Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, I was busy and haven't hit the malls lately so after a little taste of freedom, I bought this. I didn't manage to get the Stila Makeup Box so when I saw these at 70% sale in Body Shop, I couldn't resist.

It looked just nice to put my new makeup stuff and also skincare product. Plus for around RM50++, you get this bag with 5 products: body products & 1 mascara.

What more can I say?
Beats going to the 21 warehouse sales my colleague mentioned there is this weekend!! Why is it supposedly a recession but these retail keep on having warehouse sales which is always packed?!?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Silly Pup

I noticed a new litter of either stray puppies or some else’s pup in my neighbourhood. Despite being strays, little puppies still look adorable to me! (so if you’re adorable, I’ll look at you too – ha ha ha)
FYI this picture is not of the puppies I mentioned above.

Anyhow, this morning, I heard a puppy/ puppies yelping loudly in front of my house. I have just finished showering and wondered perhaps those puppies I saw the other day were stray and the pound were after them. My creative imagination went wild and I wondered they were mercilessly harmed during the capture (after all the e-mails we have read and seen pictures on forums on the abusive dog catchers)

I rushed out and couldn’t see anyone. I followed the sound and found a silly brown mongrel puppy which fell into the drain in front of my house. It was yelping so horribly loud and no one bothered. (FYI I stayed in a kampong – majority Malay area; so they can’t and won’t touch a dog; especially a wet one).

The puppy was smart enough to bite on to a vine; trying to climb up or stay afloat. (the drain is not that deep but it felt uncomfortable – from the woeful look the puppy gave me)

I quickly found an old towel, rolled up my jeans and climbed into the drain to carry out the shivering pup. Luckily it was smart enough to walk towards me from the other end of the drain so I didn’t have to climb far.

Hence, to you silly pup, hope you learned a lesson and don’t jump into drains again! I wonder where it went after that. *peace at last*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

God is Good .. All the time

I praise God and thank Him for his favour on me.

Today, on the way to work, one of the tyres of my car exploded (from puncture I guess) and I “thump thump” to the road side on NKVE highway nearing the Damansara Toll; at a very dangerous turning corner where drivers like to speed by.
I quickly called my loved ones for the PLUS toll line number to call for assistance. I remembered once when my car's tyre punctured just in front of a toll and coincidentally a PLUS truck was nearby with helpful guys to change the tyre for me.

Yes, I have never changed a tyre completely by myself before BUT it was too dangerous to do so. I felt threatened just sitting in the car with cars swooshing by. After calling PLUS, the guy on the line advised me to get out of the car and wait further away in case a trailer speeds into my car – touch wood! But then, you never know… nearly happened to me last time!

Hence, I waited by the road side on a grassy strip next to the drain. No one slowed down but swooshed up the road to the Damansara Toll.

I decided to take out my fluorescent yellow orange BHP umbrella to put on the road to warn other motorist. I noticed despite putting the emergency lights; it looked insufficient to warn others.

After about half an hour, a motorist ( Malay guy) with a cheerful disposition stopped in front of my car and offered help. I told him help was on the way but he insists on helping so out came my car's spare tyre and tools.

He was removing the bolts when I saw the PLUS truck approaching with 2 uniformed guys gruffly helping me to continue changing my car's tyre and went off. The PLUS truck properly put warning cones on the road and blocked my car from incoming traffic at the back; making it a better warning “sign” than my car. FYI in case, you ever need them, put this number in your handphone for PLUS: 1-800-88-0000

Yes, I am very thankful. No, I don’t think I would attempt to try changing the tyre in the future. Should I instead invest in AAM? Still thinking… .hmmmm…..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miu's Movie Competition

When I saw Miu's blog and the competition she was holding, I immediately wrote my Stila story. Unfortunately, I couldn't make for the movie so I decided not to send in my entry. I even don't have the time to take the picture I needed...

Oh well, might as well post the entry here then! :)

My Stila Entry

As Miu mentioned to me once, “You’re not a real Stila fan”.
Why? Well, I don’t really makeup you see. My other half tells me I look like a clown or baboon’s backside when I tried to makeup. Sniff. Besides, good makeup is not cheap.

I got introduced to Stila during a Stila Makeup Workshop through Little Black Book boutique last year. It was fun using those convertible eyecolour. I really liked that you can use it as an eye liner the smudge into eye shadow.I managed to get one of those convenient babies during this sale! :) Anyway, I googled before hand about “stila makeup workshop” and found Miu’s entry on her experience.

