Monday, June 20, 2011

Online coupons review

Guess what, I've tried some of the promo coupons available online. At first, I was skeptical about these so-called bargains at 50%-70% off.

Then, I started one.. and the rest is history. But a note of caution, despite the description given by some of the promo - sometimes they do not seem like what it seems. Will share some of my experiences with you all.

A recap on my May 2011 - Coupon purchases. (to date, I've tried and

1. [58% Off] RM50 for RM120 worth of Shoes at The Cobbler. Free delivery
 The Cobbler shoes (First time buying shoes online but was attracted by the reasonable price and the ability to exchange the shoes for the right size if it does not fit)
Will share with you the duration and experience of exchanging the shoe size.

*Positive review*

2. [50% Off] Barbecue Meat Platter + Salad for up to 4 people from Craft Brews for RM69 instead of RM138.05 (Only RM17.25 per person). Non-Halal
A big fan of ribs and this promo seems too good to be true! :) Plus the fact that Craft Brews rave that they have a variety of "home-brewed" (in Singapore) to try out. Not really a beer fan but it's a good deal and good reason to meet friends.
  • 2 types of pork back ribs and 2 quarter chicken.
  • Salad, potato wedges and corn on the cob.
  • Well-reviewed.
  • Signature Craft-brewed beers available.
  • Happy hours from Mon to Sat 6.00pm – 8.00pm, Sun 6.00pm – closing.
*Positive Review*

  3. [78% Off] 10” X 13” Large Personalised Hardcover Fotobook for RM80 instead of RM369
50-page 10” X 13” full colour hardcover photo book.
Customized design.
Durable binding and dust jacket.
Photos printed on matte art paper.
Ready within 7 working days.
Photoscape design software with pictorial guide.

Haven't utilised yet but think it's a bargain. Only downside - have to find a Mac to use the Iphoto to make the Photobook or drive to their outlet to do it there. (Not too friendly to PC users!)

3. [90% off] 3-hour hands-on Makeup Workshop at Celmonze Aesthetic Academy worth RM480.

  • Learn to use makeup to define your features.
  • Makeup tools and cosmetics provided.
  • Small classes for personal attention.
  • Classes conducted in English or Mandarin.
 Decided to join a friend for this class for fun but was severely disappointed based on the highlighted red terms. "Makeup tools" was provided all right.. read my review to find out about my disappointment. It's similar to being told I was attending a baking class but it turned out as a demo (Lucky guy... I was too busy to blog about that "class" I attended that I don't feel like getting upset all over again.)

*Negative Review*

4. RM99 for Almost 3 Hours of Bliss in KL City. Aromatherapy Massage + Ultimate Renewal Facial Treatment + Paraffin Hand Treatment at MURAD by Beauty Chemistry (Worth RM390).For Both Men & Women

Aromatherapy Massage (1 hour)
Ultimate Renewal Facial Treatment (1.5 hours)
Paraffin Hand Treatment (20 minutes)

Haven't had a facial in ages since the skin specialist I visited told me to finish my course of Roaccutane first before I allow my commodones to be pressed out, etc. 

*Mediocre review*


I've bought a few more others which will only blog after I utilize to review about my experience.

This one promo is so worth-while I have to share it here first (another meat lover's promo!)

BAR B Q PLAZA 50% Off Supreme Beef Set or Supreme Pork Set (Set For 2 -3 Pax)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Manhwa Review: Noblesse

I started reading manga these last 2 years after watching my brother doing so and obviously - lack of better things to do. Lol

I've been randomly reading some manga and even manhwa since then. I stumbled upon this manhwa called Noblesse about some vampires (not like Twilight, mind you) who blend in with the humans. It started out with the awakening of a Noble vampire named Rai from a deep sleep for centuries in his coffin to a foreign modern world.

 Rai emerges from his deep sleep

A dash of humour (Rai's fancy for ramen), Rai's struggle with homework and compassionate with school kids, Frankenstein's cleanliness streak, high-schoolers' fight scenes got me going non-stop to catch up to 100 plus chapters in a few nights... or was it weeks? haha... Anyway, I've finished reading until episode 187 last Wednesday. Don't know if it's the interesting storyline, the charm and coolness of the character, or just good entertainment to make me laugh, that draws me to this manhwa.
The scene where the headmaster (Frankenstein) is fearful of his master (Rai) because he forgot to provide him money for lunch. 

I've been patiently waiting for scanlations to be uploaded in any of the websites online every week. I noticed it'll be released on Wednesdays or Thursday. I wanted to find out how Rai finally meets the current leader (The Lord) and the impending fight between them. Spoiler alert: From the last few chapters, it is revealled that the previous leader/previous Lord actually wanted Rai to be the next leader but he declined. So the previous Lord's daughter is currently the leader... and I assume a confrontation between them. Can't wait to see the full power of Rai released in a battle. The list of power of Rai's which is revealed so far can be found in this link.
Episode 188 last page... battle next!

It's like how the author have been teasing us with the supressed power of Rai's servant, Frankenstein which is now at the climax with the battle between Frankenstein and the Kerita Clan leader. Look at the smirk of Frankenstein when his master allows him to fight with his full power. (Before this, his powers are sealed to control him because of violent history. He can only fight with his full power with the permission of Rai.. So obedient!)
A short description from wikipedia:
Noblesse (노블레스) is an online manhwa written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang Su. Noblesse is about a powerful, noble vampire - Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (also called Rai) - who has been asleep for 820 years with no knowledge of mankind's advancement and scientific successes. He has recently woken up in an abandoned building in South Korea[1], and is starting to get used to the modern world. He goes to a school where he meets his loyal servant Frankenstein. With Frankenstein's help, Rai enrolls into Ye Ran high school, and inadvertently befriended Shinwoo - an athletic teenager, Ik-Han - a computer geek, Yuuna, Shinwoo's crush, and a few others. Noblesse follows the group's often dangerous adventures against a secret organization while uncovering Rai's past.
In short, I've been patiently waiting for the manhwa to be translated and satisfy the suspense of the upcoming battle.... was pulling my hair at the end of chapter 188! Another week to wait! Sighh... :)