Monday, November 02, 2009

This means War!

I woke up to the smell of cat’s urine. I was napping a while in the living room and the pungent smell of cat’s urine from the porch woke me up.

My neighbourhood is plagued with cats. I said plagued because it’s a combination of home-bred cats and stray cats. Of late, I suspect because of my new neighbours’s male cat and another male stray cat are in a territorial war.

They have sprayed the tires of my car, my mum’s plants (they have withered), my house porch and everywhere to their fancy. In fact, through their “fights”, my mum’s potted plants have all got broken or are in broken pots. Sigh

In fact, my car now smells like cat’s urine!

This is the last straw! I shall retaliate. Neighbour’s cat or not – there is a limit to tolerance. I’ve stepped into cat’s pee many a times already (right into my slippers).

Pray tell, anyone out there, is there a solutions to my woes? Besides getting them potty-trained like this picture... lol

I love cats but these cats are about to make me hate the creatures I used to love. *sob*


SL said...

Are you sure it was cat's pee and not dog's? Cats don't usually pee randomly...

PiggiYing said...

I live at a "kampung" area about 90% above Malays... no stray dogs here. Definately cats and I've seen the stray cat in action a few times. Will try to take pic if I remember the next time.

That cat sprays in my house compound.. dogs can't come in... decided to net up the gate

Pigita said...

The 2nd pic is really how my late cat (died many years ago already) will use the toilet!!

And by coincidence, she was a mongrel too and same type of colouring.

Gave me good memories

PiggiYing said...

Wow Pigita! I'm amazed! My tabby cat automatically is toilet-trained. She would use her litter tray. Never tried teaching her to use the WC though..

Well, pets are really comforting to be around with. Even though my cat is sort of snobbish around people - she will always greet me by curling on my lap to have a nice rub; purring away... (so manja..) But minutes later, she would haughtily walk away like she didn't know you. Ha! What a character..