Monday, November 23, 2009

Also Known As...

What is it in a name? Why is there an alias? What is three a need for a nickname?

Whatever names it is, basically it is selected specifically to address you; be it your name (given by your parents), a silly nickname (given by annoying school mates) or an endearment by your other half.

Physical Nicknames

My friend is annoyed for being called small-eyes as typical Asian has those slanted, squinty, single-lid eyes. I have similar eyes too. Hence if I just woke up, my eyes are very squinty. So far, I’ve been called “Mata Sepet” (squinty eyes) during my university days when I’m lack of sleep which is rather often if you stay up late finishing up your projects.

Thankfully, my eyes are not squinty enough for some people to say “No eyes”! Yes, it has happened to some people. (don’t be so mean!) Caricature would have captured all these features with grossly-exaggerated sketch of your facial feature.

The other typical nicknames would be like: “Four eyes” (wearing spectacles), “Chubby”, “Metal teeth” (braces), “Shortie” (height). I bet there are more out there with creative and sometimes hurting consequences.


I was quite surprised that I’m quite popular to Ms. A’s Facebook friends. How am I popular? I’m known as the girl who pollutes her wall. I’ve met 2 of her friends who said, “Ohhh so you’re the girl who’s always commenting on her wall”.

Hmm.. This tells me I should not comment anymore. It was more of conversational and teasing comments. I guess to have an image as a “wall polluter” is not something I would like to have an award for. Imagine meeting potential bosses/clients who happen to see your award of “wall polluter”! The impression is someone who doesn’t have anything better things to do. Lol! Yes, Facebook is not good for you! :p

Other more controversial and daring figures would be this Malaysian guy who calls himself “namawee” and is widely known for his video entitled, “Negarakuku”. You know this, but you don’t know his real name.

What about the guy who said "Looks like me, sounds like me, but it’s not me”? I see this phrase plastered on t-shirts after that incident.

In the end, what is a name to you? People can even change their names if they don’t like it. But most importantly, if you cherish your name, don’t do silly things to get known as other names. (unless of course, you want to do unintentional branding) I bet my friends who read this blog will think of me when they see pigs.. hahahahah (because of this blog’s theme) – unintentionally branding!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Disgruntled & dissatisfied

We have the right to voice our opinions, complain, congratulate and advertise.

If your food is bad, you ask for the manager and complain about the quality of food.
If you’re cheated as a consumer, you write to the newspaper and complain to the National Consumer Complaints Centre.
If you’re asking for a boob removal surgery and got a nipple removal botch job instead, complain to MCA Public Services and Complaints Department.

But if you did not do well in your professional exam, do you write to the newspaper too? This writer did in today's Star newspaper.

But then again, I am not the upset writer who was hurt and disappointed. Everyone has a right to overcome disappointments his or her own way; be it complaining or withdrawing oneself from everyone.

I know you have the right to upset as the passing rate is low, but is it right as a professional to air your laundry in public? Is it right to pressure the society to question? Or would the society even care unless a family member or a friend is in the same situation?

Can you remember the time way before meritocracy was introduced whereby intakes to local universities were based on quota of races instead of your scholarly achievement?

Life is not fair but the government, people of authority has their reasons to do so. It’s not that I condone their act as many a time I’ve heard of unfairness but there is a reason it is done.

Not everyone is a professional hence the term “professional”. Professionalism consist of a set of requirements like: intensive specialized study, enough training/experience, governed by the code of conduct/ethics, self-governed by a professional body, etc.

I have to admit with the current awareness of the importance of education; there are a higher percentage of professionals out there. But in the end, it’s the game of need versus supply. In the end, they have to increase the passing rates to comply with the demand of globalization.

In an ideal world, we wish everyone has equal rights, equal opportunity and equal share of the cake. But reality says otherwise. Hence, go on and fight with your best and grab every opportunity you can. Sitting back and complaining will only be a temporary measure as the topic can be “hot cakes” for a week or two.. and then shelved into archive – forgotten while your heart is still angry for blood.

I know… a year of studying, sacrificing time with family, juggling with work, forking out money on tutorial, enduring mental anguish and torment for waiting for almost half a year to know the results. Then to start all over again, I salute to those who have consistently re-sit their exam papers year after year to obtain their professional qualifications. You’re brave and strong! Please persevere! You can do it!

