Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: The Trophy Girl (Little Black Dress) *warning: spoiler alert*

The Trophy Girl (by Kate Lace)

I haven’t been really reading many books of late. However, getting bored of my mindless applications and games in Ipad2 and looking into reading a good book. Bought this book few years back when Little Black Dress novels just hit the market in Malaysia. 

Book Description
When Lucy Carter lands a job in a stately home she feels that all her dreams have come true. Not only is she in fabulous surroundings deep in the country but she is also working for the Earl of Arden. He was once married to the beautiful Becca Hetherington, a gold-medal-winning three-day eventer, and together they were Britain's golden couple – until Becca was killed in a tragic accident. Now a widower, the Earl is a brooding, romantic figure and there are many women, one in particular, who have their sights set on becoming the next Countess. As Lucy settles into her new job, she finds herself increasingly drawn to the Earl, and she isn't alone; all the staff adore him and are fiercely loyal. But as Lucy glimpses behind the money and glamour, she realises that the Earl's past isn't the fairytale everyone believed...

I am an avid fan for historical romance. Hence, when I read the synopsis at the back of the cover, I thought it was one of those Regency historical romance type. However, I was wrong ; this is a modern day romance with an Earl.

The authoress spend a lengthy time describing from the perspective of Lucy while she adjusted to the life as a nanny in the country side with little bits of snippets to a murder mystery by revealing a different character of Becca (the Earl’s late wife). She goes on with references to our current events such as the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

What annoys me in this book is that it seemed the authoress got carried away with the description and tried to squeeze in the last 2 chapters of few pages with a murder mystery solved ;whereby Lucy suddenly found out how Becca really died and she didn’t even mind that the murderer was in love with her. Go figure. It was an abrupt ending which would have been nicer with the typical internal turmoil of the heroine before she finally forgives the Earl and decides to marry him.

Other than that, I can say I really miss old historical romance books which are no longer in the local market here. I only realised I like such books after noticing my tendency to buy books with these kind of setting. The old school- romantic heart whereby you wish a “knight in shining armour” plus a little wild naughty side comes and save you in a fairytale ending.

Obviously, life is not always like that but that’s why we have romance novels, romantic-comedy movies and everything sweet and nice to flutter the woman’s heart.  :)

No harm having a read though.

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