Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Review: The Girl Most Likely To (Little Black Dress) *spoiler alert

 Book Description:

When Kat Cavanaugh was sweet sixteen she was dumped by her boyfriend, found out she was pregnant and got kicked out of school – all in a single afternoon. She hitchhiked out of West Virginia the same night, vowing never to return.

Now, twenty years later, Kat’s back: beautiful, rich and looking for an apology from just about everyone, especially Riley Bohland, the boy who knocked her up and broke her heart. But funnily enough, Riley’s looking for an apology from her… 

Well, it looks like I'm in a reading spree! :) Yay! Time to clear the books and perhaps my hubby will bring me buy new books??? *hopeful doe-eyes*

This book is more entertaining than the other book I just read. The story flow was good and interesting enough with some romance and humour. Susan Donovan wrote from the perspective of the hero and the heroine and slowly unravel the history behind the flashback of memories.

It started with a simple act of revenge due to hurt and false pretenses from the families. Kat learns to forgive and asked for forgiveness before admiting to being in love with Riley. It might seemed like a  simple reunion of the family after 20 years but no, the authoress tries to hint some further storyline with childhood flashbacks by Kat.

I like the way she introduced the variety of character to firm up the background and history of Kat. Obviously being a romance novel, description of some scenes to spice up the story helps. I finished the book in few hours so it is a light entertaining book. The authoress leave the reader with the realisation that things happen for a reason and how sometimes, we are still human as we make decisions we think was best at that moment.

Have a go at this book if you need a little laughter and romance. :)

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