And when you do it, a note of caution, use your professionalism wisely – whatever you gain, you can easily lose it to.

~Dedicated to all my dearest friends in the field who are going through similar conditions~

Exploring the blogosphere

Hmm.. there IS a term called blogosphere. I was just wondering.

Blog Templates

Anyway, I have not explored the different possibilities with the layout of blogs, widgets and all till I saw my friend’s new blog. I was impressed with the layout and then I learn about free templates online. (Ooohh.. no wonder I came across nice ones on-and-off; thinking they must be graphic designers or love tinkling with the graphics- I know, I need to get out from under the coconut shell - "Katak di bawah tempurung" or stop being such a hermit)

I really love the designs available for wordpress. There are converted version to blogspot but with certain limitations and kinks. I am still reading up on it before I revamp my website. I still love my pigs images but I think it’s time to change. I have some ideas which will incorporate the real pigs of the Piggilot Kingdom– do stay tune! I’ve prepping them for their photo shoot (haha) but I need props!

What do you think of the layouts? The ones I like have restricted post space which I prefer wider (I’m not sure how to edit this) There is a missing link of knowledge between the many years back when I learned in html to make websites to user-friendly-blogs these days.


Widgets – I thought were merely scripts for advertisements to be added at the sidebars of blogs until I saw my friend’s pet hamster running in a wheel! You can feed it with sunflower seed and water. Awww… so cute with its big goo-goo eyes. Best yet, it won’t die on you!

Hence, did you notice my pet pig on my sidebar? I know when you click it, it squeals rather loudly but this was the only pig widget available (hmm.. unless I try to make one myself? Heeh) If you click it further, Lil Piggy would happily wallow in the mud and get dirty. Remember to click on the "extra" button to wash my pet, okay? You can feed it with an apple too. Thanks! ;)

In the meantime, stay tuned for more exploration which I would need my desktop to do.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Review: Melaka Food-trip

Yay! Finally, the day I’m waiting for. I admit – I went down to Melaka to eat and not to attend a friend’s wedding. Haha! All right, the couple is a second-degree friend; so besides the wedding – food is the main aim of going down to Melaka.

1st Destination: Capitol Satay Celup (supper)
Have you seen men oogling at pretty babes? Well, I’m like that with good food. Lol! Can’t get that image out your mind now?

I was initially disappointed because we had to stop-over elsewhere before eating here. I thought it would have been closed but boy, was I so wrong. We arrived about 11.30pm and left almost at 1am. People were still coming. The next night when we drove by around 1.30am, we saw a long queue of people by the road side. There's pictures of this in this link or a review here.

Why is Capitol Satay so popular? It’s because they serve a new pot of “satay kuah" for new set of patrons instead of the usual shops/stalls which lets the same pot boils there for all customors. Satay celup literally means putting sticks of raw food into boiling pot of peanut-gravy (which is normally served with satay elsewhere) In Bahasa Malaysia, “celup” means dip. Hence, the term – satay celup: dipping the “kebab” into the boiling gravy.

You cook your own meal. I love eating the unhealthy food (the innards-pig's intestines, cockles!). Normally, you don’t get to eat these elsewhere with this kind of yumminess.

Altogether – about 9 of us gobble down more than 100 sticks. I was kind of full from the earlier meal but I was not going to miss eating this. I wish the cockles would have been bigger but most shops don’t serve that (except those by the roadsides). People tell me if it’s too big – you’ll be gross out.

The highlight of that night was the huge prawns they served us later. Take a look of the biggest prawn my friend got and how much he is enjoying his prawn. (He claimed he got an even bigger one during his other visit)

2nd Destination: Chicken Rice Balls (lunch)

Have you eaten chicken rice balls? My coursemate who hasn’t even seen this food before thought the chicken rice balls were fishball! Haha

Anyway, our “tour guide” (I'll call him Russell for now) who is a food fanatic brought us to this place for chicken rice balls. He even ordered and tell the shopowner to prepare for us the food.

Guess how many can 9 adults eat? (6 men and 3 women). 100 balls of rice and 2 whole chicken! He told us we could finish it and we did. Try guessing how much is the bill for all that and 9 drinks? Less than RM60! ( I thought it would have been almost RM100). So it was about RM7 each.
Take note of the two orange plates of rice balls and there's actually four blue plates of chicken.

The red light is from another camera.

