Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miss Manners

I really get annoyed when I phone someone and the person immediately replies with, "What is it?" (in a tone that tells you that you're disturbing).
My response is to reply, "Nothing, bye" and hang up.

Mind you, it's not a one-off situation. Whenever and at any time of the day, this particular person (ahem) answers to my calls with that kind of response.
Where is the common courtesy these days? Where is Miss Manners?
Where are the days when people politely greet you and thank you?

I remember a time when a friend commented on a polite friend, "Yer, why must she say thank you all the time? So weird." I was flabbergasted. Being polite is now seen as weird? Gosh..

Unfortunately, his words must have rubbed on me because sometimes I caught myself not thanking people anymore.

I can vividly remember when my ex-boss told me he would give me an increment. I think I said, "Oh, ok." He reminded me, "Say thank you." And so I did. (How embarrasing for a twenty year old working student!)

My mum instilled in me to always call the elders to eat first before any meal. I automatically do that (even thought I mumbled quietly since no one does it but I know I have done it- hah!). Would this be seen as weird in our culture now?

Pray tell, where have all our manners gone to?

Swwwoosssshhhhh! I guess down the drain in the modern world of calling parents by their first name and saying thank you is so un-cool! :p

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