Monday, October 13, 2008

BearS BearS

Never really fancied plush toys to the max except little adorable ones or collector's item (i.e. my little Gizmo plush toy all the way from the US... thank you, Siew Li!!); unlike Ms. C and her inseparable collection of "Forever Friends" bears... ;)

(Oh yeah, Gizmo is the adorable creature from the movie Gremlins who will turn into the hideous Gremlin-monster if it is fed with food after midnight).

Hence, I was quite surprised when I found the Paddington bear, which is available in Guardian pharmacy appealing to me. I can always remember Paddington bear in his blue trench coat and red hat. :)

Guardian, a pharmacy outlet were doing promotion to entice customers to spend more money again by spending a certain amount to collect stamps. RM25 per stamp to be exact. You could own a Paddington bear for free after collecting certain amount of stamps. This bear collection is in conjunction with its 50th year anniversary.

The bear I was eyeing cost 45 stamps or 20 stamps and roughly RM45. I somehow managed to get enough stamps with my mum buying some toiletries and opted the second option. Hence, I bought myself a Paddington bear today!

I would have preferred the one with his trademark blue trench coat and red hat but it was a little small to my liking. This bear is 16" high unlike the other which is only 12".

Don't know what got into me. :)

Next, I bought a Roly Bear from Hallmark. I couldn't google much info on this bear but the salesgirl in the shop did mentioned that this bear is from the states. It is the only standing bear available as the body is made of foam and there are bean chips (like in the bean bag) in its feet.

However, the reason I bought it was because it has a little feature which reminds me of someone else's. It has a nicely round foamy tush. Ha! I bought it for that person who ungratefully didn't accept the gift. So it stands proudly on my table with its little tush out. :)

Therefore, I might fall for plush toys for different reasons. Though not the entire collection but one or two meaningful ones!


Anonymous said...

gasp. i never knew.

K. T. said...

This proves that the blogger has a fetish for butts! As the blogger has an ENORMOUS butt herself... Pay attention and you'll see a sign at the back "Caution! Wide Load!"

Joyce C. said...

Sighh... I compliment, you insult.. What am I going to do with you?
If my butt is enormous, it is YOUR fault!! Because you keep on saying it is so, and then it will become so.. .arghhhh!!