Friday, August 15, 2014

Development milestones: Dancing to Bears now asleep (The Wiggles)

I thought I was the type to write down everything but since it's a whirlwind of nursing and trying to catch up sleep, I haven't done so! :( So didn't write down when is his first tooth etc.. arghh

So while I have time and still remember, M learned to twirl round according to a video during these past 2 weeks. Highly recommended video song by the Wiggles. They show simple movements and instructions which my 17 month old son can do. He already knows how to clap. Now he knows how to turn around and put his finger to his mouth (shh shh). :)

 Lyrics for Bears Now Asleep
(The Wiggles sway their arms from side to side on every half note beat)
Everybody clap (clap clap clap)
Everybody sing (la la la la la)
Bow to your partner
Then you turn around (Yippee!)
Hands in the air, rock-a-bye your bear
Bears now asleep
Shh shh shh
Bears now asleep
Shh shh shh
(Repeat to Beginning)
("Bear's Now Asleep, Shh! Shh! Shh!" Is repeated as the song fades out)

Children books review: Where is Baby's Belly Button & Dear Zoo.

I remember growing up reading Peter & Jane books by Ladybird and also the other classic storybooks from Little Mermaid to Rapunzel in those A5 sized hardcover book with nice illustrations.

Hence, I was quite amazed with the selection of books nowadays and found out about top list of books for babies, toddlers and children to read. It helps also that I stumbled upon a group  of mummies in Facebook who homeschool and are avid readers. They introduced to me the world of children books.

Before that, on purely the help of google, I got a few books and these turn out to be Matthew's favourite from 0-1 years old.

Lift-a-flap books
Book Review 1: Where is baby's belly button (by Karen Katz)

I found this book through recommended books when I was pregnant with Matthew. I decided to order from which ships free worldwide.

Hence, I was very happy that this became a big favourite of Matthew's. He would giggle and laugh whenever we open the flap to reveal/answer the questions where is the baby's body part.

The great thing is that it teaches Matthew where is his belly button because we will open his shirt and tickle there. He knew how to open his daddy's shirt to point the belly button too. Eventually he learn about the other body parts. Best song to learn about body parts is also "Head shoulder knees and toes".

This lift-a-flap book is a board book with sturdy hard flaps. The most is a dent or two but it is durable against a toddler who started learning to flip. The flaps is stuck on hard unlike some others paper type which can come out.

Highly recommended book to introduce and attract a baby.  

In fact, from this book, I started looking for other Karen Katz's books. She has a wide range of lift-a-flap books that is worth checking out.

Book review 2: Dear Zoo (Rod Campbell)

How does this book attracts a toddler? By opening flaps too, to reveal what kind of animals packaged inside. Good way of introducing different animals too.

You can also preview the book through this youtube video.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Lego Minifigs Simpsons

I cannot believe it but yes, I started collecting Lego Minifigs Simpsons.

Why? Well, I'm a 80's baby who grew up watching Simpsons and when I saw how detail, delicate and cute the minifigs were.. I had to at least own the family set.

So I thought, then I continued on hunting for the rest of the minifigs and finally yesterday, got the last no. 16th minifig to complete my collection. I had to go to a few Toys'rus to grope through the packaging to guess which character it was. It was lucky that the first time I spotted these minifig, the sales girls knew which character was in which packaging and I got lucky when a man searching for his own set, gave me 2 characters I wanted.

Mind you, at RM11.90 each, it is not cheap when in total it costs RM190.40! Gasp... no wonder I am overspending.

And then, I saw... there is a Lego Simpsons House set......

Thank God, it is out of stock in Malaysia and my pocket is not deep enough to make me start this hobby.... But it's so cute!! Lol

Take a look at the creative way of displaying the minifigs! Will update with my way of displaying later. :)

16 month milestone: Self-feeding

Baby M has started self feeding himself last week during dinner. He can scope his cereal and soup. Finally found the suitable spoon for the job too. :) He doesn't eat too messily yet but he does in enjoyment, dunk his whole hands into the bowl to feel the texture of the soup ingredients and pour over all his little table.

 Self feeding on the way

Messy self feeding

 Ideal way of eating : In progress? :)

On reflection, I realised I did try letting him self feed earlier but he was not ready. When he was ready, he wanted to hold the utensils (even mine) and scoop food to feed himself. Eventually, he didn't want to be fed but wanted to feed himself.

The only problem is he doesn't get all the food inside his mouth because his motor control of scooping the food and putting into his mouth. Hence, the hunt for the right spoon began. Obviously, the easiest way to ensure food goes inside his stomach is to continue feeding him in between his attempts of self-feeding. ;)

As dear M doesn't want to chew rice that much, Avent spoon works well for feeding cereal. However, when it comes to drinking soup, the spoon is too shallow. By chance, MIL introduced the typical chinese soup spoon as shown below. It works wonders as it is deep enough to allow at least 1/3 of the soup left for M to sip. :)

 Chinese soup spoon

Other milestones which I didn't manage to note was finally drinking from the straw cup by himself without any prompting.. (Hunting for the right straw cup which doesn't leak is another entry by itself!! gosh!)

Speech development

After a niggling worry that my son is not even calling me "Mummy", he finally can call out to certain objects. He goes crazy seeing banana and will shout loudly "Baaaa". Technically, he also gets excited with shoes (meaning can go out) so he will say "Sssshhhhu".

Off hand: He has named banana, shoes, puff, ice, daddy.
Sign language he uses: Tooth brush, milk, food, asking for any object by pointing.

Signing for food

Am proud that he managed the past few months by pointing and staring right at you to get whatever he wanted before this. Now, I am trying to pretend I don't understand to encourage him to speak more.

Physical development

Yes, he has finally learn to let go my hands and run ahead after seeing my friend's 2 and half year old son doing it. Before this, he always pull our fingers/ hands along (as if getting our permission and company) to go anywhere. He still does it, but sometimes he let go to explore himself. I hope he will continue to hold on to our hands because I am reluctant to use the safety harness I bought as a backup. It really works like a dog harness but with our unsecured society, is always best to be safe than sorry.