below.

It’s ironic. I was merely physically transferring money from one bank to another. Never realized how “dangerous” it could be for someone as clumsy as me. Not to forget embarrassing!! Once I nearly tripped down in the corridor in front of my office there too. Or I really did trip? Forgot… (some people have selected memory..)

I merely scrapped my left knees (picture of it below) and also my 70% discounted court shoes. (luckily discounted shoes… haha) My slacks were amazingly not damaged. My 2-month-pregnant colleague commented if it was her, there will be more bleeding because of her pregnancy. *shudder* Don’t want to think of that.

Therefore, I think my bf will have an “I –told-you-so” attitude. He will ask me to fork up the RM2 for transfer fees online instead of the hassle of transferring personally. But, I told him, the banks are hardly few minutes’ walking distance away and of course, it is good exercise to walk around!! Why give the bank more money!?!

Sigh, so as the world market and big giant financial institution come falling down, a simple individual like me just falls down at getting some moolahs.

How embarrassing and insignificant this may sound but my physical flesh and pride was bruised. Hence I amplified it here. Why ar? Silly woman.. :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

White and red season

Here, it is infused with the white weddings from the western culture and the traditional Chinese red weddings of luck and customs.”

My friends have started the ball rolling and the season of attending wedding dinner is here. For this year itself, I have 6 weddings to attend (Attended 3 already). Next year so far, there are 2 confirmed dinners too and suspected a few more.

I recalled at incident with my older course mate who was at my age now, a few years back. She was telling me almost every weekend, she had weddings to attend. I was like so puzzled. Now I know... It is just around the age most women settle down in our culture.

Sometimes we get so busy with attending all these dinners. Then I remember it is their special day; the day of a girl’s dream of lovely white lace and delicious cream cakes with her love of her life. She dreams the perfect wedding to the smallest details and hopes for her prince charming to lead her to a blissful married life together.

However it is she will be very busy and occupied on her special day.

We can just support her and wish her all the best. Take lovely pictures and drink toast to their happiness. And of course, bully the groom’s best men to do silly stunts at the very start before we hand over the bride to the groom. Ha! Ha! The reason for this custom is explained here.

Therefore, to me, weddings are a celebration of the declaration of two different individuals committed to be a team together in marriage. A commitment to love, comfort, honour and protect the other, and forsaking all others, to be faithful to your partner as long as you both shall live. The Marriage Vows.

The famous vow used in movies is this: "To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer,till death do us part."

I toast to you “Mistletoe” to a long, loving and “fruitful” marriage to the man of your dreams. May you mature out of your innocent youth to the beautiful supportive women you can be as he takes your hand in marriage.

Take note specifically to the word “fruitful” as in I need little flower girls or a little boy for a ring bearer for my wedding in future. :P

Be patient, kind and loving and fret not when it gets exasperating, for two individuals will be different. It takes the patience from an understanding mature woman to hold firmly on to her believes and subtly nudge her partner towards the success she sees in him. ;p

After all, the phrase “behind every successful man lies a woman” doesn’t come out of from nowhere. Have a blessed marriage together, my dear friend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Special Occasion

How do you celebrate a special occasion?

A special meal i.e. candle-light dinner?
An expensive posh fine dining?
A special outing to a nice romantic spot?
A special trip to somewhere memorable?
A luxurious gift to commemorate the day?
Throw a pie at the face? :p

Sigh. I am having the “ideas” blues. I am giving myself a hard time to think of doing something special for a special someone’s day. *ahem*

Obviously, it will go unappreciated but I am the type of person who likes to take this opportunity to celebrate birthdays (usually not mine.. but others.)

I cannot throw a surprise party to someone who is not sporting. Besides, no venue to hold it and I don’t have all his friends’ contact.

I cannot buy something nice for someone because I did once, and he literally didn’t accept and gave it back to me. I learned to drag that person to the shop and ask him to choose himself or at least agree on what I choose, albeit reluctantly.

I cannot buy what he desires because it is WAY above my budget and not practical for his age. You know-lah- Guy’s IT gadgets…. Never-ending upgrades, never lasting (obsolete the next day) yet it is a “must-have”!!
Even though he has another version of it, it’s always a “MUST HAVE” to get the latest one… (rolling my eyes)

Hence, how do you show your appreciation to someone on this special occasion? Alas, I resort to handmade stuff and hope he’ll like it.

“I am not a cheapskate but I haven’t anymore ideas what to get for you!!”

Oh well; in the meantime, enjoy being an "older man" with creaking bones and squiggly wrinkly lines all over your face. MUAHAHAHAHA! (evil laugh)

Happy birthday, my dearest! Hope you liked the pre-birthday lunch of porky! :p

Food review
Ms A recommended this place to have our mini-cheese party. I decided to check out the place at the last minute first for this special lunch.

I only googled it this morning to choose the dishes. I ordered the wrong appetiser which was supposed to be the "Caramelised roast pork" which now I found out it's actually "caramelised siew yok" as reviewed here.