Her entry is exactly what took place during the workshop and made me felt better. I was at first apprehensive of the idea of a “free” makeup workshop and wonder if it is a trick. Nothing comes free in life… that’s what people say.

Hence, when I saw Miu blogged about Stila clearance, I told myself that this would be a good time to buy all the makeup stuff at a reasonable price to try out and I have not regretted it (minus the credit card bills of almost RM500!! Sigh) I can’t beat you Miu and I don’t want to! :p

I am happy to report that I love the foundation stick I got at RM40 and also the compact powder in its nice silver case. I have only managed to get 3 small brushes plus 1 foundation brush through miu – yippee! Hence, I bought some other brushes elsewhere to try all the makeup I got.

Somehow, automatically, I got more daring and started to experiment a little on eyeshadow with blending which turned out okay to me compared to what I would have done last year. I have yet to try the eyeliner – the mini smudge pots I got look adorable but I wonder how would blue eyeliner look on me!?! I don’t comprehend the art of eye-liners!

In short, from merely using lipstick, eye brow pencil and concealer to hide zits, with Stila, I have learned to foundation, blush, powder (waiting to contour my face next with the countouring trio I got immediately after seeing miu blog about it). I’ll embark on eyes next! Thank you Stila!

p.s. Sadly, I wonder what makeup I’ll use next when my stash finishes. To only learn to love Stila when it leaves Malaysia…. Why?? So miu, am I considered a Stila fan now?

Miss Manners

I really get annoyed when I phone someone and the person immediately replies with, "What is it?" (in a tone that tells you that you're disturbing).
My response is to reply, "Nothing, bye" and hang up.

Mind you, it's not a one-off situation. Whenever and at any time of the day, this particular person (ahem) answers to my calls with that kind of response.
Where is the common courtesy these days? Where is Miss Manners?
Where are the days when people politely greet you and thank you?

I remember a time when a friend commented on a polite friend, "Yer, why must she say thank you all the time? So weird." I was flabbergasted. Being polite is now seen as weird? Gosh..

Unfortunately, his words must have rubbed on me because sometimes I caught myself not thanking people anymore.

I can vividly remember when my ex-boss told me he would give me an increment. I think I said, "Oh, ok." He reminded me, "Say thank you." And so I did. (How embarrasing for a twenty year old working student!)

My mum instilled in me to always call the elders to eat first before any meal. I automatically do that (even thought I mumbled quietly since no one does it but I know I have done it- hah!). Would this be seen as weird in our culture now?

Pray tell, where have all our manners gone to?

Swwwoosssshhhhh! I guess down the drain in the modern world of calling parents by their first name and saying thank you is so un-cool! :p

Monday, May 11, 2009

Relationships Traps based on the movie: He’s Just Not That into You (Spoiler Alert)

He's Just Not That Into You was based on a self-help book based on a line from the movie Sex in the City. This movie interestingly touches the signs and deciphering the signs of the dating/ flirting game. It shows the story of 5 women; 3 single ladies, 1 in-a-long -but-no-need-to-marry-relationship and 1 married woman.

I’ll be post-mortem-ing this movie to suit to current situations as it really shows the trap women put themselves in with phrases like: “He’s only pretending to ignore you but he likes you” or “When he says he will call, but after a week he doesn’t call – you and your friends blindly say – he will still call." (rephrsed)

Scenario 1: Single lady in denial in the dating scene (bars ,etc)
Gigi is the single lady who looks a little desperate in finding the “right” guy but misreads all the signs men send to her.Alex somehow felt a need to help her by bluntly pointing out the real meaning behind a man’s behaviour.

He bluntly says if a man is interested, he will look for you. You don’t have to do anything.

Scenario 2: Single lady in denial (he’s married but he could be the one)
Anna is a sexy single lady who has a man waiting for her whenever she needs a “pat on the her back”. She felt an attraction with a man she met at the handy mart. He restraints himself by telling both of them that he is married.

She tried to forget about it until her friend relates a story which gives her hope that he is married but he could be the one for her. So it is not wrong to try. So she pursues him and he reciprocates – lying to his wife and enjoying the newfound freedom.

MBA does not mean “Married but available”. As you don’t want a 3rd party in your marriage, be mindful not to be the 3rd wheel, ok?

