Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ending the year of 2010

It is almost that time of the year again. Christmas time then New Year 2011. I can't believe that time really passes in a blink when we're stuck in the working world. It's scary to look back and realised that you're no longer that young teenager just fresh out of school.

Let's see.. how should I treat the beginning of 2011?

Some take this as a time of reflecting and others a new beginning.
Resolutions are made again - either carry-forwards from the previous years or new ones.
(I need to refresh some old ones and I have in mind of some really important ones)

It's time to do your income tax again (groan)
It's time to dread adding another year to your age.
Or it's a time for celebration that you can live here another year with your loved one.
It's also time to give thanks for all the grace and favours God has showered over me and my loved ones.
It's time to remember the purpose in life...

I guess I've back-slided over this year based on feelings of rejection and bitterness. Some might say I oversensitive, emotional and that one should always learn to forgive. But.. you and I know, these things are always easier said than done.

Hence, for 2011, I pray Lord for your grace. So that I can learn to forgive and forget. Then continue to move on with my walk with You. Lets us run the race so that we can end it with a bang for the Lord!

Then we can tell the Lord that "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." (2 Timothy 4:7- NIV)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bags bags Galore: Chic&Sleek Eco Bags

I've been looking for A3 sized bags to put my A3 sized documents and lo behold, Miu decides to promote stuff online for shopaholics again... grrr.. :p

Chic&Sleek Eco Canvas Tote
Based on Miu's description of how she started making this bag... I assumed the expensive bags her hubby mentioned could be the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" (by Anya Hindmarch) which is a canvas tote bag sold for a few hundred Ringgit here.

Our aim with this project has been to use our influence to make it fashionable not to use plastic bags. ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’ was designed to be a stylish, practical, reusable bag that would raise awareness of this issue and spark debate. We feel that we have achieved this aim beyond our wildest dreams. For more information about where the bags was made etc, please see our website." (Anya Hindmarch)

Hence. when I saw these bags... wow... I am quite impressed. These are a few that that caught my eye. Actually, personally for casual use, I like the bright pink of Paris Rendevous but since I'm getting one for work to carry all my documents and drawings, I would like to get something like the Lovers which is in monochrome coloured. Simple and adorable horses. I wonder if she does customisation?

Dear Santa Miu, can I have a bag for carrying my heavy submission drawings and documents?? :p I've been looking high and low for a nice sturdy bag to carry my drawings besides using Ikea bag.. lol

Chic & Sleek Eco Canvas Totes RM68
Size: 44 x 30 x 15 (L x H x W)   (Fits A3 size documents!! Yipeee!!)
Material: 100% Canvas with Cotton Checkered Lining

Chic & Sleek Eco Canvas Totes RM58
(for files, laptops, smaller in size)
36.5 x 27.5 x 6cm (L x H x W)
Material: 100% Canvas with Cotton Checkered Lining 

Free Shipping only in the Klang Valley for Max 2 pcs. First come first serve, while stocks last, from now 22/12/10 until 31/01/11. To place an order for your very own chic and sleek eco canvas totes e-mail Leen at!

For readers of - you can use the promotion voucher as stated in her website for RM5 discount and free shipping.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book review: Yes, You can Look Slimmer (by Sheila Wong)

I was curious on dressing right for my body shapes and looking for tips in books. Hence, I thought I'll give a local writer a chance.

This book: Yes, You can look slimmer, by Sheila Wong caught my eye.

Personally, for a thin book of 1 cm, half an A4 sized, I think RM39.90 is a tad pricey. Perhaps it needed more cost for the glossy pages.

1. Body Shape
Body shape explanation was rather brief and diagrammatic. This make it more like a quick reference than understanding your body shape.

2. Body proportion
Very brief one page explanation and a diagram which most art student would have learnt. Interesting enough, there was further few pages to give suggestion on the type of top or bottom to wear based on proportion. (This is something I have not seen described in books like Trinny and Suzannah)

However, it would have been better with more examples to suit to the current trends.

Shoes selection was pathetic: merely a few sentences. I would have suggested if this was not mentioned at all. It showed no substance and research. Mere common observation which can be done by anyone.
Additional info was a 2 pages face symmetry description.

3. Accessories for different face shapes
Again, a pathetic 2 page explanation without any examples/diagrams. Perhaps the author should have just focused on body shapes instead of trying to cover everything without substance.