Look at the chicken rice balls. The one sold in Klang is bigger and has a rougher texture.

Why eat chicken rice balls? Guess it's unique - the rice are rolled into a ball which you can eat finish within bites. Then normally, it's served with Hainanese chicken (the meat is soft and tender) with the slicky skin. Add in the chilli for an umph (the chilli is not spicy- more of sour and a tinge of spiciness). You can add in dark soy sauce too for a more sweeter taste.

Here's a review which has the map and address for the restaurant Huang Chang Chicken Rice restaurant in case you want to try out yourself.

How many rice balls can you eat? I ate more than 5… hehe Not going to reveal the exact figure! I told myself, “Eat! You’ll never know when you’re going down to Melaka again. And what happens when you indulge in gluttony? I don’t want to think about it for now… and wished I had more time to try beef bak kut teh, ikan bakar, durian cendol, etc..

3nd Destination: Cendol, Rojak/ Mee Rojak (brunch or tea break)

The venue of this stall is walking distance from our hotel: right across the street with a walk of hardly a minute. We had cendol (normal one) with rojak for tea break after our chicken rice balls lunch.

I didn’t really want to take any pictures because at first, I was apprehensive about it. The stall owners have set up folded tables and chairs around the foot of Bukit Cina next to the road. You sit next to unmarked graves in mounts under large shaded trees.

Food wise – refreshing cendol in a shaded area! Thumbs up!
Oh, I just googled about this and it seems this stall appeared in Ho Chak!

I had mee rojak the next morning for brunch and enjoyed it. Perhaps I was hungry. It was a little spicy and drier from the mee rojak I normally eat in Tanjong, Muar. No pictures – sorry because I didn't want to take "other pictures" too. ;) Pictures of the mee rojak can be seen in this review.

4th Destination: Tangkak Beef Noodles

After that, I had to try the Tangkak Beef noodles next to our hotel. I suspect it is a branch from the one my parents used to bring me to eat in Tangkak, Johor. We ordered a bowl of mixed (beef and innards) soup without noodles to sample the delicacy.. Mmmm..

Sorry no picture – was interested in sampling right before we checked out from the hotel.

Not enough! Why so little? Well, we are there for a wedding dinner so one meal less to try other food. On the last day, our to tour guide, Russell had to rush back to work because the client called. So sad for them. Hence, we just checked out Dataran Pahlawan Mall to see why they sacrificed historical site to commercial.

On such a hot afternoon, I guess Dataran Pahlawan Mall is a success for shopping and walking in air-conditioned space. But as a historical city, I fear this mall, the on-going-renovation of Mahkota Parade and the being-constructed new mall, Hattan Square, will make Jalan Merdeka a shopping haven instead of a historical site.

Oh yeah, did u notice the puny little A-Famosa standing hidden behind Pahlawan Mall. Helo? I said A-Famosa and not A-Famosa water resort. People have already forgotten the true historical city of Melaka. (I’m amazed it’s still considered an UNESCO world heritage site)

A final note, thank you dear "Russell" for bringing me to eat the satay celup and chicken rice balls... Perhaps we need another trip again when the clients do not disturb. Our dear tour guide is known as Russell because he looks like the adorable kid in the Disney-Pixar animation, Up. (Mind you, I'm not saying you're adorable. *rolling eyes* :p )

Review: Hotel Seven, Melaka

Over a weekend, my friends and I went down to Melaka for a wedding. We also wanted it to be an eating-road trip. My mouth has been salivating of all the food I haven’t eaten for ages, especially those local specialities.

This will be a 2 part review- one on the accommodation and on the gastronomical feast. Enjoy!

We needed a budget and decent hotel – hence, the groom recommended this recently-opened hotel about RM108 a night for a twin bed. Other hotels would have reached RM200 above for a night. Initially, we wanted to stay in Mahkota Hotel but the reviews with pictures from the previous visitors scared us. (Plus it was also RM200 above per night)

Hotel Seven
, here we come. Yes, it is just opposite Hang Li Po well which is next to Bukit Cina. Yes, the hotel is across from a hill of cemetery which is not really a big deal (wait till you read about eating next to the tombstones!) No, we did not have any “special visitors” – if you know what I mean.

Hotel Seven
No.8D-8G, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, Melaka. Telephone no: 06-292-1301

Anyway, it is situated on this row of shops just across Hang Li Po well. Not too sure if it’s a renovated old shopoffices but to me, it looks like a new row of shops.

