Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Prep

I admit I've been neglecting my life these days and substituting it with the unavoidable "work".So last weekend, it was all about Christmas preparation and shopping!

Down we went to Singapore... I thought I could at least buy some nice clothes or a bag for myself. Alas, no.. it turned out more to sightseeing and a shopping for Christmas! Look at the high-sugar shopping I've done!!

Somehow during our visit to Sentosa casino.. We dropped by Candylicious and bought all these sugar!! ;)

Hence, this year... guess what the presents are? lol...

Wishing everyone who happen to stumble on my blog, a very Meerrrryy Christmas! (Remembering the true reason of Christmas besides the festivity... ) And making Marley and Snoopy wish you like this!

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