Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miu's Movie Competition

When I saw Miu's blog and the competition she was holding, I immediately wrote my Stila story. Unfortunately, I couldn't make for the movie so I decided not to send in my entry. I even don't have the time to take the picture I needed...

Oh well, might as well post the entry here then! :)

My Stila Entry

As Miu mentioned to me once, “You’re not a real Stila fan”.
Why? Well, I don’t really makeup you see. My other half tells me I look like a clown or baboon’s backside when I tried to makeup. Sniff. Besides, good makeup is not cheap.

I got introduced to Stila during a Stila Makeup Workshop through Little Black Book boutique last year. It was fun using those convertible eyecolour. I really liked that you can use it as an eye liner the smudge into eye shadow.I managed to get one of those convenient babies during this sale! :) Anyway, I googled before hand about “stila makeup workshop” and found Miu’s entry on her experience.

Her entry is exactly what took place during the workshop and made me felt better. I was at first apprehensive of the idea of a “free” makeup workshop and wonder if it is a trick. Nothing comes free in life… that’s what people say.

Hence, when I saw Miu blogged about Stila clearance, I told myself that this would be a good time to buy all the makeup stuff at a reasonable price to try out and I have not regretted it (minus the credit card bills of almost RM500!! Sigh) I can’t beat you Miu and I don’t want to! :p

I am happy to report that I love the foundation stick I got at RM40 and also the compact powder in its nice silver case. I have only managed to get 3 small brushes plus 1 foundation brush through miu – yippee! Hence, I bought some other brushes elsewhere to try all the makeup I got.

Somehow, automatically, I got more daring and started to experiment a little on eyeshadow with blending which turned out okay to me compared to what I would have done last year. I have yet to try the eyeliner – the mini smudge pots I got look adorable but I wonder how would blue eyeliner look on me!?! I don’t comprehend the art of eye-liners!

In short, from merely using lipstick, eye brow pencil and concealer to hide zits, with Stila, I have learned to foundation, blush, powder (waiting to contour my face next with the countouring trio I got immediately after seeing miu blog about it). I’ll embark on eyes next! Thank you Stila!

p.s. Sadly, I wonder what makeup I’ll use next when my stash finishes. To only learn to love Stila when it leaves Malaysia…. Why?? So miu, am I considered a Stila fan now?


Miu said...

ey!! didn't know u wrote a post for the entry! just email me mar :D

urm.. did i say that sentence?!

T_T wuwuuw

PiggiYing said...

Yup u did mentioned that in gtalk! Didn't want to email because had no time to take pics...
Anyway, I am still not as stila-ish fan like you!! I cannot stand how you look at the makeup brushes so adoringly! You really looked like you found your long lost friend!! ;)