Quite delectable dishes. The appetisers: The sauteed mushrooms is ok-la; nothing to shout about while the deep fried pork strips was a nice snack with its dip.

The main course: the BBQ pork ribs has the extra zest from the lemon but it was little "chau ta"/overcooked. Of course, we finished it clean minus some sauce and veggies. My bf only praised the mashed potato.

I had to try "tiramisu" because of its interesting description. Ermm.. something about finger biscuits soaked in somesort of cheese and liqour with coffee on top. (Sorry I cannot remember the description). It was all right, not too rich but again, nothing to kill for. :p

Over all, the meal was all right. We were the only one there for lunch Perhaps if we were to visit it in the evening with the crowd and ambience plus no limited time (lunch time), the magic of the place might seduced us to praise the food further. But I have yet to try the cheese platter!! Next!

Haircut Horror Part 1

I felt like going for a haircut since it has grown rather long. The last time I had a haircut; it turned out to be a horrible mullet with puffy crown. It was not cheap since I did it right before a festive holiday: Chinese New Year.
Plus, my colleagues had a good laugh whenever they looked at me then. Not to mentioned my bf who smartly commented that I look like MacGyver.... *grumble*

Yes, I have all sort of haircut stories to share with you since I have tried a varied of hairstylist of different ages in many different locations.

Let us start with the latest.

Actually I was quite aghast by the “professional treatment”. I received 3 insults and a quick cut.

1st insult
I told him I did not want a hairstyle which would require a lot of effort as he was suggesting a style which requires some wax to make the hair stay at certain angle. I admitted I was lazy for such a hassle and the hairstylist replied, “I can see that.” (Ouch…)

2nd insult
While consulting me on the right hairstyle for me, he commented that some people’s forehead didn’t turn out well, so cannot have certain hairstyle….. (Ouch)

3rd insult
The hairstylist showed me a haircut in the magazine which he proudly claimed was done by him. He said, “I can give you the same haircut. The girl’s face is chubby, you know.” (The hairstyle didn't show that she has a chubby face. (OUCH! ….)

What more can I say?

After a few snips in a few minutes, he left me to entertain other customers without saying a word.

He snip the over-thin end of my hairs a little. Then he gave me a new look by giving me a side part and snip it a little. And that was it!

Oh yeah, he did mentioned if I maintained my middle-parting hair, it'll look like I'm balding when I get older.. *Ouch*.. Unless of course, you look like these women...

Oohh, I found an interesting article on the meaning of parting your hair here.

That is my RM45 professional haircut plus wash and a little head cum neck massage.

Not to forget RM8 for using special shampoo since I have oily scalp. That makes it RM53.

Conclusion, my friend said he is a professional that is why it was quick. But did I really deserve those insults? Even though it is true but you don’t have to be so rude and hurtful to the customer! *sniff*

Other than that, the shampoo girl was thoughtful and nice while pushing products to me. (All hair saloons do that).

After both their complaints on my oily scalp, I decided to drop by Shins and grab a bottle of balancing shampoo in hopes of balancing the oil in my scalp to reduce the oiliness of my hair. (Mind you, RM66 bottle of shampoo all the way from Italy.)

And that’s just a day of hair care which cost me RM119. Thankfully, I wasn’t talked into having a hair treatment yet.

Therefore, my friend, how can I have "perfect-in-place well-groomed hair"? I shall try...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


How do you define beauty?

At first glance of a person, where do you look at? His eyes? Her hair? Her chest? His smile? Her legs? His butt?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Very true, in fact it is a subjective description. But majority will agree on a beauty when she passes by.

Personally, to me, a person can be strikingly seen as beautiful if he or she fulfills these basic requirements.

1. Healthy, glowing, blemish-free skin.
2. Perfect-in-place well-groomed hair
3. Attractive facial features enhanced with makeup
4. Smartly dress and killer shoes
5. Little details in well chosen accessories

What do you think of that? It does make sense right?

I like the impression given by impeccably dressed individuals. That's why lawyers look smart. Despite knowing this, I can’t seem to apply it to myself.

I have been working in a laid back office and have been a little too shabby these days.

Perhaps I should follow this list of mine to look at. I’ll separate it out in 5 different entries which explains the works of it later.

In the meantime, everyone will agree this is Beauty. :p

As in "Beauty" or Belle, from Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Monday, October 13, 2008

BearS BearS

Never really fancied plush toys to the max except little adorable ones or collector's item (i.e. my little Gizmo plush toy all the way from the US... thank you, Siew Li!!); unlike Ms. C and her inseparable collection of "Forever Friends" bears... ;)

(Oh yeah, Gizmo is the adorable creature from the movie Gremlins who will turn into the hideous Gremlin-monster if it is fed with food after midnight).

