Friday, December 24, 2010

Google Doodle for Christmas 2010

I'm beginning to like Google doodle more and more. I've highlighted about the Sesame Street Anniversary before. Now they have these 17 colourful images that is so festive! :) It makes googling for information for fun, being greeted with this doodle!

I've found an article online which describes each illustration in detail. Enjoy! :) It's great the designers were thinking of ending the year with a bang with this! ;) Matches precisely to my thoughts!

An illustration of Santa from “Up on the Housetop,” the much favored Christmas carol, was featured on Dec. 23rd’s holiday special Google Doodle along with 16 other holiday traditions, foods, and worldwide resorts.

Instead of a well-decorated trademark, today’s Google Doodle is made of 17 colorful hand-drawn illustrations put in elegant brown frames, reflecting a pleasant and harmonious holiday spirit. Clicking on each drawing will lead users into an enlarged image followed by a Google search of the theme.

The first image is Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow built in the 14th Century.

Then comes the delicious Bûche de Noël, a common Christmas sponge cake dessert in Francophone regions, followed by Nepali men, an Indian dancer, and a Syrian musician; in their ethnic costumes.
Surrounding them are the drawings of the gondola boats in Venice, the Great Wall in China, Kanga the African garment, and the natural scenarios of Chile.

Finally comes Santa Claus with a bag of presents: “Up on the Housetop” wraps up the holiday tale.

The creator of the doodle is designer Michael Lopez. He told the Wall Street Journal that he and his team planned to "end the year with a bang."

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