Saturday, October 04, 2008

My own Charmz..

Last month, I was into charm bracelets. Nowadays, when I go out, I noticed charms everywhere. In fact, here in Bt. Tinggi Aeon Jusco itself has 3 or more outlets selling them as bracelets, necklaces, etc. I bought myself the chair charm to complete my very own Charmz Bracelet.

Here it is. Simple and cheaper than buying one. Although I can't vouch the quality of the silver like some of the sellers do. It cost me below RM35 to make this. The chair and heart charms were the most expensive. The key and lock charm was reasonably priced. Sorry about the poor photography though.

Last time, I bought 3 pairs of earrings for RM10. There was this particular earrings which I didn't like and was thinking of giving away. It was just all beady and too "plasticy".

As if a brilliant idea came about, I mutilated it and added some feather charms I bought the other day to it. Below is my first pair of earring creation.

How is it? I should have taken a before-and-after picture of it. Too bad..

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