Friday, October 31, 2008

Falling down

The dreaded sharp declining line is here.
The drop of share markets and currency worldwide has created panic and tumbling effects in every country. Construction has slowed down or stopped for some. People are losing money in paper. Billionaires become millionaires over night.

That’s the global condition. Let’s now zoom into condition of this individual known as the blogger -me!

On Tuesday, I happily arrived work early because there was less traffic congestion. Since it was a long weekend, some people were still on holidays, I thought. I happily decided to withdraw some money from the bank to deposit into my other savings account, lest I decided to spend unnecessarily. After all, it was the end of the month; this month’s paycheck should have been banked in.

The Malay lady selling "nasi lemak" was around. A few early office workers were getting some breakfast and some were going to the bank to do some banking or withdrawing too.

There was gravel in front of the bank with 150mm high curb. I stepped over in and stepped onto my pants. I nearly fall flat on my face.

Thankfully I braced myself with one knee and two palms. (no.. not kungfu stunt)

I got up and pretended nothing happened. I continued walking to the bank to withdraw some money. I coolly walked back to my car and drove off.

That’s my “falling down” incident. Not on my shares’ value dropping down; although my unit trust I bought at 25 cents is now worth 14 cents and below.

It’s ironic. I was merely physically transferring money from one bank to another. Never realized how “dangerous” it could be for someone as clumsy as me. Not to forget embarrassing!! Once I nearly tripped down in the corridor in front of my office there too. Or I really did trip? Forgot… (some people have selected memory..)

I merely scrapped my left knees (picture of it below) and also my 70% discounted court shoes. (luckily discounted shoes… haha) My slacks were amazingly not damaged. My 2-month-pregnant colleague commented if it was her, there will be more bleeding because of her pregnancy. *shudder* Don’t want to think of that.

Therefore, I think my bf will have an “I –told-you-so” attitude. He will ask me to fork up the RM2 for transfer fees online instead of the hassle of transferring personally. But, I told him, the banks are hardly few minutes’ walking distance away and of course, it is good exercise to walk around!! Why give the bank more money!?!

Sigh, so as the world market and big giant financial institution come falling down, a simple individual like me just falls down at getting some moolahs.

How embarrassing and insignificant this may sound but my physical flesh and pride was bruised. Hence I amplified it here. Why ar? Silly woman.. :P


wennie said...

That's a pretty badly scrapped knee u got there. Your slacks must be very good quality.

Joyce C. said...

You wouldn't believe it when you see my slacks... it's from cheesecloth. You have to look closely to see the slightly deformed part.

In other words, it is practically a scratch.