The hotel encompasses of about 4 units (I think) of shophouses renovated to suit with the two staircases at the sides. There is a sub-basement as storage and carpark at the bottom of the shophouses (due to the slope site) We were given the back rooms on the 1st floor, facing single-storey houses. (but then view weren’t our concerns.)

The room is very basic and decent. What’s provided?

1. Bed with clean sheets (the pillow is quite low – perhaps you can try asking for extra if you need; we forgot to ask and were too tired. The downside is the sheets smell musky and your clothes will definitely smell like it too in the morning)

2. A side table next to the bed with 2 bottles of complimentary mineral water.
3. A table with a stool and a place to hang your clothes with a shelf below. The table is a little small (would have been better if it was slightly longer or wider)

4. There’s a CRT television (please don’t expect LCD!! :p) and electric kettle to boil water if you need hot drinks. However, there is no mini-fridge.
5. Attached bathroom is rather spacious. Bath towels are provided. The only downside is the shower area has no drop or upstand to avoid the water from flowing to the whole toilet (like most bathrooms normally have). Water pressure is good – so you don’t have to turn the taps too much.

6. There is no hair dryer in the room. But you can go to the receptionist and put a deposit of RM50 (refundable) to get your hair dryer.
7. Each room is fitted with a split-unit air-conditioner. Something to note, the rooms' electricity only works with the hotel-key. So don’t bother trying other cards to keep the room cool. ;)

Overall, it is a clean room and no ants swarm around the pineapple tarts in the containers we left on the table (heard about this problem in another hotel)

Other facilities
1. There are 2 computers next to the reception area with internet connection. Yes, you can facebook there. ;)
2. The receptionist and staff are friendly.
3. Even though the website states there is sufficient carpark, a caution to you – there isn’t enough if it’s fully occupied. One lot of shophouse can fit about 3 carparks- so do your math. In front, you can try parking at the row of shophouses (but the shopowners of the eateries next door need to park too)
4. We went with 4 cars and decided to double park since the parking is limited. However, remember to reverse the inner car out when you decide to carpool together. The hotel does not warn the other guest not to double-park your car and you might find yourself trapped there by other guests you don't know.
5. There is CCTV all over the place (corridors have more than 1) and there is a few at the carpark area too. You can see the surveillance monitors in the reception area.

It is a decent clean room for about RM108 a night. In fact, you can walk to some tourist spots if you’re wiling. Downside – the musky bedsheets and limited car park (but the whole Melaka town has limited carpark! Lol)

I would definately go there again if I’m looking merely for basic accommodation. However, if I want to enjoy and relax in the hotel room with a swimming pool, I’ll pay more and stay at Equatorial Hotel! ;)

Sesame Street invades Google

Have you seen Google’s latest image on their search engine?

Cookie monster greets you when you open Google search engine in conjunction to Sesame Street 40th Anniversary.Google is giving the ultimate 21st-century tribute: a series of Sesame Street-themed logos on its search page.

There was a period with Ernie and Bert. (last week)

Now, it's Elmo waving at you.

This brings me back to my childhood to Sesame Street days. These puppets were created by Jim Henson.

Which is your favourite muppet? (The list of the muppets can be found here.)

The mature, smart Big Bird? The green Oscar the Grouch popping out from garbage can? The bright blue glutton Cookie Monsters who gobbles up cookies messily? The cute bright red young Elmo dancing happily around? There's just so many memorable characters to name!Take your pick and remember the lessons Big Bird would teach us. Those were the days…

Kids these days are spoilt with choices of education programmes to watch. Which are your kids’ favourites? Do you like them more than those your generation?

Whatever it is, it’s evident Elmo’s a success with the Tickle-me-Elmo plush toys who laughs and fall laughing as if its tickled by laughter.

And of course, when he sees a plate of cookies, Cookie Monster would go: “Ccookies!!” *Gobble gobble* Lol.

This makes me hungry for cookies. ;)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Beautyholics Anonymous:SCA Giveaway!

Beautyholics Anonymous has finally opened her blogshop called "Sweet Contemplation Accessories". She has handmade pieces which are mainly chainmaille ones.

