Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby kicks

In week 18: I haven't really feel the kicks but more like the baby's movements.

I tried recalling the comments other mothers say about feeling their baby movements.
"Flutters in the stomach"

After these few weeks (months), I only can describe my baby's kicks as "nudges in my tummy". Perhaps he is more subtle and not so active yet. :)

In week 28: My baby kicks whenever I sit or sleep in a position he doesn't feel comfortable in.

I will tell him "Sorry" and try to find a position where he doesn't kick.
However, when I play music to him - he also kicks at specific songs. I wonder it shows his dislike or like? Lol (Blur mummy here)

I was talking to another mummy whose pregnancy is about the same time as mine except hers is a girl. She tells me she talks to her daughter since the very beginning.

She can even ask her daughter, "Where is your legs?"
Then her daughter will kick in her tummy... That is so cute!!!

So far, I've only press gently into my tummy and count according to the number of times I press in. Sometimes when he is active, he will react back by kicking the same frequency. :)

Whatever it is, I guess this bonding time is precious because it's only a time where the mummy really connects personally to her child. He or she lives inside the safe confines of the mother's womb and hears her soothing voice daily. I thank God for this precious cargo and experience which I hope I will remember for the rest of my life.

There he goes giving me a nudge which makes my tummy wobbles! ;)

Happy pregnancy to all mummies out there! :)

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