Monday, December 24, 2012

Litt Tak Warehouse sale 6-9 December 2012 Review

I've been to this warehouse sales several times because hubby is a Gundam fan (not Gangnam.. mind you). When we were dating, we will scout this warehouse sales for good bargains. Somehow, as the years pass by, the "bargains" were no longer that good or perhaps hubby now doesn't stay nearby enough to go on the first day on Thursday morning. Lol

This time, I went with a different vision. I went there as a mummy looking for potential toys for her future child. :)

I looked at the toys and was amazed with what you can get below RM10 or even RM20. There were this electrical toy which makes noise and lights for RM8. In fact, later on I went to shops that were selling cheap China products and the toys were at least RM20 (meaning those sold at this warehouse is cheap). Tempted but then upon closer inspection, I was worried about the colour peeling, what-if my child bites the small part, etc. (Worrywart but you never know! Prevention is always better than cure)

Hence, in the end, since I was there, I wanted to get something nice and deliberated on this one item. Hubby is forever "useless" when asking opinions to buy stuff. He will say "Up to you". So I chose this cute little Tomy Toddle N Ride for RM140. Normally I wouldn't want to splurge but looking at it, I thought to myself "Even in Giant or Tesco, those no brand bikes would cost around the same price. Might as well get this with a reputable brand and it is 2-in-1".

Manufacturer's description: 
A great multi activity toy that grows with your toddler. This toy starts as a sturdy walker helping your twelve month old get more confident on their feet. There is a compact activity board which can be played with as part of the walker or independently. There are squeakers, spinners and a telephone for inquisitive fingers to play with. Lift up the activity board to reveal a 'secret' storage compartment for your child's favourite things! As your child starts toddling, this toy converts easily to a three wheel sit and ride trike. It is fully steerable and the activity board/storage compartment now acts as a trailer. There is also a horn so you'll know when to jump out of the way! 

Being phobia about missing parts, I asked hubby to check the contents but he happily assembled the toy!! Lol..

This toy is suitable for 12 month and above, hence the assembled toy will only be used more than a year later. Tsk tsk..

I'm not sure if the walker helps much but I do like the swirling toys on the activity board which are not battery-operated and most importantly the cute little bike. The handle seems like it can be lose easily (as per review in amazon too). Will post a review when my little one finally plays with this. :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Review: The Girl Most Likely To (Little Black Dress) *spoiler alert

 Book Description:

When Kat Cavanaugh was sweet sixteen she was dumped by her boyfriend, found out she was pregnant and got kicked out of school – all in a single afternoon. She hitchhiked out of West Virginia the same night, vowing never to return.

Now, twenty years later, Kat’s back: beautiful, rich and looking for an apology from just about everyone, especially Riley Bohland, the boy who knocked her up and broke her heart. But funnily enough, Riley’s looking for an apology from her… 

Well, it looks like I'm in a reading spree! :) Yay! Time to clear the books and perhaps my hubby will bring me buy new books??? *hopeful doe-eyes*

This book is more entertaining than the other book I just read. The story flow was good and interesting enough with some romance and humour. Susan Donovan wrote from the perspective of the hero and the heroine and slowly unravel the history behind the flashback of memories.

It started with a simple act of revenge due to hurt and false pretenses from the families. Kat learns to forgive and asked for forgiveness before admiting to being in love with Riley. It might seemed like a  simple reunion of the family after 20 years but no, the authoress tries to hint some further storyline with childhood flashbacks by Kat.

I like the way she introduced the variety of character to firm up the background and history of Kat. Obviously being a romance novel, description of some scenes to spice up the story helps. I finished the book in few hours so it is a light entertaining book. The authoress leave the reader with the realisation that things happen for a reason and how sometimes, we are still human as we make decisions we think was best at that moment.

Have a go at this book if you need a little laughter and romance. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: The Trophy Girl (Little Black Dress) *warning: spoiler alert*

The Trophy Girl (by Kate Lace)

I haven’t been really reading many books of late. However, getting bored of my mindless applications and games in Ipad2 and looking into reading a good book. Bought this book few years back when Little Black Dress novels just hit the market in Malaysia. 

