Thursday, May 07, 2009

Book review 4: Thank you for the memories

Actually, this is the 2nd book of Cecilia Ahern's that I have read. I decided to buy the book because the storyline sounds interesting enough. If you google for her book reviews, you would get quite accurate description of the book.

The story starts with Joyce Conway getting a blood transfusion after a tragic accident that caused her miscarriage. She strangely picks up the memories of her donor and has a strong connection with him that they always end up meeting each other with a sense of recognition and deja vu.

However, as you read on, the storyline is obvious and you wonder logically, if this can happen. We have seen books and movies of similar storyline but instead of blood transfusion, it is a heart donor such as the movie: Heart of the Stranger (2002) starring Jane Seymour.

Unfortunately, I find her elaborate description of certain plots; making me feel the urge to skip the part to the next chapter. I was bored a little with her over-description in between the story which makes me wonder perhaps the real content of the book could only be half or three-quarters.

However, overall, it is an interesting storyline but a tad disappointing for me after reading her first novel, P.S. I love you.

If you're interested in reading her book, I'm letting it go rather cheaply to allow more space for other books. Sorry Cecilia, no offense!

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