Scenario 3: Single lady in denial in the virtual dating scene

Mary is the single lady stuck behind an advertising gay magazine who ventures the dating scheme ala internet style : myspace, netdating, sms, videochat, etc. This movie has a teaser showing her complaining that she got dumped by a guy through 7 technology: voice msg, e-mail, text, etc.
I don’t really get it as I never believed in net dating, etc even though one of my net friend always claimed to be my cyber boyfriend – go figure. I never take him seriously and left it at that. How can you seriously expect a net friend you meet online to chat for once a week to be your boyfriend/ girlfriend? Call me old-fashioned but I prefer meeting face-to-face in RL (real life).

He’s already married and I’m happily attached to someone else. :P

Scenario 4: Women in denial that the steady relationship for 7 years does not necessarily mean marriage.

Beth was happy with her boyfriend in a steady relationship of many years; secretly hoping one day he will marry her despite he’s motto: I don’t believe in marriage – we can be together as a couple is good enough. Until one day, her friend pointed out the signs of men – he will not marry her.

So she breaks up with her bf and moves back with her family. She noticed her married sisters husband do not help out and just left the household chores to her unlike her boyfriend. She decides no marriage is worth her relationship and goes back to him. Like a fairytale- he decides to make her happy by marrying her in the end.

I guess guys just don’t like to commit. In fact, many nowadays don’t believe the need for the “certificate” just to show their commitment. I guess without that “legal paper”, we women will still feel vulnerable as a man can just leave/ walk off. The paper just makes it messier and more troublesome. *hint*

Scenario 5: Married women in denial that her husband is not worth it
Janine is the married women to her high school sweetheart. They are in the midst of renovating their dream home together. When he husband cheats on her, being the typical women, she blames herself for playing a part of him needing to cheat. He tells himself he didn’t have a chance to “try” the other ladies around since she is the one who forced him to marry.

Ladies – if a man cheats on you, it is his own lust at play which he himself did not restraint. Don’t fool yourself in thinking it’s your fault for not being sexy, pretty, thinner, and voluptuous, etc for the man.


Based on my limited dating experience (yes, I am such a wallflower… sniff), I never really felt anything when I go out with my guy friends until my girlfriends started pointing out the “meaning” the signals he emits i.e. “He’s calling you means he’s interested in you”, “he brought you out to eat Japanese means he’s in to you”, etc.

Then that’s when you start being in denial to what your initial true feelings told you at the very beginning, “He is just not that into you”.


Oh yes, and of course, be fearful and hide your men because there might be a sexy voluptuous “Scarlett Johanson” out there to steal your husband right under your nose!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Falling Slowly

Just watched a glimpse of this movie called Once... and really like the song "Falling Slowly" performed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová.

Found out that it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song over the choral gospel song "Raise It Up" from August Rush and three songs from the modern Disney musical Enchanted. (movies and songs which I really love!!)

Oh yeah, I didn't realised, this song was performed by Kris Allen during American Idol season eight....

Enjoy! :)

This is the lyrics:

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Briefly on Contact Lenses Care

Things you should have been told before wearing contact lenses... Why this entry? Well, I dropped by to visit the optometrist and learned a few new jargon: ghost vessel and neovascularization. The visit itself warrants an entry itself but that'll be another time.

Change Your Contact lenses Casing
When I started using contact lenses in 2000, I was not told that I had to change my contact lenses casing. Serious – the optometrist or sales lady who fitting my contact lenses didn’t mention about it. She only taught me how to wear my lenses.

With the health care scare during the last few years of eye infection from overusing contact lenses cases, everyone is now fully aware of this fact.

Hence, it is advisable to change the contact lenses case at least every 3 months. In most cases of bacterial infection caused by contact lens use, the bacteria can be traced back to the contact lens case.

Choose the right Contact lenses Solution

The rub and rinse method was always recommended despite the multipurpose solution saying otherwise. I used to use saline and multipurpose solution. But I got lazy and only used the latter. Remember to discard any unused solution within the date of opening! (You have only one pair of eyes!)

Did you know that the simple act of mixing the wrong solution combination can cause red and itchy eyes? In fact, using solutions or rewetting drops which are not compatible with your contacts may degrade the quality; affecting the visual and comfort quality.

The difference is within the cleaning and disinfection agent to keep your contact lenses clean, and the preservative used to keep your solution fresh. Each type of solution will have it's own unique combination of sometimes proprietary cleaning agents. All to keep your contact lenses clean and safe to wear.

In fact, with the scare from the discontinued RenuMoisture Loc (which I was using for many years... sighhh) because of high infection of fungal keratisis by the users, I was forced to try many different types of solution to find a replacement. Some were too strong, some were just not right, etc.