Book Description
When Lucy Carter lands a job in a stately home she feels that all her dreams have come true. Not only is she in fabulous surroundings deep in the country but she is also working for the Earl of Arden. He was once married to the beautiful Becca Hetherington, a gold-medal-winning three-day eventer, and together they were Britain's golden couple – until Becca was killed in a tragic accident. Now a widower, the Earl is a brooding, romantic figure and there are many women, one in particular, who have their sights set on becoming the next Countess. As Lucy settles into her new job, she finds herself increasingly drawn to the Earl, and she isn't alone; all the staff adore him and are fiercely loyal. But as Lucy glimpses behind the money and glamour, she realises that the Earl's past isn't the fairytale everyone believed...

I am an avid fan for historical romance. Hence, when I read the synopsis at the back of the cover, I thought it was one of those Regency historical romance type. However, I was wrong ; this is a modern day romance with an Earl.

The authoress spend a lengthy time describing from the perspective of Lucy while she adjusted to the life as a nanny in the country side with little bits of snippets to a murder mystery by revealing a different character of Becca (the Earl’s late wife). She goes on with references to our current events such as the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

What annoys me in this book is that it seemed the authoress got carried away with the description and tried to squeeze in the last 2 chapters of few pages with a murder mystery solved ;whereby Lucy suddenly found out how Becca really died and she didn’t even mind that the murderer was in love with her. Go figure. It was an abrupt ending which would have been nicer with the typical internal turmoil of the heroine before she finally forgives the Earl and decides to marry him.

Other than that, I can say I really miss old historical romance books which are no longer in the local market here. I only realised I like such books after noticing my tendency to buy books with these kind of setting. The old school- romantic heart whereby you wish a “knight in shining armour” plus a little wild naughty side comes and save you in a fairytale ending.

Obviously, life is not always like that but that’s why we have romance novels, romantic-comedy movies and everything sweet and nice to flutter the woman’s heart.  :)

No harm having a read though.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby kicks

In week 18: I haven't really feel the kicks but more like the baby's movements.

I tried recalling the comments other mothers say about feeling their baby movements.
"Flutters in the stomach"

After these few weeks (months), I only can describe my baby's kicks as "nudges in my tummy". Perhaps he is more subtle and not so active yet. :)

In week 28: My baby kicks whenever I sit or sleep in a position he doesn't feel comfortable in.

I will tell him "Sorry" and try to find a position where he doesn't kick.
However, when I play music to him - he also kicks at specific songs. I wonder it shows his dislike or like? Lol (Blur mummy here)

I was talking to another mummy whose pregnancy is about the same time as mine except hers is a girl. She tells me she talks to her daughter since the very beginning.

She can even ask her daughter, "Where is your legs?"
Then her daughter will kick in her tummy... That is so cute!!!

So far, I've only press gently into my tummy and count according to the number of times I press in. Sometimes when he is active, he will react back by kicking the same frequency. :)

Whatever it is, I guess this bonding time is precious because it's only a time where the mummy really connects personally to her child. He or she lives inside the safe confines of the mother's womb and hears her soothing voice daily. I thank God for this precious cargo and experience which I hope I will remember for the rest of my life.

There he goes giving me a nudge which makes my tummy wobbles! ;)

Happy pregnancy to all mummies out there! :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baby stuff shopping - Part 2

That same weekend, there was another baby stuff warehouse sales. This time it was My Dear warehouse sales located somewhere deep inside Puchong.

After reading several reviews online, I decided to go there to get the babycot and mattress since some other mummies highlighted in their blog that the price is quite reasonable. Even thought I noticed the price does go up from one year to another.

The so-called crib package available inclusive of baby crib, mattress, bedsheet set with baby bumper adn even mosquito netting. If you buy the whole set, there is another discount to the overall price.