Hence, she's generous enough to have a give 2 sets of her SCA items.
To take part in the giveaway, go to her website and answer these 2 questions by leaving a comment below the post:
1. Where are you from?
2. What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? No, not from her store (although you can still name one from there if you like ), but which piece of jewellery do you love the most? Perhaps given by a loved one? Tell her your story!

Here is my favourite jewellery with my comment! Wonder if i'll be lucky enough to win! Wish me luck! *Fingers crossed*

Good day to all! This is Joyce from Malaysia.

My favourite jewellery is ALL my charm bracelets. My mum promised to get me a charm bracelet when I was younger but never did due to financial circumstances.

So when I grew up, I just went berserk and got myself a few with different themes.

My favourite is the "I'm a Woman" bracelet which I chose 5 important charms: a diamond ring (forever), Cinderella's slippers (fairytale), a crucifix (God), a terrier (pets) and a couple (relationship).

To me, those are important aspect to a woman!

Year-end Blues

A little birdy told me it’s the end of the year.

Well, you don’t really need a little birdy to know that. Take a look at the calendar. It’s November 2009.
Shopping malls are preparing for year-end-sales, Christmas, clearing of old stocks and closing of accounts.

Employees are hoping for year-end bonuses and looking forward to lots of public holidays in December.

School holidays are just around the corner with kids fevering through exam and excited for their freedom.

What about me?

Sigh – another year is about to end and what have I accomplished? It’s the year-end blues.

My friend tells me her leg itches every year end. She starts looking for new pastures to venture but hasn’t really stepped into it.

I look at my bank book and sigh. I reflect on my life and laugh. I wonder if I should have taken life more seriously.

Then again, God tells us this life here is not permanent. We should grab every moment of it. I’ve not tried even to harvest this year. Perhaps I should be more open to His prompting. There were a few times, I’ve noticed the opening but I still believe in my flesh by fearing of offending others than fearing God.

So I tell myself now, thank You, Lord for giving me so many wonderful friends, loved ones and fun time this year. I pray, I’ll make my life more worthy for you. After all, I’m not perfect and so are most Christians, but we trying our best to keep on the path by reading and applying His words in our lives.

p.s. Pssst…. Christmas is approaching everyone… you’d better be good or not “Santa” won’t be nice to you. Lol.
Christmas has become a fable tale to encourage goodness and gifts-giving. Even though it is not the true meaning of Christmas– why not? Let’s enjoy the sprit of good cheer and celebration! Countdown: 51 days to go to Christmas.

Childhood Snacks

Remember this?
If you do, you must be a 70's or early 80's baby. I got this during a carnival sometime back and it reminded me of my childhood days.

I wonder if I should try to hunt back the snacks I used to eat. Do you remember this blue box with round chocolates and a toy in it call "Ding Dang"? I wonder if it's still being sold and how much!?! Lol

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Review: Clarins workshop (Afternoon session 1st Nov 2010)

Thanks Miu for organizing another Clarins workshop. I was a little apprehensive as my skin problems recently made me ban myself from all skincare and especially makeup workshop.

Earlier this year, milia seeds, comodones and white heads have erupted all over my jawline and spread to my face. Reluctantly, I took roaccutane pills and it has subsided.

A day after the workshop, my skin was smoother and hydrated – no longer flaky from the medication. I’m impressed enough to buy the hydrating mask from Miu. I can’t afford other skincare products for now as the pills have made a huge hole in my piggy bank.

I’m not going to tell you what exactly happened step-by-step during the workshop except that you get to use a skincare product (from any range you like) for each step while the presenter will explain the usage and differences. (There are other bloggers’ review on the workshop which you can easily google)

These are the skincare products I used.

I do like the way they portray the 4 major types of skin problems with pictures. Graphically meaningful!(forgot to take a picture of the slide; so here are some alternative pictures)

Skin problems
1. Dry = dry earth

2. Oil = french fries (now I know my skin loves fast food - hence it's oily! Ha!)

3. Pigmentation = ladybug

4. Wrinkles = raisin

Besides learning how to use the products; hands-on, you get some good tips from the presenter. Here are some tips from what I understand (forgive me if I misunderstood some)
Eye care
1. Do not rub your eyelash vigorously – it takes about 4 years for it to grow back.
2. To clean eye makeup (mascara), carefully soak 2 pieces of cotton pads with your eye make-up remover. Fold one to line below your eye and take the other one to rub gently over the lashes. The lower cotton pad is to avoid staining your skin. Yes, wearing smokey eyeshadow daily might really give you permanent smokey eyes! (normally, I just rubbed the best I could… sigh)
3. Take 2 cotton pads and soak with toner and press it gently over closed eyes. This can de-puff your eyes!

