Saturday, October 04, 2008

Furry Friends...

Pets... It started out as rabbits for me in primary school. These cuddly furry creatures would be placed into the basket in front of my bicycle and I would cycled around the neighbourhood with them. (No, they did not fall off. One at a time.)

Of course, there were other pets around but the rabbits belonged exclusively to me. Don't get me started on how they multiplied. My mum would help me sell them and give me the profits from the sale. It is kind of a loss since the food we spend on them is wayyyyy more than the few ringgit we sell them away for. But since, they multiplied too fast- bye-bye baby rabbits. :(

There were horror stories too. One day my mum came back and found baby rabbit heads in the cages. The menacing neighbour's cats had gotten its greedy paws on them. She cleared them without letting me see the mutilated baby rabbits.

There were also missing rabbits... where they fall into a black hole and we never could find them.

I have pictures of them somewhere, just have to find them. Later.

When the rabbit mob grew too much, dad said, "Off with their heads!" (So to speak when Queen of Hearts wanted to get rid of Alice in Wonderland)

No... but off they were sold or given away as their stench grew stronger in larger numbers. Bye... *sob*

Then, in secondary school, my mum smuggled back a little kitten for me. (Smuggled is used because actually the "king of the house" is not too fond of pets) Despite this, my brothers and I have many different pets while growing up. :)

My mum brought back a little tabby female kitten in this little box. She could easily have fitted into a mug. What did I name her? Kitty? Ha ha.. lack of creativity at that moment.

She fed on dry food, and grew up prettily and proud. Whenever, I come home from school, she would come to me and sat on my lap; purring away while I gave her a nice rub. Then off she goes, minding her own business and ignoring everyone. (Erm, pets are supposed to follow their owner's behaviour but I don't think I'm like that!!)

As I live in a neighbourhood infested with cats; stray and home-breed, the inevitable came. She got pregnant. Despite us locking her up in the room whenever she was in heat, she got herself into trouble. She gave birth two 2 kittens; one lovely still born and one lively pitch black kitten. That was it, my dad say, "One was enough - two was a 'no-no'".

As I was going to take my exams and have no time or was I going away to study, I cannot recall now. Again, my cat and her robot-like kitten was given away. I called the kitten robot-like because she couldn't stand properly on our slippery floor. The kitten had to walk very robot-like. It was so funny.
So there ended my furry friends story as a teenager...

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