Anyway, I didn't quite like the quality of the bedsheet as many have commented online too abput it and read somewhere baby bumper can suffocate baby too.. So we decided only on the baby cot and mattress.

Here is my very own first baby stuff shopping haul. :)
My shopping damage

1. My Dear Diona Baby Cot - easy to assemble. It has wheels which my hubby didn't want to attach. One side of the rail can be lowered down for convenience and there is a teething rail.
Hubby installed very fast. Was surprised. Initially wanted him to check to make sure all the parts are there since there were complaints online.
2. My Dear Mattress (forgot I bought which type.. lol)

3. My Dear changing pad (RM20-30) - forgot

4. My Dear nursing pillow (RM50) - but find it a bit hard.. will see how it goes. A friend told me actually I didn't need it.. Oh well..

5. My Dear baby bag (RM30) - Actually I have lots of big shopping bags or tote bags. Decided to get one of these because it was on sale and has an attached changing pad.

6. Carter's 10 pieces wash cloth (My friend says I need lots of this!!)

7. Baby tummy binders (3 pieces for RM10) I grab this in a hurry and didn't realised they were the tie-type. A friend says normally you won't have time to tie up the baby nicely.. better to get the velcro type. Maybe I'll modify it. Lol

Damage = almost RM500. 

Oh well, this will help me spread out my expenses in preparation for our little one! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The last leg: Final Trimester

Time flies... it's the last leg of my pregnancy: The 3rd trimester.

Tummy super bloated and all non-pregnancy clothes cannot wear except big t-shirts and sweat pants for homewear.

Fatigue and tiredness kicks in all the time. Cannot do housework chores or simple clearing because of tummy and position of baby on my internal organs.

What happens to my baby during this trimester? This is what I got when I google about it.

  • The fetus can see and hear.  (I only tested with music - I play my disc man and put the headphones over my belly... I feel some movement inside. Once he was so active; after I played music for him - he calmed down a lot.)
  • The brain continues to develop.
  • The kidneys and lungs continue to mature.
  • By the 36th week, the head may "engage" (drop into the pelvic area) - a process called "lightening."
  • The bones of the skull remain soft to make it easier to pass through the birth canal.
  • For many babies, the irises of the eyes are slate blue. The permanent eye color will not appear until several days or weeks after birth.
  • The fetus can suck its thumb and has the ability to cry.
  • By 38 to 40 weeks, the fetus' lanugo has disappeared almost completely.
  • By 38 to 40 weeks, the lungs have matured completely.
  • The baby is covered in vernix caseosa (or simply called vernix), a creamy, protective coating on the skin.
  • The head will usually turn downward during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy.

What happens to my body?

  • Increased skin temperature as the fetus radiates body heat, causing the mother to feel hot.
  • The increased urinary frequency returns due to increased pressure being placed on the bladder.
  • Blood pressure may decrease as the fetus presses on the main vein that returns blood to the heart.
  • Swelling of the ankles, hands, and face may occur (called edema), as the mother continues to retain fluids.
  • Hair may begin to grow on a woman's arms, legs, and face due to increased hormone stimulation of hair follicles. Hair may also feel coarser.
  • Leg cramps may become more frequent.
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions (false labor) may begin to occur at irregular intervals in preparation for childbirth.
  • Stretch marks may appear on the abdomen, breast, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Colostrum (a fluid in the breasts that nourishes the baby until the breast milk becomes available) may begin to leak from the nipples.
  • Dry, itchy skin may persist, particularly on the abdomen, as the skin continues to grow and stretch.
  • A woman's libido (sexual drive) may decrease.
  • Skin pigmentation may become more apparent, especially dark patches of skin on the face.
  • Constipation, heartburn, and indigestion may continue.
  • Increased white-colored vaginal discharge (leukorrhea) which may contain more mucus.
  • Backaches may persist and increase in intensity.
  • Hemorrhoids may persist and increase in severity.
  • Varicose veins in the legs may persist and increase in severity.
 Not sure about all the affects stated above but will update accordingly! :)