Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Short story: Never Forget

I have this urge to write in me; it’s like a pent-up emotion needing to be vented out or released so I can continue doing other things. So here goes - hope you enjoy reading it. I will upload a portion a day and I might alter the story if there is feedback so it’ll be more fun for me to do. ;)

Never Forget

Water spots stained the carpet into deeper hues of purple. She could not believe it. How can that happen to her?

Her vision is blurred as she stared blankly at the paper. The contents were an image of black and white blur. The paper she was holding slipped from her hand onto the carpet as she tried to control the emotions building up against the dam.

The news was unexpected. Life has been going on smoothly with birds chirping every morning to a sunny day. She could never expect the day to turn dark and overcast with torrential rain and a storm threatening to ruin her life.

What is she going to do now?

She managed to whisper a quiet prayer and the emotional battle she felt slowly subside after a few minutes. She calmly perched herself at edge of her desk and looked outside the window. Her hands clasped together as if she was still in prayer.

The day looked the same as it did yesterday. Clear blue sky with lovely fluffy white clouds and a promise of another fruitful day. But her eyes never took notice of all these details anymore.

She stared blankly into space and recalled the last time she saw to him. It was almost a decade since she last saw him. She can still remember vividly how that day began and ended.

*to be continued*

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