Hence, I was quite surprised when I found the Paddington bear, which is available in Guardian pharmacy appealing to me. I can always remember Paddington bear in his blue trench coat and red hat. :)

Guardian, a pharmacy outlet were doing promotion to entice customers to spend more money again by spending a certain amount to collect stamps. RM25 per stamp to be exact. You could own a Paddington bear for free after collecting certain amount of stamps. This bear collection is in conjunction with its 50th year anniversary.

The bear I was eyeing cost 45 stamps or 20 stamps and roughly RM45. I somehow managed to get enough stamps with my mum buying some toiletries and opted the second option. Hence, I bought myself a Paddington bear today!

I would have preferred the one with his trademark blue trench coat and red hat but it was a little small to my liking. This bear is 16" high unlike the other which is only 12".

Don't know what got into me. :)

Next, I bought a Roly Bear from Hallmark. I couldn't google much info on this bear but the salesgirl in the shop did mentioned that this bear is from the states. It is the only standing bear available as the body is made of foam and there are bean chips (like in the bean bag) in its feet.

However, the reason I bought it was because it has a little feature which reminds me of someone else's. It has a nicely round foamy tush. Ha! I bought it for that person who ungratefully didn't accept the gift. So it stands proudly on my table with its little tush out. :)

Therefore, I might fall for plush toys for different reasons. Though not the entire collection but one or two meaningful ones!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The “Wicked Witch” of the Administration Department

Imagination running wild…

Say, you’re “little Dorothy”. You just arrived in a strange place.
You’re no longer at home in Kansas anymore.
You’re at work.

At work, you meet all sorts of characters from the “Cowardly Lion” to the “Heartless Robot”.

But worse, there’s the “Wicked Witch” of the Admin. Department who picks and torments you with unnecessary self-made rules which the bosses didn’t say anything about. (FYI, the elderly office secretary).

E.g. I am not allowed to have my client consultants meeting in the office’s meeting room. She even told my client off that the office’s meeting room is always occupied. (In truth, the meeting room is used once a day or none.)

I didn’t need her to make any drinks for the guest or even clear the meeting room after my meeting. I even asked permission directly from the boss to use the room since the client wanted the meeting there.

My boss told me everyone can use the meeting room but we just have to book it. I did book the room but she didn't even let me book the room, unless I personally ask the boss myself. This has been happening for a year.

Sigh.. the client is not even mine.. it is the office’s!! Sheeeeshhh… I was merely doing my job!

Therefore, sometimes I just wish I could sing this song..

"The wind began to switch - the house to pitch
and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch.
Just then the Witch - to satisfy an itch
went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch"

And oh, what happened then was rich.
The house began to pitch.
The kitchen took a slitch.
It landed on the Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch,
Which was not a healthy situation for the Wicked Witch.

The house began to pitch. The kitchen took a slitch.
It landed on the Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch,
Which was not a healthy situation for the Wicked Witch.
Who began to twitch and was reduced to just a stitch of what was once the Wicked Witch."

The song can be found in this clip from The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland. Enjoy!

Then, you wish you can just click your ruby slippers together 2 times and say, “There’s no place like home” and magically, "puff", you are safely back home.

Take note, this does not mean I wish harm on the "wicked witch" mentioned here. But, sometimes, the emotions of dissatisfaction and puzzlement of such a treatment makes me go "Arggghh.." Especially when it happens all the time!! (It must be the works of a secret society to torment me..)

Anyway, thinking of this little musical makes me laugh and forget about the disappointed treatment I received from this person who I thought was a friend.

Oh well... then I sing this little tune and grin. :)
"The house began to pitch. The kitchen took a slitch.
It landed on the Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch.."

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

God's Grace

I didn't quite understand this term at first. I thought it only meant the general blessing we receive daily.

Then, in my BSF homework, it discussed about the Parable of the Talents.

"Talent" here is not meant literally the natural abilities we have but the weigh of goods in different amounts to the servants in this parables.

Take note, this is my own reinterpretation.

There were 3 servants who were given different goods by their master, as follows in order: 5 talents, 2 talents and 1 talents.

The first 2 servant put the money to work and gained back double the original amount. The last servant went off and dug a hole in the ground and hid the master's money without doing anything with it.

When the master returned and met up with all the servants, he was pleased with the first two faithful servants and rewarded them with higher responsibilities. However, the master was displeased with the last servant and took the 1 talent and gave it to the first servant with 10 talents.

(Refer to Matthew 25:14-29)

Hebrew 12:15 says "See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many." (NIV)

Hence, personally, I felt the one-talent man missed God's grace from his distrust and perhaps bitterness rooted within him. He did not trust God's grace to increase the talent and in fear, he hid the money in the ground.

His lack of faith has robbed him of God's grace and blessings.

In this case, I think sometimes we must take that leap of faith and believe in Christ. If not, we will never experience His grace and whatever "treasures" we have will still be buried in the ground or worse, taken away...

Therefore, Carpe Diem!

Take this moment now to tell God that you really believe in Him and invite Him into your life.

You will never regret it as you experience the peace, love and God's grace! :)

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