Skincare Routine (most of us do the 3 steps : cleanse, tone & moisturise)
Day time: 6 steps
a) Cleanse
b) Tone
c) Eye care
d) Serum - max 2 tyeps
e) Moisturize
e) UV- Sunblock

Night time: 6 steps
a) Remove
b) Cleanse
c) Tone
d) Eye care
e) Serum
f) Moisturise

1. Always wear sunblock because it takes 5 years for the pigmentation to appear!!
2. To calculate the efficiency of sunblock, e.g. 50spf X 10 minutes of direct sun. After 500 minutes in the sun, you need to reapply sunblock.
3. There are 2 things from the sun you should fear : UVB (causes sunburn) and UVA (causes you to lose the elascity of your skin)
4. Hence,run for cover! ;)

Cleanse/ Tone
1. Double-cleansing is important to remove your makeup and even other residue of sunscreen products at the end of the day.
2. Using the analogy of the amount of either 3 pumps , 5 cents coin size, helps to gauge how much of the product to apply.
3. Soak 2 cotton pads with your toner and wipe from the center out (symmetry). I find this helps to shorten the process. I’ve been only bullying one hand when I tone. Lol

Moisturise/ serum
1. Pour 5 cents coin-sized of moisturizer in your palm and rub together to warm it up. Then press lightly with your palm to your face to “dab” on the moisturizer/serum.
2. The palms of your hands will fit the contours of your face somehow.
3. This also makes the process faster for me. Instead of fingers!

Do not be stingy on the amount of mask – it has to be thick enough to work. Place a generous amount onto your palm – about 50 cents coin to slather on your face. (It depends on what kind of mask but the one I'm referring here is the hydration mask)

The effects of the facial will work better if you relax or even allow yourself to catch some shut-eye. Clarins facial has no extraction at all and uses the 5 senses to maximize the effect of the facial for the skin.

A very brief introduction of their makeup ended the session. Some pictures I remembered to take are shown here.

The makeup products available for testing...

Alina's hands showing the effect of a product - before and after (forgot which product)

I did buy one of their trial pack because I was intrigued by the cleansing. But I forgot to put the bottle in this picture! Ha!
Posted by Picasa

Thank you Clarins for such an educational workshop. I truly believe that this is the best way to introduce and educate the skin-preservers like me out there to try your products... As the saying goes, seeing it (and trying it oneself) is believing! ;)

Monday, November 02, 2009

This means War!

I woke up to the smell of cat’s urine. I was napping a while in the living room and the pungent smell of cat’s urine from the porch woke me up.

My neighbourhood is plagued with cats. I said plagued because it’s a combination of home-bred cats and stray cats. Of late, I suspect because of my new neighbours’s male cat and another male stray cat are in a territorial war.

They have sprayed the tires of my car, my mum’s plants (they have withered), my house porch and everywhere to their fancy. In fact, through their “fights”, my mum’s potted plants have all got broken or are in broken pots. Sigh

In fact, my car now smells like cat’s urine!

This is the last straw! I shall retaliate. Neighbour’s cat or not – there is a limit to tolerance. I’ve stepped into cat’s pee many a times already (right into my slippers).

Pray tell, anyone out there, is there a solutions to my woes? Besides getting them potty-trained like this picture... lol

I love cats but these cats are about to make me hate the creatures I used to love. *sob*

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Review: Cloth Pantyliners from Tiny Tapir

Finally, got around using it despite my dissatifaction.

Review of Pantyliners Fabric

1) Sugar Monkey Liners - Petite (The item on your right) - RM26/piece

This really works well, I can hardly feel the liner and it washes easily. I would highly recommend getting this if you want to be more environmental-friendly by not using the disposable ones in the market.

