Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Crazy Christmas 2010

Normally, when we drop by Singapore, we try to catch a show or a musical. This time, we tried watching a comedy, song cum dance in the National Library instead.

Crazy Christmas 2010 (I apologize first if I can any names wrong because I do not really know the Singaporean scene - actors/ actresses etc except for Selena Tan and Hossan Leong.

Apparently, there was also a Crazy Christmas 2008. This show was a combination of stand-up comedy, medley of songs (remix) and some silly sketches/dance to tickle the funny bone in us. There is also alternate sombre Christmas songs to give your funny bone a break.

Off hand, these are some of the parts I can remember...

The show started off with everyone on stage trying to sing Christmas songs then Beng Sebastian Tan starts off with a medleys of Christmas songs and Hokkien songs with a silly tale to make the audience roar with laughter. He dresses up like American Idol Adam Lambert with dark eye shadow and spiky hair. He make jokes like dark eye shadow to cover up his black eye and sing songs like "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" (got boxed up and lost his teeth)

Another memorable part is a sketch of Selena Tan singing "I am a Woman" and making fun about men relying on woman. She has quips like "Men have their mothers to buy underwear for them. Then their girlfriend will buy for them. When married, the wife will buy underwear for them."

Then the local acapella group, Vocaluptous was entertaining too! I think an added bonus for me who have never seen them performed or heard of them. Lol sorry

Somehow, there was a lull during some of the performances which my friends complained made them sleepy. I think they were expecting more comedy and laughter than traditional Christmas songs.

Oh yeah, there were a few parts which I didn't quite enjoy. I find the part where the vampire bat (not sure who is the singer) wishing to be part of Christmas a little overdone (as it feels fake) but on the whole it was funny. The banter between 2 high school girls in their tuition centre felt weird (I just find them a little old to be playing the part which made it more off than funny).

There's this singer lady, Michaela Therese who just released an album in the group. Sorry but I couldn't hear her words when she sang. It sounded like she ate the words. I was quite disappointed.

In short, it was entertaining for a nice evening show by a well-formed group; before we had to rush off to check out the casinos in Singapore.

Further commentary found online:

Entertainers of all inclinations, from actors to DJs and cabaret comedians will come together to give hilarious re-interpretations of classic Christmas carols and to parody everything from popular TV shows and music, to iconic figures.

Crazy Christmas 2010 is brought to you by Dream Academy, the performing arts trendsetters responsible for Singaporean classics like Dim Sum Dollies and the stand-up comedy productions of Kumar and Hossan Leong.

Accompanying the laughs will be the sonorous vocals of a capella ensemble Vocaluptuous. So come and celebrate all the good things about Christmas with some of Singapore's brightest talents

(taken from http://www.yoursingapore.com/content/traveller/en/browse/apps/eventdetails.552.html)

Dream Academy has once again lined up some of the biggest names in Singapore theatre for this third edition of the holiday celebration. Two of the Dim Sum Dollies who have been haunting your morning commute – Selena Tan and Pam Oei – will be gracing the stage, along with The Full Monty’s hunky stripper George Chan. RJ Rosales and Robin Goh, whom many still remember as Chang and Eng, Broadway Beng Sebastian Tan and Singapore Boy Hossan Leong will also have their names featured on the bill.

But the icing on the Christmas cake this year comes in the form of drag diva Kumar, who will be performing in four ‘adults-only’ shows and bringing to the stage her distinctive blend of glamour and thigh-slapping comedy. In case you’re wondering, the rest of the programme is still entirely family-friendly.

For those who have caught the two previous editions of Crazy Christmas, you already know what to expect. All of the stars are going to be doing what they do best – whether it’s singing, acting, standup or dancing – and with some members of the multitalented cast, it’s all of the above. With witty skits and tongue-in-cheek Christmas carols, it’s just what you need to get into the holiday spirit – or help give the grumpy grinches reason to smile.

(taken from http://eventful.com/singapore/events/crazy-christmas-2010-/E0-001-034875936-6)

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