4. Clothings in types
Good to point out are parts of clothing like:
i. Collars, necklines and sleeves
ii. Skirts
iii. Tops and blouses
iv. Jackets & coats
v. Sheath dresses
vi. Ensemble
(Disappointingly, 2 pages minimum of diagrams for each topic shows a very rough summary; which applies for the rest of the topics)

5. Accessories
i. Shoes
ii. Bags
iii. Styling scarf (including scarf for Muslim ladies)

6. Special occassion clothings
i. Special characteristics
ii. Pattern & print
iii. Capsule Grouping (matching of clothings with accessories)
iv. Business Formal (typical old style matching - should be modernised)
v. Business Casual
vi. Business Evening
vii. Party dresses
viii. Formal Evening Wear
ix. Tudung (head wear for Muslim ladies)

7. Subjective topics
i. Psychological Language of Style
- Quite meaningless 2 pages which reminds me more of a feng shui description i.e. vertical line means alert, stately, stable, poised, strong, upright, commanding. Yes, she wrote ALL those description. No offense to the author.

ii. Body Image Personality Type
- Another meaningless topic such as: Quester means you are always searching, always buying and never satisfied or Clueless: you want to work with what you already have in your wardrobe. ? ? ?

iii. Your Business Wardrobe
- This is an interesting general topic which highlights the basic item you should have in your wardobe like the white blouse and a few advise on clothing care

Again, all these are 2-pages description.

IMHO, I think it's not worth paying RM39.90 for a general description of things most people know. There are a few pages of interesting points to note but after reading this book, I felt cheated. Hence, I don't really recommend getting this book unless as a simple reference or a nice glossy book for a gift.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas performance: Joanne Yeoh

In a blink of a bite, slurp and gulp, we've eaten Christmas meals and had a nice hearty laugh with friends and family. :)

Many asked, "How was your Christmas?"

To me, it is a celebration of family time and in essence, it should be also a celebration of God. Somehow, in the midst of advertising, Christmas is now celebrated as festivity to eat, drink, sing and exchange gifts. However, worshiping with fellow believers together will remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

Walking into church last Saturday, I was moved to see a good violinist (Malaysia's top violinist), Joanne Yeoh.

Her charisma and confidence shown through her performance, posture and words. I find her a very good performer in terms of getting the attention of the spectators and even through her music, getting them to clap along to the beat. It is evident her passion shines through and she is such a good example to be in the marketplace. (Somehow her bright smile with her pixie-short hair just captured my eyes. Her violin's hues of blue is also stunning).

Trivia: Joanne Yeoh started her music education at the tender age of four and has never turned back since. Her natural talent was a real blessing and her skill was quickly noticed by being selected as the solo violinist for Jacky Cheung’s World Tour. Following that, David Tao, a Taiwanese singer handpicked her to join him on his tour.

Watch a little of her performance at the embedded video below of theisentry.

Besides that, the Punctuation team made a moving sketch about believing God and staying faithful. It started with a widow of 3 children and an ailing father-in-law who had no means of income after the death of her husband. A job opportunity came which made her leave her young children in the care of her father-in-law. For 3 years she diligently worked as a caretaker to her employer's children without complaints. One day, the employer found out she has children which she never mentioned. The employer was prompted to bring her children to stay with them. Obviously, the impact of this sketch is more moving by watching it than my brief summary.

The testimonials that followed were also amazing whereby one sister shared about her lowest experience: suddenly diagnosed with 3rd stage lung cancer, marital problems and lost of income at the peak of her career; everything slowly fall back together with support and God. She did blamed God initially and rejected help but somehow, everything was good again. She was healed from cancer, she found another source of income and her marriage was stronger.

This Christmas was surprisingly pleasant for me. It was more of quality time and rest. Didn't do much but felt like a nice break/ weekend for once. Thanks to all for a wonderful quiet Christmas. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Prep

I admit I've been neglecting my life these days and substituting it with the unavoidable "work".So last weekend, it was all about Christmas preparation and shopping!

Down we went to Singapore... I thought I could at least buy some nice clothes or a bag for myself. Alas, no.. it turned out more to sightseeing and a shopping for Christmas! Look at the high-sugar shopping I've done!!

Somehow during our visit to Sentosa casino.. We dropped by Candylicious and bought all these sugar!! ;)

Hence, this year... guess what the presents are? lol...

Wishing everyone who happen to stumble on my blog, a very Meerrrryy Christmas! (Remembering the true reason of Christmas besides the festivity... ) And making Marley and Snoopy wish you like this!

Google Doodle for Christmas 2010

I'm beginning to like Google doodle more and more. I've highlighted about the Sesame Street Anniversary before. Now they have these 17 colourful images that is so festive! :) It makes googling for information for fun, being greeted with this doodle!

I've found an article online which describes each illustration in detail. Enjoy! :) It's great the designers were thinking of ending the year with a bang with this! ;) Matches precisely to my thoughts!

An illustration of Santa from “Up on the Housetop,” the much favored Christmas carol, was featured on Dec. 23rd’s holiday special Google Doodle along with 16 other holiday traditions, foods, and worldwide resorts.