The petite one would suffice. I didn't buy the longer one but I presume it works the same. The sewing is excellent and the whole material and sewing feels compact enough for the "barely-there" feeling/ part of your underwear. Lol

2) Saffa Pantyliner (The item on your left) - RM10/piece

At first glance, I was very disappointed. The sewing was badly done with threads coming out but as I bought it online - I am not willing to go all the shop to ask for a refund (waste of petrol, time, etc) so I told myself, to let it go and use it. (Malaysians have the mentality that if it's cheaper than the other items - it should be badly done? Shrug)

It should not be call a pantyliner because it felt exactly like a pad. In terms of leakage control for a pad, I am not sure but I don't like the feeling of something so padded down there (as a panty liner). I would recommend getting the Sugar Monkeys anytime. But for now, I'll finish up my disposable one or find another seller elsewhere.

There are a few others seller selling the clothpads if you are interested as listed out in I have not tried the rest, so if you have - do recommend to me. Thanks! :)

Truths to Live By

I forgot when I subscribe to FCCI's newsletter, but the Kent Humphreys always have good words to share with us. This is his latest advice: (my opinion is highlighted in blue with added pictures to emphasis the meaning I understood)

10 Truths to Live By (Written by Kent Humphreys)

1. Don’t be religious, but passionately seek to know and love God. Seventy years on this earth will seem but a moment in all eternity.
“Love your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your might” Deuteronomy 6:4, 5

Personally, I think people do mix "religious" with "routinely-doing-things-seemingly-religious." The important thing is your relationship with God.

2. Make your family a priority. Love is spelled “T-I-M-E”. Create opportunities to work and play together.
“Husbands love, wives respect, young children obey, and grown children honor” Ephesians5, 6
(Example 20:12)
Working for financial security vs. spending quality time with your family; the dillema for most working parents have. However, a balance between the two can be achieved before it is too late.

3. Have a career that you enjoy and be the best at what you do, both in your company and industry. Never compare yourself to someone else. Balance times of work and rest.
“God will teach him how to choose the best” Psalms 25:12 (L)

If you love doing your work, congratulations! It's a great boon for you to get paid doing what you love. If not, fret not; try to find what works for you and enjoy it. It'll make the working hours pass more quickly. (I wish I can find mine!!)

4. Love and serve those people around you as you observe, listen, and become available to them. Don’t seek to control others, but unselfishly give your life for them.
“Through love serve one another” Galatians 5:13

Even Jesus lived to serve others, what more us - mere beings? It is not degrading to serve others, in fact, it is a priviledge to help others while we can.

5. Build your life on established truths. The latest “opinion polls,” how people “feel,” or current fads are weak foundations on which to build your life.
“I am the Truth” John 14:6 “A wise man who built his house upon a rock” Matthew 7:24

For me, the truths I live by is written in the bible. Hence, I must always do my daily devotion to remind myself of these truths because the temptation to stray is always around.

6. Establish a few intimate friendships and become transparent in small groups. True friends are invaluable and necessary during the storms of life.
“A cord of three standards is not quickly torn apart” Ecclesiastes 4:12

We have many "friends" but how many are true friends? It is important to be transparent and honest with each other. Then we can learn to be accountable and encourage one another in times of need.

7. Keep your word whatever it cost! Be totally honest, trustworthy, and a person of character. Yes, character does matter.
“Who can find a trustworthy man?” Proverbs 20:6

Keep your word - especially to a child. They will remember it for life!
In the workplace, it will show your good character- trustworthy enough to carry more responsibilities.

8. Work hard at learning to be a good communicator. Read a lot, learn to speak, to write and to spell. Be an enthusiastic leader, not a dumb sheep following the crowd over the cliff.
“A wise man will then increase in learning” Proverbs 1:5

Another analogy would be the lemmings jumping over the cliff (remember the lemmings game?). Most of the time, it is safe to follow with majority but never ever follow them blindly and compromise your principles. You do not answer to the crowd, but the our Maker.

9. Make money your slave, not your master, save regularly and avoid debt. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”
“Whoever loves money will not be satisfied” Ecclesiastes 5:10

Yes, I admit, we need money to live in this world. However, why buy a big expensive car you can't use for fear of being rob? Why live in a big bungalow with high security (live a prisoner in your own home) if you fear robbers come in? Live within your means without all this unnecessary worries. In fact, you can even sleep better at night. ;)
Plus you don't have to worry about earning enough money to pay the bills.

10. Persist. Never give up! Know where you are going.
“Trials --> Perseverance --> Character --> Hope” Romans 5:3, 4
First - be sure of your goal so you know where you are working towards. Then never give up. As long as it is what you're meant to do, God will open the way for you.