Ironically, after all the wasted bottles I bought to try, now I am back to using Renu's solution but the newer version: Renu Moistureplus.

Contact lenses power is lower than your eye glasses’s power
I only knew this after complaining headaches to another optometrist who recommended I reduce the power for my contact lenses. Then –tadaaa!! No more headache.

This is because contact lenses sit on the eye, whereas glasses sit in the spae in front of the eye. This is call the vertex distance. The closer a lens sits to the eye, the less strength is needed to focus light on the retina.

Why weren't I told of this? In fact, last year I bought a year's supply of contact lens from an optical shop in 1Utama and the lady adamantly disallowed me to buy a lower powered contact lens.

Now I'm reluctantly stuck with over-prescription contact lens power... which made me stop using contact lenses for many months. Silly me!! (I can't change it either because it was on sale.... stingy!)

This is very clearly explained in this link.

Overwear of Contact Lenses
When we wear contact lenses for a prolonged period, this might affect the oxygen to your eyes causing blood vessels to grow into your eye (look at the picture below of a straved cornea). These vessels are not supposed to be there but it grows to obtain more oxygen for your cornea.
To remedy it, optometrist would recommend using a contact lens with higher oxygen permeability and within a few weeks, the blood inside the limbal vessels will recede and leave behind the ghost vessels.

Hence, remember to take out your contact lenses after a day of usage to allow your eyes to breath.

Hence, this is briefly the highlights of the main problems when I used contact lenses. Interesting facts to share with you:

Q1: Can I swim with my soft contacts in? How will chlorine affect my contacts? — N.H., Virginia

A: I highly recommend you wear goggles if you swim with soft contacts on your eyes. Although not usually a problem, there are all kinds of nasty bugs living in swimming pools (and hot tubs as well). One of these creatures, called acanthameba, can cause horrible pain and damage to your eye, very often necessitating a corneal transplant. And the water can change the way your lenses fit, making them too tight and causing severe eye health problems.

So, either take them out for swimming or wear goggles. Better safe than sorry. — Dr. Dubow

Book review 4: Thank you for the memories

Actually, this is the 2nd book of Cecilia Ahern's that I have read. I decided to buy the book because the storyline sounds interesting enough. If you google for her book reviews, you would get quite accurate description of the book.

The story starts with Joyce Conway getting a blood transfusion after a tragic accident that caused her miscarriage. She strangely picks up the memories of her donor and has a strong connection with him that they always end up meeting each other with a sense of recognition and deja vu.

However, as you read on, the storyline is obvious and you wonder logically, if this can happen. We have seen books and movies of similar storyline but instead of blood transfusion, it is a heart donor such as the movie: Heart of the Stranger (2002) starring Jane Seymour.

Unfortunately, I find her elaborate description of certain plots; making me feel the urge to skip the part to the next chapter. I was bored a little with her over-description in between the story which makes me wonder perhaps the real content of the book could only be half or three-quarters.

However, overall, it is an interesting storyline but a tad disappointing for me after reading her first novel, P.S. I love you.

If you're interested in reading her book, I'm letting it go rather cheaply to allow more space for other books. Sorry Cecilia, no offense!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Short story: Never Forget

I have this urge to write in me; it’s like a pent-up emotion needing to be vented out or released so I can continue doing other things. So here goes - hope you enjoy reading it. I will upload a portion a day and I might alter the story if there is feedback so it’ll be more fun for me to do. ;)

Never Forget

Water spots stained the carpet into deeper hues of purple. She could not believe it. How can that happen to her?

Her vision is blurred as she stared blankly at the paper. The contents were an image of black and white blur. The paper she was holding slipped from her hand onto the carpet as she tried to control the emotions building up against the dam.

The news was unexpected. Life has been going on smoothly with birds chirping every morning to a sunny day. She could never expect the day to turn dark and overcast with torrential rain and a storm threatening to ruin her life.

What is she going to do now?

She managed to whisper a quiet prayer and the emotional battle she felt slowly subside after a few minutes. She calmly perched herself at edge of her desk and looked outside the window. Her hands clasped together as if she was still in prayer.

The day looked the same as it did yesterday. Clear blue sky with lovely fluffy white clouds and a promise of another fruitful day. But her eyes never took notice of all these details anymore.

She stared blankly into space and recalled the last time she saw to him. It was almost a decade since she last saw him. She can still remember vividly how that day began and ended.

*to be continued*