Thursday, November 05, 2009

Beautyholics Anonymous:SCA Giveaway!

Beautyholics Anonymous has finally opened her blogshop called "Sweet Contemplation Accessories". She has handmade pieces which are mainly chainmaille ones.

Hence, she's generous enough to have a give 2 sets of her SCA items.
To take part in the giveaway, go to her website and answer these 2 questions by leaving a comment below the post:
1. Where are you from?
2. What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? No, not from her store (although you can still name one from there if you like ), but which piece of jewellery do you love the most? Perhaps given by a loved one? Tell her your story!

Here is my favourite jewellery with my comment! Wonder if i'll be lucky enough to win! Wish me luck! *Fingers crossed*

Good day to all! This is Joyce from Malaysia.

My favourite jewellery is ALL my charm bracelets. My mum promised to get me a charm bracelet when I was younger but never did due to financial circumstances.

So when I grew up, I just went berserk and got myself a few with different themes.

My favourite is the "I'm a Woman" bracelet which I chose 5 important charms: a diamond ring (forever), Cinderella's slippers (fairytale), a crucifix (God), a terrier (pets) and a couple (relationship).

To me, those are important aspect to a woman!

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