Monday, December 24, 2012

Litt Tak Warehouse sale 6-9 December 2012 Review

I've been to this warehouse sales several times because hubby is a Gundam fan (not Gangnam.. mind you). When we were dating, we will scout this warehouse sales for good bargains. Somehow, as the years pass by, the "bargains" were no longer that good or perhaps hubby now doesn't stay nearby enough to go on the first day on Thursday morning. Lol

This time, I went with a different vision. I went there as a mummy looking for potential toys for her future child. :)

I looked at the toys and was amazed with what you can get below RM10 or even RM20. There were this electrical toy which makes noise and lights for RM8. In fact, later on I went to shops that were selling cheap China products and the toys were at least RM20 (meaning those sold at this warehouse is cheap). Tempted but then upon closer inspection, I was worried about the colour peeling, what-if my child bites the small part, etc. (Worrywart but you never know! Prevention is always better than cure)

Hence, in the end, since I was there, I wanted to get something nice and deliberated on this one item. Hubby is forever "useless" when asking opinions to buy stuff. He will say "Up to you". So I chose this cute little Tomy Toddle N Ride for RM140. Normally I wouldn't want to splurge but looking at it, I thought to myself "Even in Giant or Tesco, those no brand bikes would cost around the same price. Might as well get this with a reputable brand and it is 2-in-1".

Manufacturer's description: 
A great multi activity toy that grows with your toddler. This toy starts as a sturdy walker helping your twelve month old get more confident on their feet. There is a compact activity board which can be played with as part of the walker or independently. There are squeakers, spinners and a telephone for inquisitive fingers to play with. Lift up the activity board to reveal a 'secret' storage compartment for your child's favourite things! As your child starts toddling, this toy converts easily to a three wheel sit and ride trike. It is fully steerable and the activity board/storage compartment now acts as a trailer. There is also a horn so you'll know when to jump out of the way! 

Being phobia about missing parts, I asked hubby to check the contents but he happily assembled the toy!! Lol..

This toy is suitable for 12 month and above, hence the assembled toy will only be used more than a year later. Tsk tsk..

I'm not sure if the walker helps much but I do like the swirling toys on the activity board which are not battery-operated and most importantly the cute little bike. The handle seems like it can be lose easily (as per review in amazon too). Will post a review when my little one finally plays with this. :)

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