Instead of a well-decorated trademark, today’s Google Doodle is made of 17 colorful hand-drawn illustrations put in elegant brown frames, reflecting a pleasant and harmonious holiday spirit. Clicking on each drawing will lead users into an enlarged image followed by a Google search of the theme.

The first image is Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow built in the 14th Century.

Then comes the delicious Bûche de Noël, a common Christmas sponge cake dessert in Francophone regions, followed by Nepali men, an Indian dancer, and a Syrian musician; in their ethnic costumes.
Surrounding them are the drawings of the gondola boats in Venice, the Great Wall in China, Kanga the African garment, and the natural scenarios of Chile.

Finally comes Santa Claus with a bag of presents: “Up on the Housetop” wraps up the holiday tale.

The creator of the doodle is designer Michael Lopez. He told the Wall Street Journal that he and his team planned to "end the year with a bang."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Crazy Christmas 2010

Normally, when we drop by Singapore, we try to catch a show or a musical. This time, we tried watching a comedy, song cum dance in the National Library instead.

Crazy Christmas 2010 (I apologize first if I can any names wrong because I do not really know the Singaporean scene - actors/ actresses etc except for Selena Tan and Hossan Leong.

Apparently, there was also a Crazy Christmas 2008. This show was a combination of stand-up comedy, medley of songs (remix) and some silly sketches/dance to tickle the funny bone in us. There is also alternate sombre Christmas songs to give your funny bone a break.

Off hand, these are some of the parts I can remember...

The show started off with everyone on stage trying to sing Christmas songs then Beng Sebastian Tan starts off with a medleys of Christmas songs and Hokkien songs with a silly tale to make the audience roar with laughter. He dresses up like American Idol Adam Lambert with dark eye shadow and spiky hair. He make jokes like dark eye shadow to cover up his black eye and sing songs like "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" (got boxed up and lost his teeth)

Another memorable part is a sketch of Selena Tan singing "I am a Woman" and making fun about men relying on woman. She has quips like "Men have their mothers to buy underwear for them. Then their girlfriend will buy for them. When married, the wife will buy underwear for them."

Then the local acapella group, Vocaluptous was entertaining too! I think an added bonus for me who have never seen them performed or heard of them. Lol sorry

Somehow, there was a lull during some of the performances which my friends complained made them sleepy. I think they were expecting more comedy and laughter than traditional Christmas songs.

Oh yeah, there were a few parts which I didn't quite enjoy. I find the part where the vampire bat (not sure who is the singer) wishing to be part of Christmas a little overdone (as it feels fake) but on the whole it was funny. The banter between 2 high school girls in their tuition centre felt weird (I just find them a little old to be playing the part which made it more off than funny).

There's this singer lady, Michaela Therese who just released an album in the group. Sorry but I couldn't hear her words when she sang. It sounded like she ate the words. I was quite disappointed.

In short, it was entertaining for a nice evening show by a well-formed group; before we had to rush off to check out the casinos in Singapore.

Further commentary found online:

Entertainers of all inclinations, from actors to DJs and cabaret comedians will come together to give hilarious re-interpretations of classic Christmas carols and to parody everything from popular TV shows and music, to iconic figures.

Crazy Christmas 2010 is brought to you by Dream Academy, the performing arts trendsetters responsible for Singaporean classics like Dim Sum Dollies and the stand-up comedy productions of Kumar and Hossan Leong.

Accompanying the laughs will be the sonorous vocals of a capella ensemble Vocaluptuous. So come and celebrate all the good things about Christmas with some of Singapore's brightest talents

(taken from

Dream Academy has once again lined up some of the biggest names in Singapore theatre for this third edition of the holiday celebration. Two of the Dim Sum Dollies who have been haunting your morning commute – Selena Tan and Pam Oei – will be gracing the stage, along with The Full Monty’s hunky stripper George Chan. RJ Rosales and Robin Goh, whom many still remember as Chang and Eng, Broadway Beng Sebastian Tan and Singapore Boy Hossan Leong will also have their names featured on the bill.

But the icing on the Christmas cake this year comes in the form of drag diva Kumar, who will be performing in four ‘adults-only’ shows and bringing to the stage her distinctive blend of glamour and thigh-slapping comedy. In case you’re wondering, the rest of the programme is still entirely family-friendly.

For those who have caught the two previous editions of Crazy Christmas, you already know what to expect. All of the stars are going to be doing what they do best – whether it’s singing, acting, standup or dancing – and with some members of the multitalented cast, it’s all of the above. With witty skits and tongue-in-cheek Christmas carols, it’s just what you need to get into the holiday spirit – or help give the grumpy grinches reason to smile.

(taken from